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  1. There is another answer - army of Primarchs just aren't effective by cost-profit ratio. It takes years to create and stabilize thier genome, hordes of resourses to feed this body; common men are worse, but they are cheap. So it's quite logical - leaders are best 40K years of science can create, elite forces are something similiar but worse (and cheaper), bulk forces are cheapest common troops. But if it's novel version it's ok, it's what I was asking. Don't like it though; but I don't like 30K time novels at all, with all perpetuals and anything, so nothing new.
  2. By the way, I'm wondering - why Primarchs creation counts as a great psychical feat? I saw it more than once. It was great scientific achievement, yes, but why psy?
  3. Enemies Without, pp. 86-87. Also p. 95, "Misshapen Ork Boy" (Ork Brute have UT 2).
  4. My own top-100 was a fight in temple where PC group with help of AAT witch tryed to contain daemon until tech-priest fixed Geller field generator. No rolls daemon had trying to kill NPC AAT telekinetist was above 94. He tried to kill this damned psyker, yesser, he tried very, very, VERY hard - but without any luck!
  5. I'd say no. Every military system have a rules to solve such subordination issues. Common practice is "every top officer can normally cancel lower rank order". With common exception about ship capitan who can give contradicting orders by his capitan authority. So if they believe he have a right to give such an order it's not matter were they ready to excecute an order from their previous superior, and such right is something written in codes. If subordinates didn't want to excecute their latter order I'd give bonus for Command, and vise versa. UPD: By the way, good moment for opposing command check may be try to relieve starship capitan from command, if that capitan refuse. Then command will meet two authorities clashing - top officer code authority against capitan authority (that's the highest authority on ship).
  6. Nah, Inquisition fixed it. HR changed to "every Inquisitor gain his own staff as he likes, and promotes they to Inquisitors when they're ready by his opinion", and Payroll... well, "few are paid for their services in currency, knowing that duty is its own reward and that Emperor provides." Really, Forbidden Lore (Bureacracy) is a collection of knowledge about inner work of bureacratic machine, restricted-acess instructions and rules, names of shadow manipulator figures behind official directors, grand loopholes in bureacratic protocols.
  7. No. I was talking about influence raising for hoarding a lot of local cash. And no, it's not "9 lasguns = 1 chainsword Influence check +90". It's "you're billioner, so write +1/+3 to your Ifl score, because you have some resourses; not very powerful, but it's resourses." Even more, it's not matter how you take a lot of cash. But really, 10 lasguns will not place you on hive business "forbes-top". Feudal world is different of course but feudal world cash is even less useful.
  8. Can you say how "making big cash reserves should just improve your influence", that is RAW (by defenition of Influence given on p. 140 - and it should be very big cash reserves to little Ifl raises, because local money just aren't matter on Imperial level; something about "local Forbes-level man should have +1 or maybe even +3 Ifl") is system of exchange based on "trade units"? That's very different ideas. Trade units are not needed. What do you mean "choice between that and death"? By you description your characters loot because they trying to get money for high-cost equipment. Of cource when my characters are caught in dangerous places without weapons and armor they will loot. But they will loot not because this weapons can be sold, but because they're going to use looted weapons just here and now. Later, by my experience, they will barter it or just give it to their allies until they managed to get their own base of operations. From that moment they will loot high-level equipment and store it there, not sold it. But they won't loot everything just because "aaaah, it's ITEM!", they loot useful items. Also the best effective fighter in my team using a weapon with Scarce aviability and one Average upgrade. Both he taken on generation and just trying not to lose.
  9. It is. What is requesition try fail? It's "you came to somebody who have your item asking/buying/demanding item and he ignores it". Such happenings are bad for your reputation - and for resourses that you invested to have an option to demand an item.
