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  1. I’ll accept that the menial thing is also hyperbole on my part but would be best as it humbles him and may give Por a better look at the big picture. But it seems to me that your problem is Poe enacting the mutiny entirely. Part of which was letting Finn and Rose leave the Raddus secretly and thus mean that every time the film cuts back to Poe he is just doing his job. No intrigue, conflict or excitement. I’m sorry but I don’t think I can understand the appeal of this idea as it really removes Agency and Character from Poe. That is my two credits, I could go on but I have better things to do.
  2. Okay. I’ll admit that I did for a bit of hyperbole. My bad. But I have to ask a few simple questions. In your words, what does your version of events look like? How does a better relationship to Holdo and him accepting a menial/busy work task forward or involve Poe in the narrative? How do we get from Poe the reckless fly boy chasing a big kill no matter the cost TO every life matters in the fight against the First Order by the end of the film? What is the arc and how does it last the length of the film? I am honestly curious.
  3. So you’re saying the hotshot maverick pilot of the Resistance. One who defined a direct order from General Leia herself would be content to do menial work just so he can get brown nose to command and play by the rules. Yeah, that’s a character I can look up. I’m sure everyone on the playground the next day will fighting over who gets to be Poe, the good little soldier, Dameron.
  4. Because that’s why we like Star Wars. Military protocol and decorum. Poe should have been put on a desk or mop duty to get his act together and not be an active member of the story. Just a cog in the machine.
  5. This, this the quality I love to find when I come to this forum. Let the Truck-memes roll out!
  6. Going be there Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. Definitely would love to get in on a game while at Celebration.
  7. Speaking from a different side of things, but something similar though no wear to the complete silence of FFG occured with the Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) community early in the games launch until they established a community correspondent/liaison to communicate with the fans via social media, Reddit and Twitter particularly. This greatly improved morale and appreciation for the developers due to a degree of transparency as well as communication on delays/hiccups in production. Been running this system for a while now with a group of great people, some even posters on these forums, and love it as both a Star Wars fan as well as a GM. What do wish is there was more communication between the team working on the game or just transportation side of things, heck I’ll take the cell phone number of the captain of this mysterious boat, so that threads like this could be more constructive and full of excitement for the new content instead of complaints. At leasts that’s my two cents.
  8. Consider me very interested in source book. Ever since playing Uprising when it initially came out, I found it a gold mine for and Edge of the Empire style game where the player party would grow to become the Uprising.
  9. I also recommend secrets of the Sisar Run because it shows how vast the Vito's operations are and how you can end up working for the Black Sun without really even knowing it.
  10. I have a group that runs games mostly in the Dallas/Plano area. We've doing then online in google+hangouts using their dice app and video call feature. We have a meetups group on meetup.com I also been thinking of starting a game on campus at my school, UTD.
  11. I am currently running game like this on rpol.net my inspiration and sources I used are from the old west end game Star Wars roleplaying games. Go to d6holocron.com and look for supplements. There you will find pirate and privateers and the far orbit project. Pirate and privateers is a source book essentially for being space pirates, giving you tactics, loot ideas other great information. The far orbit is a privateer campaign where the players serve aboard a nebulon b frigate that defected from the empire and now strikes back as a privateer sponsored by the rebel alliance. Hopefully you will find these sources useful for you.
  12. Yeah I'm running a campaign on nebulon, it won't be fully staffed but it still a lot of npcs, I have a large playing group so at least I can keep them all in the action.
  13. I could possible interested in that. I live in (Texas) I believe that is central time zone. I might be able to do nights and it sounds like fun. I've been running a local game over hangouts and found that it is a good way to play.
  14. Sound good with me. Now all you need to do is sign up to rpol.net and send me a request to join message and I will put you in the game. http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=60454&date=1404310261
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