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  1. 2P51

    Selling Stolen Ships

    Transponders schmansponders. I'm buying perfectly good ships ten cents on the dollar? I'm gonna part those babies out, put the non transponder parts, ie 99% of the ship, onto other mothballed hulls with clean transponders to sell, or use the parts for fixing/upgrading existing ships with rebuilt parts from the stolen ships. I am gonna make a killing profit margin wise, and all without monkey F-ing with transponders at all
  2. 2P51

    Teleportation Magic

    Not so much teleportation, but I made a spell for my Oracle called Cloak of Eternity and one of the things he can spend xp and acquire is the ability to stop time for everyone beside themselves within Long range a number of rounds equal to the successes on the check. He can then take any combo of Actions and Maneuvers he likes with the caveat it can't affect any of the frozen targets directly, but can affect environment. So a few rounds of movement and it would look like he teleported to everyone else. He could also do things like tip arrows in different directions, slide objects in front of people running, etc. Kinda like a Xmen Quicksilver feel.
  3. 2P51

    Death and Resurrection in Mennara

    Really in this system unless you're stacking up ranks of Lethal Blows and/or Vicious on your players it really should not happen all that often. I rain all manner of debilitating critical injuries on my guys, but they have rarely been in danger of death. You have to be a good 6 or 7 rounds into combat with some consistent results on a PC to run into real danger of death. I tend to run my opponents from a realistic approach, and once someone goes down from Wounds, to most observers they assume that person is dead. Coup de gras should only be if there is an intent for assassination, or the baddies are gonna eat the players. I assume most are just going to loot the bodies and leave them where they lie, which is more or less what PCs do. I rarely have them ask to go around and make sure everything is dead unless they are burning stuff they think regenerates.
  4. 2P51

    I feel PvP should be a consensual RP Choice

    Well, I have a table full of adults at my table that have agreed they are there to be adventurers with common cause and a need to work as a team. If it did break out, the 'greater threat' would undoubtedly appear suddenly and get everyone back on the same page. Then me and Mr. problem child would have an out of game/session conversation privately that would be brief with me doing all the talking and most of the words having one syllable. Someone wants to PvP, keep your *** at home and play your xbox.
  5. 2P51

    Equipping the Big Bad Boss

    Jetpacks. Once the flying baddies show up the melee crowd gets a frowny sad face............☹️
  6. 2P51

    Death and Resurrection in Mennara

    You could add Setbacks for time, missing body parts, number of crits, etc. That might be a little too harsh since it's so Difficult already. I wouldn't bother with a financial cost, that's a limiter from D&D imo where successful casting of the spell is a given so the designers are imposing a cost for it. There's a pretty high chance of failure so I think that's all that's needed.
  7. 2P51

    Equipping the Big Bad Boss

    I wouldn't worry about it. It's easy to challenge PCs I think. I don't typically sweat gear anymore. I also think genelocks are cheese **** personally. I think a hidden homing beacon that activates on death and places an automatic bounty for the assassination of the current owner is a much cooler idea.