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  1. Ok, i don't know if the Beta period is over or not, but i just received my beta copy (apparently France is a long way from Minnesota ). I noticed a few errors in the Starships and Vehicles sections (my own speciality in Star Wars geekdom). p.185. Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser Hyperdrive primary should be 2. Also, it is Dreadnaught, not Dreadnought. With an A it is for this particular class of ship, with an O it is the class of ships that are bigger than Battlecruisers (for exemple the executor). p.183 Vigil-class Corvette The Vigil also have two ventral twin heavy laser cannon turrets, as seen here. It also can transport up to 12 TIE/LN, as seen here with the author discussing various loads. p.187 Praetor II-class Star Battlecruiser (also known as Giel's Ship) First, the ion canon should not be twined. After all this class of ship was made so the ion canon from the hoth base could have an origin. So it should be a single barrel canon. On Ansel Hsiao model (fractalsponge1), who created the Vigil for example, the medium turbolaser are quads not twins. Also, every last one of them are in the trench, so they should be port/starboard. So the armament should be (following Ansel Hsiao's 3D model) 20 Port and 20 Starboard turret mounted quad medium turbolaser batteries (arc forward and port/starboard) 15 Port and 15 Starboard turret mounted battleship ion cannon batteries (arc forward and port/starboard) 4 dorsal turret mounted battleship ion cannon batteries (arc : all) 60 port and 60 starboard turret mounted quad heavy turbolaser batteries (arc forward and port/starboard) This is what i accounted for on his model, so if you contact him, maybe he as a better head count. Some quad turbolaser turrets seems to be bigger than other but i think they can be approximated with the smaller ones). Also, on the topic of the Imperial Star Destroyer. I saw that you used the 60 turbolaser, 60 ion canon (actually you reduced it to 30 ion canons). While i understand that using older source is easier, i would point out that the actual star destroyer model have only 2 twin ion canon turret, 6 twin turbolaser turret, 3 dorsal triple turbolaser turret and two trench quad turbolaser turret). I think one compromise would be to have those (with the god arc of fire given their location) to be heavy turbolaser turrets, and the other ones (of the 60 turbolaser figure) to be light turbolaser in the trenches). So armament could be : 3 Port and 3 Starboard turret mounted twin heavy turbolaser batteries (arc : forward and port/starboard) 1 port and 1 Starboard turret mounted quad heavy turbolaser battery (arc : forward and port/starboard) 3 Dorsal turret mounted triple heavy turbolaser batteries (arc : forward, port and starboard) 31 light turbolaser 1 port and 1 starboard turret mounted twin battleship ion canon (arc forward, port/starboard) 26 light ion canons. Just my two cents.
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