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    The Naked City

    I'm not responsible for what you get or don't get, I'm afraid your shortcomings are for you to overcome. You should address your concerns to the mods. In addition I don't know if it was you or who was the gutless coward who messaged me under a throwdown name about this, but I've reported whoever for harassment. Given my thread on the Star Wars forums with 10,000 + posts and 1.5 million + views over several years I'll hazard a guess the mods aren't terribly sympathetic to your plight. Have a nice day, and welcome to the ignore list.
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    The Naked City

    After the first page or two I am back to linking directly to a source, so I'm not sure how a link right to an artist's gallery on Artstation for example isn't giving them credit. In addition, the context should be self evident given the material and the sub forum.
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    Living expenses?

    Which is realistic in today money. The economics in the game are borked. A pound of blaster rifle makes a pound of starship worthless. When I did the dollars to credits comparison there was a Home Depot flyer on my desk and I looked at the ad, a 50 lbs bag of deodorized manure was way more valuable than a similar amount of starship in the game.....