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  1. I've also noticed something that might be exploitable with the shop. Yesterday we finished a sidequest and went back to town, we did some shopping and decided it was time to go to bed. Now i open the app and load the savegame, and the shop now has different items. I thought this was weird so i closed the game and reloaded the savegame, and yet again the shop has different items. Basically i could reload the savegame till it gives me the shopitems i like. Very exploitable.
  2. I've been using the IA LOS rules, works like a charm. And when implemented correctly it does not screw with the balance of the game, because both parties are still playing with the same rules.
  3. Possible bug in sidequest "Tomb of Kayladorn"? At the end i got the choice to pick between the Jewels, the Idol, or the Scrolls. I picked the Idol, but nothing really happened. I read that this idol was supposed to give 2 damage to dragons every turn. (Even in future quests) However the master Crypt Dragon i was fighting did not receive any damage from the app. At the end of the mission i received a bit of fame and 60 gold. So i figured maybe i missed and clicked Jewels by mistake, but when looking through the log it explicitly states that i picked the Idol. Maybe the Idol does not work on Crypt Dragons?
  4. Argh, my mistake. That's what you get for trying to respond on a forum while at work
  5. Did you even read the text you quoted? Justin clarified that Encounter 2 (which doesn't say where a token can be picked up, which according to RaW would mean that you couldn't if you didn't reference Encounter 1 first) should be treated the same as Encounter 1, which only says "adjacent". I'm not really sure where you're getting this idea. Could you please link to this clarification?
  6. This doesn't help your case for not looking rude and preposterous. It merely comes off as "They're bad too!", which just adds childish to the list. That said, Steve-O prefaced his statements with how assuming you can do something just because the rules say you can't is a slippery slope. He could've used less extreme examples, but that makes his point no less true. Assuming you CAN do something simply because the rules DON'T say you CAN'T is an error in interpreting the rules. You're being extremely selective with your rules interpretations then. Firstly, familiar, obstacles, etc., are often still tokens. They may not be "objective tokens", but they are still tokens and defined in the game as such. Even if you did mean to say "objective tokens", simply because in other cases, FFG specifically referenced "adjacent to or in the same space as", does not imply that "adjacent to" suddenly also means "in the same space as" and should actually imply that because the wording is different, then it is in fact, meant to be treated differently. There where I have already apologized you continue to by calling me childish and being rude. Please stop that, it's not nice. I indeed meant Objective tokens, as you might have concluded yourself. But to end this silly unfriendly debate once and for all: Rules of Play, Page 15 Carrying Objective Tokens "Figures may pick up these objective tokens by performing a special action while adjacent to or in the same space as the objective token." The quest special rules do not come in conflict with this rule from the rulebook. So yeah, you can pick it up while adjacent OR on the same spot. They would only conflict when the quest special rules would say "only adjacent", which they don't.
  7. Lets first see what it says exactly: Encounter 1: "As an action, a monster may pick up the Idol of Skulls from an adjacent space" Encounter2: "As an action, a figure may pick up and carry an unclaimed totem." When in line with the answers i've seen in this thread, then i'd say encounter 2 does not allow picking up from adjacent spaces. Encounter 1 allows pickups ONLY from adjacent space (although i do not entirely agree with that seeing how tokens are normally treated throughout the game)
  8. And they will say that while standing on top of a token you can still pick it up or activate it. It is absolutely in no way game-breaking or game-changing... unlike the examples that you give. Please stop speaking in absolutes. You are not God and your opinion is far from being consistent with the word of the rules.Try to be open to dialogue and don't slam your fist on the bar's counter believing that it helps you win the debate. It just makes you come out as bloody rude and preposterous. I will stop speaking in absolutes when the person i'm in discussion with will stop using absurd examples. Everyone knows that flipping the board over or throwing figures off the map is in no way a proper way to play this game. By using arguments like that it shows a grave disrespect for the person you're in discussion with. (And yes, also bloody rude and preposterous) My opinion is 100% consistent when it comes to how tokens are being treated in this game. Please note that i say tokens, not familiars, not doors, not obstacles, not figures, not abilities, not etc... no i say tokens. Again i see no gamebreaking or gamechanging reason why it should not be possible. But okay, i'll give it to you that FFG has often ruled differently and that these rules, when taken 100% literal, can be seen as "adjacent only". But when looking at the use of tokens throughout the game, it's consistent to say they can also be activated when on top of them. My apologies if i came across as rude, but somehow when the person i'm in discussion with starts discussing in extremes and treating me like an idiot, it rubs me the wrong way. Discussing in extremes and absurdes is simply not a nice way to have a discussion, i hope you can agree with that.
