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  1. Just looking for the names of all cards. Thank you
  2. I'm Board in Middleton got a Store Championship kit. This is the last Organized Play that Warhammer: Diskwars will get in the foreseeable future. It is a great opportunity to get a taste for the competitive play and to take a shot at cool prizes. Location: I'm Board in Middleton Date: March 21, 2015 Registration: 12 pm 1st Round: 1 pm Entry: $10 Format: Swiss (number of rounds depending on attendance) Bring a legal 2-regiment army
  3. 2. You are right, stating that you can target a disk that you are pinning is unnecessary and it can become confusing as happened to you. I think the reason it is there is because in the original Diskwars, a disk that was pinning could not use ranged attack at all.
  4. I'm Board in Middleton is hosting a Warhammer: Diskwars tournament on Saturday, November 15th at 12pm. They usually charge $5 as an entry fee. Prizes should be from the FFG Organized Play kit (although I am not affiliated with the store and don't want to make promises, in my experience they are generous and I would not be surprised if everybody leaves with something). It should be fun. Two regiments, standard tournament rules. No special scenarios.
  5. This is funny, it sounds like you were playing in the same tournament as Rexgator and Jonathan. You played the first game against Rex who was using exactly the double Thirster and Daemonettes list from BGG. Jonathan was using some variation of his great double Dragon army and I am sure the third player was playing the Sniper Troll's list. The Vampire Counts are fun but I don't think we have come up with a very powerful archetype yet and they may still need some help before we even get there. Additionally, you played some excellent players with very powerful armies. You shouldn't feel sad, you were in a tough spot.
  6. Even if we got 1-2 heroes for the one-regiment armies would allow us to field a complete 2-3 regiment armies using the commons we already have.
  7. Try this. I think you will like it. At the top, there is a front and back rules summary. I think what you want is at the bottom, front and back reference sheet. http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/102820/universal-head-warhammer-diskwars-rules-summary-re
  8. We have been playing on Thursdays. I work this next Thursday and will not be there but Scott and Chad will be there to play and there are 3 other players that are planning to be there. They are usually there 5:30 or 6:00. Scott and I will play on Tuesday. We have not picked a time but if it works for you, we will just say 5:30.
  9. Yeah, play 2 heroes. Agree with everything DK said. Explain the basics and get into action. Leave things to teach as the opportunity arises within the game. Have fun prebuilt armies for the first game unless your friends want to build their own.play with just 2 pieces of terrain, I like Lake and Rocks. And, make sure to have a nice surface so the disks won't slip. My tried and true first game army is: Valkya Bloodthirster Flamer Plaguebearer Archaon Bloodcrusher Hellcannon Marauders x2 Nurgle's Rot, Intimidate, blood for the blood god and Lure.
  10. This will be the 4th week in a row we are playing there. Vets and newbies are welcome to come and participate. We should start playing between 5:30 and 6:00.
  11. Nothing in the rules prevents that. So, yes.
  12. Mixed race armies are allowed. Some of these one-regiment races may be very playable.
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