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  1. Okay I've been thinking about this. How about a movie about Kyle Katarn while he was in Imperial service...it would end with him letting or helping Jan Ors escape. You get a familiar character back into canon, you get an imperial point of view, you get to see not all Imperials are bad.
  2. A Mara Jade movie would be cool. With her stopping a plot against the Emperor, covertly. Mission Impossible style.
  3. There are a lot of groups out there the Empire could fight...it could be Black Sun or a Hutt plot that needs attention or Saw Gerrera's terrorist faction of the rebellion. I'd love to see a Top gun style movie with the protagonist going through the imperial academy.
  4. If there is a third faction I think it should be a MERCENARY faction...Fighters, small and flotilla class ships that can be used by either side or separately if you wanted to make that pirate group you've always dreamed of.
  5. I would love to see a Rogue squadron movie...it's what I thought we were getting when the announced rogue one.
  6. I'm surprised nobody (that i know of) has mentioned the Bulwark class for the Rebels. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bulwark_Mark_III
  7. I like how you're running this with small hit and run groups...instead of large fleet battles. It's how the rebels should be played. IMO
  8. I notice a lot of cool ships not currently in game suggested...but what I don't see is an explanation why we need it. If a ship is added to the game it serves function. I would like to see the Dornean Gunship 1) because its in the movies 2) it could be a anti-fighter flotilla. I would like to see the Venator 1) because its in the movies 2) it could be "broadsides" Cruiser.
  9. and yet the second Death star was protected by a shield they had to lower and raise to let ships through. Scarrif was protected by a similar impenetrable shield. The Executor's bridge shield was knocked out causing concern about fighter attacks against the Bridge, so apparently, fighter attacks couldn't get though until then. Obiwan and Anakin were stopped by 'Rayshields' on Greivous' ship and apparently were trapped behind them.
  10. Knowing that its impossible to please everybody...I'm gonna try to make simple script changes to explain some of GLARING errors I saw. 1) Poe's squadron is sent to knock out the point defense guns. TIE fighters are launching, Poe orders most of his squadron to draw away the TIEs while he and a couple wingmen hit the point defenses. As they approach someone is amazed the shields are down. Poe replies they must be charging their bombardment cannons, which draw a lot of power from the system. The battle proceeds as shown in the movie. 2) Before jumping to hyperspace Admiral Ackbar points out our fuel levels will be low, to which Leia replies we have tankers waiting at the rally point. When Kylo ren and his wingmen attack they go after the fuel tankers destroying them, before the resistance can scramble fighters. The debris of a destroyed tanker is flung toward the Raddus using the force Leia pushes most of the debris away but one chunk hits the bridge injuring her and killing most of the bridge crew. FO pitcrew report the resistance ships can stay ahead of the fleet but appear to be low on fuel as they were preparing to fuel up the fleet when the FO arrived. Hux orders a fighter assault but is stopped by Snoke who instead orders Hux to contact a support squadron to intercept while they pursue. Hux replies its unnecessary to draw this out, but Snoke replies I want them to suffer for the loss of star killer base. 3) Finn Launches his plan to find a Slicer to get past security but upon arriving Fin reveals he just wanted off the ship and he leaves Rose who gets caught. While in the casino Finn overhears a conversation by a FO officer saying their battle group is leaving to intercept some Resistance ships. Finn feels guilty and has a change of heart, rescuing Rose and a slicer who claims to be able to help. They board the ship and sabotage the navigation systems preventing the intercept from happening. But get sold out by the slicer, and it is reveled Phasma is in command of this battlegroup. Finns story continues as shown. BB-8 reconfigured a power conduit to overload causing the diversion needed to rescue Finn.
  11. I don't think the fact its "too different" is why its not being liked. Rogue One was in many ways very different than what we've seen before, but I don't hear as much criticism of it. I think its more the fact the story was really poorly done. Things like a single fighter taking down a capital ship's point defenses, FO warships without fighter cover, A FO dreadnought apparently without shield generators, FO commanders unwilling to deploy fighters to engage the fleeing Resistance vessels, flying princesses, force projection, Finn's subplot that went nowhere, and so forth. All these thing could have been fixed in the final drafts of the script, but they didn't bother to, Lazy writing is the flaw with this movie. IMHO.
  12. Here's how they can do it. At some dramatic time in the movie... Andy Serkis walks out in his gold Snoke robe and confronts Kylo. Telling him he was testing his loyalty and he knew Kylo would betray him, and when he did he transferred his life force to a new clone body. Because apparently there is nothing you can't do as long as you can attribute it to a force power.
  13. Having just watched TLJ, I accept that my generation of Star Wars has ended.
  14. My Imperial fleet is based in the Minos Cluster. It consists of the VSD Chariot, the GSD Argus, the Wolf and Recluse, a pair of Raider class corvettes used for customs patrols, a resupply flotilla, and an Arquitens class cruiser Observer.
  15. It would be cool to develop an on-line campaign system allowing players to RP some things via reports and such. Something akin to Empire at War only instead of players controlling the whole Empire or Rebellion, players would be in command of individual fleets, squadrons or strike teams(Armada, Xwing, Imperial Assault/Legion). Something GW used to do was run these massive campaigns for 40K. It'd be cool if FFG did something similar. I'm sure it'd boost sales.
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