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  1. I enjoy so much the coop style of descent and of course i'll use this app playing solo or with friends. I am wondering, what about an app to play the opposite? i was used to play as hero with friends and having my brother as OL, but, once he stopped playing due to time, i became the new OL of my group but i'm not as good as him. It could be really nice to have an app to play solo as OL to learn and improve how to manage it. So again about this app, i think it is a really nice job from FF. And if it is free, i have nothing else to say. Awesome!
  2. Most impressive, i'm used to use army builder for warhammer, once you try it you'll never want to do ur list without this kind of tools xD Really nice work here =)
  3. deviluxo

    Solo play?

    A direct link would be great
  4. deviluxo

    Solo play?

    I've played twice solo, and i enjoyed it so much. I think it became one of my best soloing games if i have few hours of free time. The only "trouble" is you have to do more staff and there are some skills/events that let you interact with other players, the rest of it is solo playable. Actually, i played with two champions so the "multiplayer" skills were not a trouble to me
  5. It looks really nice, and it seems hard work is behind it. I like it. I'm doing something similar but only for armada, and pretty much more simple, just using photoshop to modify the campaing and which plannets are controlled by. For all other things i'm using just Excell, to calculate the fleet numbers, repairing cost of each ships (proportional), fleet upkeeping, space stations and improvements with some little rules to make it work, and more. I've got it done until wave 1, and prepared to fill the wave 2 data, It is not yet finished but once i arrive home i will share it so maybe i could get feedback and ideas
  6. Breathtaking paints! i've never seen something like this in 'mini-miniatures", i'm in mind to paint my figures too but always i see them i believe it's hard to make many details. Awesome job.
  7. Waohhh just breathtaking! really awesome! that would be $10000 value if sold lol
  8. Best paints i've seen in descent 2º Ed, I love the paints on Ashrian's face Nice work
  9. Do u know when Descent Game Night Kit will be released?
  10. In my opinion heroes doesnt have so much problems to organize their skills, equipment and so on, but since i'm playing as OL i've been forced to make my own box with all type cards separated to have more space on the table. So, what i think it could be better a mat for the overlord, for example, some spaces to separate the type of overlord cards (like: traps, magic, events,... i mean for those ones the Overlord has on his hand, of course) and then spaces for all other stuff (rumours, travel cards, shops, and so on). So just as opinion, heroes doesnt really need guides to get organize, but it could be much helpful for the overlord ^^
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