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  1. Feedback array (emphasis mine) "During the combat phase instead of performing any attacks, you may receive 1 ion token and suffer 1 damage to choose 1 enemy ship at range 1. That ship suffers 1 damage." Captain Jostero: "Once per round, after an enemy ship that is not defending against an attack suffers damage or critical damage, you may perform an attack against that ship." While it's clear that another ship usiing FA will trigger Jostero's ability, I'm guessing that the "instead of performing any attacks" condition precludes you from equipping FA on Jostero and using it to trigger his own ability. Correct?
  2. I've got my regular monthly Epic game coming up on Saturday and my regular gaming buddy only plays scum. We've pretty much exhausted the viable options with the C-ROC so we're looking for ideas to homebrew a Black Sun Gozanti by creating some Titles for it, and perhaps a few relevant crew cards like Prince Xizor and / or Guri Any Ideas?
  3. Is this the new gunboat thread ?
  4. It's fair to say my finger hasn't been on the x-wing pulse lately - very little foruming - no youtube batreps - nada. Despite managing 2-3 gaming nights a week, I've regressed into a filthy casual and have recruited a couple of new, equally filthy, equally casual, local players into the game ..... until they betrayed our FC oath by booking us all on to a local store champs. wihout consulting me until after the wicked deed was done. I feel I must avenge this betrayal by humiliating them at the tables. but I've no idea what the current hotness is. Any suggestions?
  5. Am I reading that wrong or is that 101 points?
  6. TLT / Ion: ...[do some stuff]..."Then CANCEL all dice results" Harpoon: ....."if there are any UNCANCELLED crit results" ....[do some stuff]
  7. No -they're flying comparatively modern BTL-A4 and BTL-S3 Y-Wings The clone wars model was the BTL-B
  8. right - but the point I'm trying to make is that the ability to add the TL action comes at both a point cost (2 points), and an opportunity cost (i.e. it takes up a slot that is more valuably taken up by something else (likeStealth and Auto thrusters) -in comparison the Protectorate Starfighter gets TL for free on both counts - and an equivalently equipped Protectorate Starfighter still costs less overall
  9. Indeed - Interceptors with stealth and AT are hardly defensive titans - they can still get one shotted or take crits that render them impotent in a single attack when your green dice go cold ... or in my case - are about average :-) My concern with just giving them a native TL, is what happens with future waves (aka power creep) - the TIE advanced fix was a fix for about 3 months until the whatever the new hotness was that came along and made them irrelevant again ........ made them irrelevant again. So let's not screw around - give em 4 reds
  10. Exactly this. So many games with interceptors come down to scenarios where their positional brilliance is let down by offensive mediocrity I played a 3 interceptor list earlier this week, and the game came down to a last gasp face to face range 1 shot against a Starviper - as the dice fell I wasn't able to deal the 2 damage I needed to finish it off - and the evade I took (along with focus) wasn't enough to save me, as the SV had held on to a TL from a few turns previously when it had no shot - so it was able to stack focus and TL on me. However if I had been able to stack a TL on my focus as well - instead of evade - I would have done it (we ran a "what if" afterwards) A simple errata to the RGT title to add the TL action to your bar might be enough - But considering the power creep in the game I say go nuts - make RGT increase the attack value to 4
  11. I've been flying interceptors a lot lately - they are some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on and in a non-competitive environment but compared to its nearest equivalent, the Protectorate Starfighter, it really is no contest. While the Squint does have a more varied pilot roster and some fun pilot abilities, the extra hull point, the more reliable damage output of having a native TL action - not to mention Fenn's ability and Fearlessness, makes the PS is a more robust platform with more reliable damage output point-for-point. The fragile nature of the Interceptor I can live with, but it really needs something to make dealing damage more reliable. But hey - could be worse - could be an A-Wing
  12. wait, what? Did I miss a meeting of the FAQ council on this?
  13. One point for Crack Shot? It's free on a Vaksai
  14. can we have the pretty pictures back please Red Castle ?
  15. Shame on you all for hiding your toys away. The answer to your question is the Ikea Detolf
  16. I think I need a little lie down. http://bandai-hobby.net/sw/jp/products/millenniumfalcon_72_1.html
  17. Has there been an errata that allows 2 modifications on huge ships or is this an illegal build?
  18. Funkleton

    Pancake Day

    Forgive my ignorance - round my way we worship statues of Christopher Hitchens and Stephen J Gould Then eat babies for lunch
  19. Funkleton

    Pancake Day

    I don't know if this is a thing in the US, but here on the right (as opposed to left ?) side of the Atlantic the last Tuesday in February is known as pancake day .... unsurprisingly we eat pancakes. But us special chosen ones of the x-wing community can do more than just fill our faces with pancakes - we can fly them too. So let's take a blast from the past and revisit some of our favourite old double pancake lists - and maybe a few new ones too. Here's a few of my old favourites. Round the Rugged Rocks The Ragged Rascals Ran. Dash Rendar (50) YT-2400 Freighter (36), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Jan Ors (2), Outrider (5) Lando Calrissian (50) YT-1300 (44), Expert Handling (2), Kyle Katarn (3), Millennium Falcon (1) Chewleebomination. Chewbacca (51) YT-1300 (42), Predator (3), Recon Specialist (3), C-3PO (3) “Leebo” (49) YT-2400 Freighter (34), Determination (1), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Jan Ors (2), Outrider (5)
  20. Funkleton

    Rebel Y-wings

    You and me both buddy
  21. I think this forum has developed OPCD
  22. it's rather sad that the TIE Advanced fix that every one had been clamouring for since day 1 had such a brief moment in the sun before it was again, outclassed by newer better options
  23. I notice that your new on here (cue ominous clap of thunder) If you haven't spent much time on the FFG website and are relying on the rule booklets that came with the Epic ships, you might not be aware that there are some really useful online resources for Epic play as well. First you've got the FAQ This isn't exclusive to Epic but does have a few questions that you'll probably end up asking during a game at some point - like does Biggs ability work with Epic ships? (it doesn't - but Howlrunner< Cpt Jonus,- and Roark Garnet do) it's here. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/95/aa/95aa1708-4b04-4aca-8397-02d9d4247bcb/x-wing_faq_v423.pdf Then there's a general rule book for Epic ships which I'm pretty sure doesn't come in any of the Epic expansions https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/2d/47/2d47a35a-6ec7-4d4b-a262-efacde97dfa3/huge_ship_rules.pdf Lastly there's the Epic Tournament Rules. It doesn't matter if you don't play competitively, this set of rules is a really useful guide for how you approach setting up a game. It covers squad building, setting up the play area, deployment rules, and most importantly Energy allocation for Huge Ships. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/d1/0a/d10a49e9-6a34-44f9-9881-a640a108d20b/epic_tournament_rules_v32.pdf
  24. Funkleton

    Yeah more epic!

    The trunk of their car might be full of dirt
  25. One Modification per ship, not per card. also note that Huge Ships may only take modifications that specify Huge Ship only - standard modifications are not permitted. So your choices currently are limited to: Automated Protocols Optimised Generators Ordnance Tubes Combat Retrofit (GR-75 only)
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