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  1. Bravo! You know what a synonym is!!! Now we just need to get you to quit exchanging the word "is" for the word "can". Saying a round IS around/roughly a minute suggests that it is close to a full minute, which the CRB is not saying or implying. Saying that a a round CAN represent around/roughly up to a minute suggests that the time can be anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or even more. "It should last long enough to move to a new location and perform an important action." But I'm sure you won't agree and will still say a round IS around a minute. Peace out. This dead Tauntuan IS beaten enough.
  2. Yep, totally seeing the words "about" and "turns" right here in the first words of the first full paragraph... Oh, wait, no I don't. I guess this game is like politics and religion. People are going to read and interpret it to the way the want to even if the empirical evidence goes against that deeply held belief, and in light of that empirical evidence, people will still not change that deeply held belief. For the record, a turn is part of the Round, it does not "overlap" them. Once everyone has had a turn (the initiative slots), the Round is over, and a new Round begins. Yes, a Round could last up to minute or longer, or even shorter; but it is not "about" anything. It is precisely how long GM needs them to be. The actual length of time is not usually that important. To say something is "about" this long has a different meaning than saying something "can" be up to that long. But for the record the word "about" is not used nor implied.
  3. I'm glad you figured it out! I thought I would expand on the answer a touch though. You can also open up the data folder and go to characters, and pull out the .XML file and email or upload to a shared google/dropbox/cloud account, and then the others can import that file in and open it up in the generator as well. I had a player once who used a Windows tablet, so he could use the program on his tablet and have his Character right there. After he would spend his XP, he would send me his .XML file, so I always had a current copy as well.
  4. In none of my three core books does it say anywhere a round is "about" a minute. This is a rough quote. It says that a round CAN last up to roughly a minute, and lasts lasts enough for everyone involved to move to a new location, and perform an important action. The length of time is intentionally left vague. This does not imply that "it is" or "it is about" anything. It states the time is left vague on purpose, but it could last up to a minute. To say people are wrong that are using small "increments of time" for their combat is incorrect. To say that "your way is the only right way" is not right either. In combat, things happen fast. Out of combat, things don't have to happen in set 5/6 second time frame and keep track of every round of the technician repairing or slicing. If you need a minute to shoot 2-3 minions, dude, you really need to go to a shooting range. You know how many clips I can unload in a minute, and still hit my targets? Yes, a round CAN last up to a minute, but the rules do not call out and say that they can not be shorter, in fact, it pretty much spells it our that it is. A round lasts long enough for everyone to move, and perform an important action. Unless your action is boiling an egg, I don't think you need much time in a round, but it's not important to know if it's 10 seconds of "time" or 45 seconds "time" in the game world for most rounds. If you want your rounds to be a minute, great, but you can't say people are wrong when they have rounds in their games that aren't, because, yes you are wrong on what the actual rule says. For Mark Caliber, I'm sorry to say, I do not know of anything beyond what FFG has put out to integrate X-wing and EotE, I myself feel this games does not benefit from using miniatures. It has been my experaince that once the minis are out, the fast narrative approach to the game leaves, and it turns into a D20 tactical mini game about hard distance, time, OOP, line of sights. I have a ton of WotC SW minis that I don't use anymore because for me and the groups I have run the game for, it just drags everything out. Even with the ships.
  5. Wow......just...wow..... While I did criticize somewhat, I was helpful in providing useful areas to find what you were looking for. But, yeah...never mind on that. This is a great community, and people get back what they put in to it.
  6. Can't really say I took that of context. If that is not what you meant, that is what you wrote. If you are waiting on someone to give you free stuff, put your game on hold, then complain about it, sorry there guy, I have zero sympathy for you. I'l be the first to admit that the work that Oggdude has done with this has made me very lazy. I have had new players ask me questions about the cost the of stuff, and I have to give them a sheepish grin, and say, well, use Oggdude's Char Gen. But in no way would the lack of this program stop my game. I wish Oggdude the best, and do hope he is just super busy right now, and has not succumbed to the vileness of 2016. Oggdude, you are our only hope.
  7. Maybe I'm a little obtuse...but I fail to see how or why anyone would put a whole campaign on hold because this free hobby of a program is not done yet. Rebuilding a character in an earlier version is not very hard. I don't mean to be crass here, but if your game's linchpin is this program....I think you need really need to reevaluate your game. While I love this program, if it disappeared, quit working altogether, or just simply stated putting everything in Klingon, it would no effect on my game. As far as other types of sheets, check out the Compiled Resource List thread and google. There are a bunch of fan made sheets out there. One was even built for Obsidian Portal and Roll20.