  9. And they will say that while standing on top of a token you can still pick it up or activate it. It is absolutely in no way game-breaking or game-changing... unlike the examples that you give. You seem to be remarkably confident of that answer, despite having not actually asked FFG. It's very easy to claim that a rule is "intended" to work in a particular way, but the only person who really knows how a rule was intended to work it the person who wrote it. You are not that person. No matter how "reasonable" or "not game breaking" your suggestion may be, it is at the end of the day, just a house rule. There's no RAW support for your interpretation. Take a look at the collected "Unofficial FAQ" answers on the BGG page for this game - every single one of those answers came directly from one of the FFG employees in charge of this game. They're only considered "unofficial" because they aren't included in the real FAQ document. See how many of those answers line up with what you would so confidently expect, and then come back to revisit this question. You can play by whatever house rules you like, but when discussing rule questions in online forums such as this, people are usually more interested in knowing the "real" answer. That answer must be based in RAW, or on an official answer from FFG directly, otherwise it's just so much personal opinion. In a way, I treat them like search tokens, which can also be activated while on top of them. With something as simple as a token FFG probably didn't think they'd have to be so extremely explicit and for each token state "...adjacent, or on top of.". Because it is so simple, so redundant and there is absolutely no reason why it should not be possible unless noted otherwise, such as the token being an obstacle. Be my guest and ask FFG this question, I'm not really a person to ask questions for which the answer is so ridiculously obvious I do not treat this as a houserule either (I don't play with houserules) as it has never been doubted that having to be "adjacent to" also includes the target tile when it comes to tokens, unless otherwise noted.
  10. And they will say that while standing on top of a token you can still pick it up or activate it. It is absolutely in no way game-breaking or game-changing... unlike the examples that you give.
  11. I don't believe this is the case. It's common sense that if you have to be adjecent to pick up a token, you can also be on top of it. There is absolutely no reason why this should not be possible.
  12. I played with Barghest in the upper room. Then i had some Flesh Moulders in the left room with the hidden key token and had Shadow Dragons in the bottomright room with the other hidder key token. In the closed room i had 1 master zombie and 1 minion zombie. In the bottom right room i placed the Dragons on the far side of the room, so that attacking them would take to much time and effort. The fleshmoulders i spread in a line of 4 blocking the way to the token. They had to rush to the tokens, because i was punishing the cardinal hard. This meant that my dragons were unharmed untill the lockeddoor opened. As soon as the locked door opened I dashed my dragons straight into the same room as the cardinal. Blocking the path for him with my massive base. I also sent the remaining fleshmoulders that way, healing the dragons every chance they got, stalling the heroes from killing the dragon to unblock the path for the cardinal. I have to say i was extremely lucky with some terrible attribute tests that the heroes rolled for the altar. But in the end i easily killed the cardinal this way and even managed to drop a hero or 2. Key to this mission is to save your 2 monstergroups until the locked door is opened, then make a run for it to block every single possible path the heroes have for getting to the cardinal. Pittraps and Tripwires also come in handy because of this. And save your Dark Charm in case you need it to move a hero out of the way so your dragon can expand into a good spot.
