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  1. I have played against the list. It's definitely viable. Think about it this way, you'll pay 7 pts for elite Weequays for 2 two green dice attack. An elite ugnaught and regular ugnaught is 8 points and can get you 2 one green die attacks in round one before the battle begins (sending the junk droid to the opponent's deployment zone with regular then Overclock + droid's activation on elite's turn) Then depending on position, as your opponent gets closer, 3 to 4 attacks in the following rounds (especially if the elite spot welds and moves a new droid up 8). The droid is reinforceable and gives a safe way to contest terminals. If your opponent wipes it out, it is a wasted attack, which is as good as a stun, especially if the attacker had to get out of position. I do think it's important to make sure your other points compliment the strategy and handle guys like the Rancor that can roll double defense dice.
  2. Thanks for all you do! I really like the stats you have at the bottom of lists. Super helpful and unique. Here are some suggestions I made on Reddit, based on how awesome I thought NetrunnerDB is. I would like to see better grouping and hiding in the designs of all these builders to make them more mobile friendly. 1) Instead of showing every single deployment card and upgrade make us first choose a faction and only show those. A user can get an alliance upgrade and then be shown more but any more is unnecessary at first. Separate upgrade cards so it's not in the mix. As more cards come out it is harder to find cards. I could see a need to group factions by trait or cost down the road too. 2) Command cards should be grouped and hidden as well. Have faction specific ones hidden unless selected. Maybe even group and hide based on traits. Once again as more cards come it is hard to find them. (Vassal does this now, but an option with all is good too) 3) Get rid of the plus signs. Instead of clicking multiple times have the immediate option to put 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on what limit there can be. It should be assumed if we click we want to add. 4) Get rid of any thing needing to scroll outside of the normal browser scrolling.
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