  10. Desoleum have money, and you can turn your loot into them, of course; but 1) you need to have a ways to pass throw local police as well as Arbitres (weapon smuggling, hmmm?), 2) this money don't help you when you leave Desoleum to other hive. Even in Desoleum (especially in Desoleum that have good deal smuggler problem, with bases on lakes in the shadow of the hive) problem "where can I sell a horde of loot" is a problem. Solvable problem, but you need to solve it. It is not easy to transmog loot into cash, so if players have a problem to transmog loot into cash it's good working system. Money (not resourses), especially local money, isn't the foundation of Imperium, so system that don't put money ahead of everything other it's good working system. Also limitness of Acolytes resourses, when they're working on their own (not as Inquisitorial peers) is very major as I read books. If you wanted to let them get something they asked when they asked it as "we're Acolytes of Inquisition!" (let's say they want to take laspistol that way), they will roll AT LEAST against 75+10=85. P. 270 of rulebook, and Inquisitor have at least 75 Ifl. If they loose such rolls fequently I'd offer you to create adventure where they oppose Tzeentch cult, because it's defenitly warp sorcery. Also I believe that some cites are needed here too. It's the last paragraph of the reference you provided. p. 142 Same point. Also, p. 143.. You don't need to know even "how much exactly this thing cost in local money". If you know where it can be bought, and have enough resources as well, you just take it. Imagine yourself a man with 40 Fel (simple enough, isn't it?), Commerce +30, Peer (2-3) (underground/smugglers), and Ifl... let's say 30. It's not hard, right? It's very near starting character. I can generate him. It's character who lives with smuggling trade, not somebody never leaves IG base. So when he tries to get something (local money included, but why he need it?..), he rolls 40+30+20=90 Commerce. For each DoS he have +10 to get something. Two rolls and some inner game time, to get something. Yes, that's a man who can acquire plasma cannon from local weapon smugglers. It's a problem? You see, your main mistake is using "are we rich" question, and it's common enough place in lore. Amounts of local planetary money is not matter. Correct imperial question is "are we resourceful", and players have strict number means EXACTLY that in their sheets.
  11. They/we learned to ask themselves "what will I do with it?" It helps. Planetary money on some planets does exist. It works even for some local clusters. But "imperial money" doesn't, as well as "earth money" doesn't. It's good to have dollars or euro, but it will not help you in Somali. Also there is no such thing as fixed money cost within Imperium. Laspistol can be priced as "worth nothing" in some big industrial world, but some feudal one will count laspistol as a unique treasure planetary king dynasty own. Look even at SW - QuiGon had quite a cash in republican Credits, but did it helps him on Tatooine? It was a problem in DH1, to be honest. There was system with gelts and static prices, so it creates wrong impression. Thing is there should be such a problem! You can't really just turn lasguns into "virtual money". You have some lasguns, so you need to invite some ways to transfer that lasguns into something else, and if you managed to and have some good reserves in good currency you just increase your Influence. Not for much, to be honest, because in Imperium money are not so important as connections or favors. After all you can have thousands and millions gelts, how they will help you on Desoleum?
  12. Yes, of course they can. But described IG acolyte wanted to change packs! That's kind of linked to topic though. I like Requesition system (and yes, I'm using this system RAW, games I'm playing using this system RAW, and I am honest), because there is no such thing as "Imperial money" or, let's say, "universal magazine that takes anything you want to buy or sell". If system puts players who says "hey, we killed a bunch of merks, looted their gear, we want to sell them!" to some problems - it's good working system. If system builded such way that it's simpler to find recharger (or improvise some - my main party uses tech priest with luminen talents and a lot of chocholate!) that just buy/take fresh battery, it's good working system. It's possible to sell a dozen of looted lasguns, as it's possible to sell a dozen assault guns today, but in Russia (and in USA as far as I know, or in GB, or in any civilized country) it's controlled market, so you need to go to smugglers (or known for you shadow buyer). And working with smugglers IS something time and effort taking (and useful of course). That's why my parties don't loot everything but only something they are really intrested in. They definintly let lasgun lie, but they will take anything they are planning to use (for spare parts Tech-Priest use as example). Or maybe they will take batteries, if their was shooted dry.
  13. They can, but there are complications. "Fireplace recharging" havles capacity (and by background can randomly explode). So it's understandable to want to change them with new ones.
  14. Oh no sir! Lasgun batteries are military equipment. When you're going to take one from military base you need to explain quarterman there why should he to put himself in danger of inspection (maybe tomorrow base commissar will decide to make a one). Of course, if you know anything about IG you know he have spare batteries and some ways to mitigate "loses", but you need to explain him, why should he spare that to you. That's a roll. Also... "About a month in there was almost a whole session dedicated to to trading the loot gleaned from one battle." I believe you just don't understand exactly what is "loot trading". Every civilized world will be intrested about some nomadic people who came and try to sell some items, especially weapons or military-grade armor. Try to imagine FBI covert-ops who defeated terrorist cell and trying to sell loot - some assault rifles, explosives, body armors, looted comps and so all. And if you're on uncivilsed world you need to find some buyers, and even then it's not so easy (they should want AND be able to buy your loot!).
