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  1. Thanks again, @SkyJedi for a great tool! My group uses it for every session. Last night, though, we discovered that there is one tiny feature still missing -- the ability to add or subtract a modifier from a numbered die roll (e.g.: 1d20+8). I was looking to generate a random number of items found. Unless I missed it?
  2. Got it. Although I would have thought that applying it to a second skill would not count as 'ranked' as you'd have it once for each of two different skills.
  3. I don't have the book yet - could you not buy Master again for another skill when you buy a tier 5?
  4. So, you're saying that the number of wounds needed to take out a minion group (after soak) is = ( # minions * wound threshold ) + 1 ?
  5. I originally thought each minion's WT had to be exceeded, but if you have to do an extra wound per minion, they get to be more powerful the bigger the group. i.e.: 8 minions would be 8 more wounds that the PCs would have to score on them. However, 1 wound more or less to take out the group is no big deal, so thus 8, not 9 in the above example.
  6. OCD!?? 😥 I usually, inadvertently, forget about the 'exceeded' part anyway.
  7. Further to your example is the question of "When does a minion in a group go down?" For me, this has been less than intuitive, but for your example in the SWRPG, the first minion is still standing after taking 4 wounds. It is not until the fifth wound is applied that the first minion goes down -- BUT, that fifth wound is also the second minion's FIRST wound. If there was a third minion, the same pattern would apply. Also, while this makes me think it would require 9 wounds to take out the entire 2-minion group, it actually only takes 8 wounds. Please, someone, correct me if I got this wrong, but this is how I understand it to work based on the RAW and various threads in the SW forums.
  8. How difficult would it be to remove the dark background image(s) from the map, but keep the grid lines? It would be great to have a copy we could easily print and write on during sessions.
  9. That's how I'm defining them, yes. I will also define a similar grid for any solar-system (for travel at sub-light speeds). Continents or other geographical locales will get a grid, too. It would be nice to use hexes, but re-creating the galaxy map is beyond my skills.
  10. That's what I figured - what's the point of letting us add attachments to our posts, but not letting other users access them???? (I couldn't find a way to modify the permissions here.) Anyway, please try this link instead:
  11. Strange - it's just a pdf and it works fine on multiple systems that I've tried. (Even ones without the original document.) Anyone else have a problem downloading this?
  12. I finally organized my notes on this - again, it's still a sub-system in progress, so any comments would be welcome. Either here or by PM. TRAVEL 0.2.pdf
  13. The time and consumables part of Astrogation was bugging me, so I'm looking at adopting a system where each sector (x,y coordinate) of space represents a fixed amount of time to travel within (or across). Looking at Fly Casual, there's a table that indicates it takes 5.5 days to travel from Coruscant to Tatooine using the Corellian Run Hyperspace Lane and a Class 1 Hyperdrive. I'm interpreting the "routes" ("lanes") to just be safer, not necessarily faster, so given that a ship needs to cross through 13 sectors to make the trip, that's approximately 10 hours per sector (given a 24 hour galactic standard day). So, a class 2 hyperdrive would double that time, a class 3 triple it, and so on. I'm also approaching the Astrogation check from the perspective of "You make it to your destination within your planned time frame, but at what cost?" (Yes, I won't be changing the time - why derail the plot/story that the players are chasing by telling them they got lost or are too late?) So instead, on the Astrogation check, once they've exited hyperspace at their destination (that distinction is important), I'm thinking that failure will result in 1 outstanding System Strain (with each uncancelled failure resulting in an additional System Strain), threat would be reflected as Hull Trauma, and each Despair would require a Critical Hit roll. Yes, there's a real possibility that the ship is incapacitated once it reaches the destination, but the plot/story could go on (with complications) and meanwhile the GM and the players get to add some narration to their hyperspace travel - did something blow on the ship? Did they discover sabotage? A stowaway? Did they drop out of hyperspace for recalculations only to be attacked by pirates? Also, positive results on the Astrogation check would work to repair outstanding System Strain (uncancelled successes) and Hull Trauma (advantages) and allow rolls to repair Critical Hits (triumphs). All of this should also be narrated, of course. Meanwhile, having calculated the number of sectors the trip is going to take them through makes it easier to track consumables (which, in my campaigns, will include fuel cells). So, screwing up an Astrogation roll will automatically increase the credit costs of the journey (RAW, repairs are 500 credits per HT. SS and CH should factor this in). And getting the Astrogation roll right will likely benefit the party, specially if their ship was already in need of some repairs. This is still in it's infancy, but I've been using a similar setup for wilderness travel in one of my campaigns where the party is exploring a sparsely-populated world looking for lost force-artefacts and it's working well. (Strain, Wounds and Critical Injuries on a personal scale.)
  14. I'm happy with the jpg. Thanks for the link to the spreadsheet! I'm going to see about using that to calculate galactic distances for my house-rules on Astrogation.
  15. Is the map even available as a PDF? I thought it was only available as jpg? I think that having a nicely formatted PDF (or jpg) of the names/coordinates would be nice as a player handout, but as a GM, I'd be very happy to have a Spreadsheet version that I could sort or add to as my campaigns require. Thank you very much for your work on this resource!