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  1. This is a squad I ran last Tuesday, played two games and won both. Two Gold Squad pilots, each with an Ion Cannon turret, one has R2D2 and the other has R5D8. Chewbacca flying the Yt-1300, with Expert Handling and anti pursuit lasers. That totals 99 points. My strategy behind it was to ionize the enemy ships so that they could only move 1 forward, and then manoeuvre the Falcon into place so that they would run into / overlap the Falcon. This causes anti pursuit lasers to trigger, potentially damaging the enemy ship. It also prevents target ship from shooting the falcon, and I try to flank them with the Y-wings, so the enemy ship has no valid targets. Although the Falcon most likely still has a shot on an other ship due to turrets. Following turn I use a manoeuvre that would cause the falcon to overlap the enemy ship(that's already in base to base contact), so he can't move, and then the ionized ship would move one forward, for an other overlap(triggering the anti pursuit lasers again. It worked well for me. At one point I had a Tie Advanced and the Lambda Shuttle locked and ionized in contact with the falcon in this manner, causing damage to both, while the only thing that could fire at the Falcon was a tie fighter. That Game I didn't lose a single ship. This list is really fun with asteroids as well, limits the movement for enemy ships even more, because the Falcon essentially becomes an obstacle.
  2. So I've been thinking of running these two together: Lando Calrissian, Nien Nunb, Millennium Falcon title, Push The Limit (49 points) "Dutch" Vander, R5-K6 (25 points) And then trying to run them right in formation, This way I could consistantly have the Falcon havinging Evade, Focus, and Target Lock tokens, and Dutch could consistantly have Focus and Target Lock. I was wondering it it would be worth it giving Dutch a secondary weapon? Also what ships do you think would go well with this list to fill in the remaining 26 points? This is entirely theoretical as I do not have a Y wing at the moment, So there are no restrictions!
  3. Looks good, I do have one suggestion though, before you paint it, seal any exposed MDF with some PVA glue. this will help reduce any warping due to moisture being absorbed by the MDF. It will also help your with needing less paint, as MDF will suck in some of the paint, meaning you'd need more coats.
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