  8. Well, I would have to say the Advatages aren't really a "special thing". They are part of the skill check results. They should be coming up on most rolls. They are not special snowflakes of the game. I think you are getting Advatage and Triumph confused. Triumphs come up pretty rarely, but after awhile, they can start to come up more and more often as the characters get more ranks in skills. If you able to get 4-5 Advatages on almost every roll, I think you may be building your dice pools wrong. Are they rolling three green against 4-5 purple every time? I think that Setback dice are a great to expand the narrative of a screen, and help to control some of those Advatages. In combat, it seems that cover and defense don't do a lot to reduce damage, but can really help keep critical hits at bay as the Setback dice seem to come up with Threats more often than not, limiting the total number of Advatages left. Are you canceling out the Threats and Advatages? Success and Fails cancel, Advatages and Threats cancel, but Triumphs and Despairs do NOT cancel out each other. Each T and D also have a S or F with them, and those can cancel out each other. Again, it seems from my reading of your post, you are getting the some of the mechanics of Advantages confused with Triumphs. Also, on non combat skill checks, you should not be getting Strain back with Advatages. The CRB calls out that on Combat Checks you can spend Advatages to recover Strain. As the GM, you can what you like, but I suggest sticking to RAW, and it can help alleviate some of these problems. I have been running this system for 3 years now, and while I do see some crazy things on the dice, it's not every roll. I have seen crazy things happen on D6 games, and on D20 games as well. For most of the checks that my characters have to make, most are Average to Hard, (2-3 purple) with 1-3 Setback dice. I try really hard to describe why the Setback are part of the pool, I just don't throw them in for no reason, and many characters start getting rid of those Setback dice very quickly from Talents. And if I can't think of a narrative reason for the Setback, I don't add them.lets look at Full Throttle really quickly. You can push your vehicle hard to go really fast. Add in the fact of traffic, and you can start to get a pool with a Hard check (3 purple) and two to three Setback. Now if a good pilot also has the Talents to get rid of those Setback dice, let's say 2, then his check is 3P1S. And his skill might be 2Y1G, and he is probably getting a Boost from somewhere too. His opponent has the same skill, but not the Talents, so his is 3P3S, 2Y1Gand probably no Boost. So we can se how decently skilled pilots can quickly reduce the threat of a situation by having other Talents. One pilot will probably make the check, with 2-3 Advatages left over, the other pilot probably won't make the check, but if he does, he will Threat left over, possibly hurting his speeder, limiting the distance traveled, or increasing the Setback next round. It has been my (limited) experience with other GMs that the difficulty scale and Setback dice are pretty poorly understood and used wrong. It seems to me, that the few GMs I have had, either don't use Setback dice, and just increase or upgrade the difficulty. I have also heard of some GMs that if you have a Talent that can get rid of Setback, but don't have in the pool, you can get a Boost instead. I suggest not doing that. Stick to the RAW, and most problems will be solved. My final thought. You played the Beginer Game (BG), which is like the EotE Lite. Most of the rules are there, but not all of them. The BG was designed to show and teach the GM and Players how to play the game in a simplified version. So it may not have had a lot of Setback dice. Remember, it's about teaching the basic concepts of the game, not an all encompassing look into it. The main purpose of the BG is to provide a fun learning experience for everyone, while not getting bogged down in a lot of minutiae. Keep playing and have fun with it.
  9. Oh yeah, my favorite cameo of the movie was Blue Milk!!! I actually laughed out loud a little at the shot!!
  10. I loved it! I thought is way better than TFA, which was just a re-telling of ANH. At least this movie was original, while still being true to ANH... "Having won their first victory against the Empire" "During the battle Rebel spies managed to steal" I'm not here to say anyone who didn't like the movie is wrong. You are entitled to like what you like, and don't like want you don't. Not everyone has to like the same things. But Durosspacer, do you even Star Wars bro? Being on a SW gaming website, I would expect people to have some love and knowledge of the movies. The Bothan thing is just...just...It almost feels like your trolling here. I don't know... Some of the points you bring up are just silly....the best word I can think of. K-2SO sounds nothing like 3P0, nor do thy have close to same way of moving. You can't seem to understand the difference between a Space Superiority Fighter, the T-65 X-wing and modified planetary vehicle, the T-47 Snowspeeder. The gunner that shot the AT-ACT was working on it for some time before the knee was finally blown away. Andor shot the guy with the grenade because he was getting ready to throw it at the front of the tank where Jyn was. Andor was procteing her. I'm not here to argue if people thought is was good or not or say that I'm right and others are wrong, but some of the points being made to show people didn't like it are just...wow. I think we watched a different movie. Overall, I really liked it. I did think Tarkin looked off, and even Vader looked weird. I was picking out some the "gaming" moments too. I liked it when Baze (the heavy) mowed down all the minions in a few seconds...it's like he has a Signature Ability or something... I didn't feel like the first half was a sleeper or boring, it kept me engaged the whole time...well except for the ****** next to me that had to keep checking his phone. I didn't go in knowing what to expect, and I was not disappointed. This could down as my favorite movie form the Wars. And now we actually see some war in them. I loved how they brought in Blue Squadron. In the original Star Wars novel and screen play it was Blue, but changed it due to the blue screen used...and poor Red 5....I liked the R2/3P0 cameo, it made sense as they would be with Bail. I give it 8 out of 10.
  11. Just a thought of mine here. If you as the GM don't like Obligation, then don't use it. I feel that the Obligation system doesn't really enhance, or detract from the game. For those that like it, great, use it, for those that don't, then don't use it. It's just a mechanic that adds some flair (not recommended 15 pieces!) to the game. It just adds in another dimension to help tell characters story. When Trogdor keeps whining about his favorite Shockball team losing, it grinds on everyone's nerves and hence the reduction to the Strain Threshold. I myself try to use it, but it can be a pain. Some people don't like rolling for it at the beginning as it could hinder what they planned out for the session, so some GMs roll for it at the end of the adventure for the next session. I like to make the player who rolled the most Dark Side pips for the Destiny pool roll the D100 for the Obligation!! But all in all, if you don't use it, it doesn't break the game, but I feel you are missing a nice part of the system. It's like having that nice chocolate covered Boston Creme doughnut, but it turns out to be just a chocolate covered doughnut with no Boston creme. It's still good, but not as good.... mmmmmm....doughnuts...
  12. As of right now, I do not know of any career or spec that is designed to specialize and optimize the dual wielding of lightsabers akin to that of Star Wars D20/Saga editions. I'm not up to date on my FaD books though.
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