  15. We can't check for titans, but humans charge tanks and machine guns positions. Also they tried to charge battleships. With primitive weapons, on canoes. Results not encouraging, but humans tried. No they don't. Dark Eldar will not die because he lack of self-control, he use another techniqe. You just confuse two concepts - physiological need and method to solve a problem. Eldar have some problems that majority of humans haven't (some have), of course it's true. They have hungry god who want to eat them. Well, the same god want to eat every one human, but a lot of humans ignore it. How they will solve a problem? There are some methods. Some developed a great self-control. Anothers put themselves into symbiosis with planets. Some created a defence from another sentient sufferings. That's nothing about needs - Eldar don't physologicaly need to have self-control, be in symbiosis or be sadist. For example. Human don't have physiological need for money. It's just one (from many) invented method to have some needs satisfied. We know about humans who did. It's very different language, and human will not speak perfectly (and it's underestimation), but it is possible. It's possible enough for human that they can read eldar prophesies! ****, there was at least one human who used to live on craftworld. First of all we speaks about WH humans. In WH daemons try to eat EVERY SOUL.Second I'm speaking about psyker metodics about self-control. Well, first point tells that every human will benefit from such technique, but for psykers it's more clear. The reasons are same - human and eldar don't want their soul devoured. The method is the same too. Well, another eldar methods - soul symbiosis and sadism - used by humans too. Yup, Tyranids or Q'Orl, for example. It's intresting that Q'Orl are non-playable, and Tyranides motives never was really stated. We don't know why tyranides do something. Also, just in case, it means nothing per se. Even if I can't read the message "spoken" through pheromone it doesn't mean I can't understand its meaning if it's translated. Well, put it another way. Can a human predict eldar actions? It's clearly stated that humans can use tactics against eldars or orks. That demands understanding. You need to understand how creature think and what it wants. You need to understand a dog to predict it actions. I saw BIG WORDS (same white racist says about blacks) that oh eldar are so big, so majestic, so full emotions, they just can't be comprehended by human. Yes, Abriel Hume can't understand Eldars; that's speaks about Abriel Hume more than about Eldars. What it's means? When codex says "ah Eldar have emotions so much full compared to human" - what do they mean? Where is the meter "this emotion is full, and this isn't"? When we compare Eldar and Human lover what will be the difference? When both of them fills in sorrow - what will be the difference? Yes, Eldar culture is far richer that humans. So what? White man culture was richer that african prewriting cultures, so what? Yes, sometimes ago it was a point for racist separation politics - it was obvious that it's real difference, not just lack of knowledge. That times passed. When I read "Path of Eldar" cycle, I could understand characters it shows, I could understand their motives and I could understand their actions. I could understand a society where they live - and to give me that understanding that books were written! I could do it better that I can understand ISIS motivations to be honest. Human can understand a dog. Can a dog understand a human is a good philosophical question I can't answer. Well, when plant speak to me, and, with enough translation, I will take that plant can feel anger, sympathy, love, sorrow, can speak about philosophy in understandable terms, pray for same-type gods humans do, use the same technological patterns (stab with swords, to put it simply), have understandable social structure, have the same basic motives human do - I'd say it's manlike. It's definition of being manlike. Eldars can feel human emotions. Eldar speak about philosophy in understandable terms. "He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it." - I can understand it. "The wind whipping across your face as your blades whip across the throats of the foe. It makes the blood sing." - I can understand it too, and as I know their culture any good japanese Samurai can. "The universe is tripatite: the sunlight of the material plane, the darkness of the spirit plane, and the twilight of the spaces betwixt the two." - I can understand it and every shamanist culture such as pre-christian Finns can. By the way, it's very primitive structure, a lot of human mythologies (said Finns for example) are a lot of more complex. Eldar pray for absolute human-type deities. You can find that archetypes in every complex pagan pantheron. Their creation myth is also very primitive by human terms. Eldar create such technology that humans can use it. Eldar powerwords used by Imperial nobility. Eldar have quite understandable social structure. Sapient Ward-like necrons are absolutly manlike. Unsapient are just machines.
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