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  1. Why would they bother? It's not like the IP is anything other than a gold factory.
  2. It's not a good or even needed word choice imo. Unless of course there's some other intent.
  3. I think it just means it's as far as you can move at a given speed. We shall see though...
  4. A "forced march" or movement in military jargon means fast, typically fast as possible. No clue if that's what the devs meant with their verbiage. Excellent dev question though.
  5. As a reminder to those posting here I prefer that the pin up/soft porn stuff be kept off here. Some have expressed it gets them jammed up at work, and I'd like this to be a thread that can be accessed anywhere without causing folks issues in the workplace. Thank you for your consideration. The management.
  6. Don't like Finese, don't use it. I made Accuracy a quality only available on master crafted weapons, so 10x cost and custom made to order.
  7. It's a good approach if someone wants resurrection to be an iffy thing in their setting. A really advanced poo bah could get it to the point of better odds than a coin toss, but it still wouldn't be a sure thing.
  8. Since its all just 0s and 1s you could skip the money and have them hack to have gear shipped direct like it was paid for. Could be a session(s) all alone, arranging for untraceable pick up locations and such. Good example of why I never give my guys a ship in SW. Too easy for a game idea to pass up.
  9. It means resurrection is his game would not be an easily assured result, however, with a highly advanced character in possession of Talents that have been introduced and/or will be it would have a solid chance of success. There a number of Talents from SW I'm sure will be added over supps to Genesys so it's important for people to keep that in mind. Lotsa stuff for influencing dice pool results in SW.
  10. Plus that's a whole lot of apparently absolutely nothing blocking line of sight.....
  11. There are some precedents for unique powerful effx in SW so seems fine to me.