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  1. 2P51

    Brawl and Harm

    It's a thematic concept outside the rules which can be ok, and anytime it's actually a crummier mechanical option than just following RAW, that for my part is an easy 'yes' for a GM.
  2. Dr. Fizzbin, demented Kamino cloner. Flying Acklay, burrowing Rancors, PCs wake up in his lab and realize they must escape from The Monster Planet..... 'queue the creepy 50s monster movie music.....'
  3. 2P51

    Brawl and Harm

    I'd just build a Brawler with Force sprinkled on. I'd go for Enhance which synergizes far better with Brawl. This combo is really swimming upstream. The beauty of Harm is how it can be used covertly and not overtly. You don't have to be fighting, just engaged. It's the Vulcan neck pinch. You could find yourself being dragged off by a pair of Stromtroopers and drop them without twitching a muscle.
  4. 2P51

    Brawl and Harm

    It's definitely a discussion for him n his GM. Strictly in regards to Harm I think it's a kinda **** option which is why I'd allow it. He's better off TWC with just Brawl and Pressure Point than bothering with this. In fact overall TWC with 2 Skills and potentially 2 stats RAW is a universally crap idea.
  5. 2P51

    Brawl and Harm

    I might allow it, but honestly it's definitely two different Skills so your rock bottom base Difficulty is 4 purple. Any kind of legit target will have defense, adversary, dodge, etc, so that's a pretty **** roll.
  6. You're letting them off the hook too easily. It's like expecting to steal a fire truck and being able to just drive around town and get a ticket now and then.
  7. I don't hand out Obligations for routine game play. A stolen imperial ship is already a flashing narrative neon sign. I use Obligation as meta currency, so for example if they wanna be indebted to Zsa Zsa the Hutt, she'll give em X.
  8. Last time I watched Star Wars a bit of dialogue that struck me was when they all reach the landing bay and Leia says 'you flew here in that thing? You're braver than I thought' and Han's comeback "nice". I was struck how current that comeback sounded and I just couldn't decide if it's just always been one? Is it something that's come around again?
  9. Some was written down, some I didn't. The engineer PC is a busy position, Strain gets used for power, all systems require it. You aren't depleting your pool but if your ship has 50 Strain, X goes to each shield facing you raise, X for each weapon bank armed, X for character Maneuvers, and so on. Every crit inflicts Strain so as your pool goes down you have less, so doing that Strain roll each turn is important. Crits inflict casualties which pile up Setbacks, so a medical character can work on ship combat triage and getting crewman back to their stations. There's damage control like fighting fires, which are in my own crit chart. The helm and other non shooty positions can make competitive rolls as Actions against opponents with their own successful results charts. Gives them a reason to get as many successes as they can. Then a buncha Talents I had to redo, or plain ol make.
  10. Won't be first through the door I assume?
  11. Hurt?! Noooooowah! It's just a stimpack, don't be a baby...
  12. The things my guys repeatedly talk and laugh over n over about are the epic bad rolls and stupid moves. Way more comedy in failure than success....
  13. Nerf herder. Moof milker. Poodoo. Laser brain. Flarp beep beep, watch your language. Fuzz ball. Sleemo. Slime ball. Slimey worm ridden filth. Some slang, some plain ol insults, it's there.
  14. I wish I was home but I'm visiting kin folk. I just finished my Star Trek Genesys campaign doc and had ported/adjusted Talents for piloting. I also made my own genre changes of ditching armor and defense with shields being the Soak. So I had to morph quite a bit.