  13. Dear fellow Overlords (and heroes ) I have a question regarding the start of turn for the Overlord. When i look at the turn summary card it states the following: Start of turn: I - Start of turn abilities II - Draw 1 Overlord card ||| - Refresh cards Can i play these in any order? Say for example i already drew an overlord card, can i than still play cards that state that they can only be played at the start of the turn? If yes, can i play a card that i just drew, that states it has to be played at the start of the turn? I'm asking this because last weekend i nearly got shafted, i drew a card that i wanted to play. I played it, but one watchful hero said i could not play it because the draw 1 card action is AFTER the "Start of turn abilities" as stated on the summary card. Still managed to win the quest and do a little victorydance (because it said Splig does a little victory dance as well after winning the Fat Goblin quest). But this question was still on my mind.
  14. Do these heroes also have their own class deck? Or are they just the mini's and the hero card? Either way, this makes me very happy, especially regarding the monsters. Can't wait to have all the 1e monsters.
  15. You know, i wouldn't mind spending a few extra bucks on very high quality metal miniatures. With 3D printers becoming more and more widespread i expect that soon enough it'll be possible to just purchase a 3d model file and print the models yourself in the quality and material that you'd like, perhaps even different stances/positions for each model. Even better yet, with the advancements in carbon nanotubes and other lightweight superstong materials and what not, we could expect to see very very detailed nearly undestructable miniatures. Makes storing them a lot easier, just throw them in a bunch together. I'd definately put a big fat wad of cash on the table for that But this was rather offtopic, i actually wanted to say that the fix worked really well and that the bases havent sprung back in their original warped shape.
  16. Oh wow! That trick with the boiling water really worked like a charm. The base of the tan Dragon is completely straightened out now. Pictures: http://imgur.com/5Mmw0M4.jpg http://imgur.com/mBOemQO.jpg Sorry for the bad quality, but you can easily see how the base is now completely flat. I'm not doing this for the Merriod tentacles just yet, as I have to transport my game this evening. But I'm pretty sure this trick will work with that as well. Although I will not use boiling water that time. The boiling water made the base rather soft real fast. I had a small layer of just-boiled water in a pot and a pot with cold water. I dunked the tan dragons base in the boiling water, pressed the base down with wooden spoons (to prevent damage) and once it was flat I dunked it in the pot with cold water. Repeated that twice and it was all fixed, no sign that the base is springing back to its old position. I did the same for the bases of all the larger miniatures as they all had a slight warped base. For the Merriods I guess I will use just hot water and take my time to slowly bring the tentacles into the position that I want them in. This way I'm sure I won't accidentally damage any other parts. Thanks for this golden trick!
  17. Is hot water sufficient or does it have to be boiling water? As for contacting FFG, it's not really that big of a problem, only the dragons base makes that mini a bit wobbly, all the other deformations are mostly cosmetic. Perhaps I could try contacting them if the hot water trick doesn't work. But is it normal for the miniatures to be pre-assembled? Watching a few unboxing videos they indeed seem to be, so that's a relief. However I notice that with those unboxing videos that they seem to have 0 deformations. Which worries me as I have quite a lot of slight deformations, mostly warped bases :-/
  18. Hello everyone, A few days ago I received my copy of Descent 2nd Edition. Very excited of course and man does this game provide a lot of content! One thing though, 3 of my miniatures seem to have deformations straight out of the box. Nothing serious, just looks a bit silly. My tan Dragon has a rather deformed base, so does my tan Merriod. And both my tan and red Merriods seem to have their tentacles/arms in a very silly position. pictures: http://imgur.com/a/i6nbs I read a few times that the miniatures required assembly, however, mine all were pre-assembled. Is this normal? Some of the plastic baggies came with a blue sticker. My main question is, how can I fix these deformations? I'm afraid to heat the miniatures as I am unsure if this will make the base pliable or if it will just ruin it. Also not sure if I can simply bend the Merriod tentacles, I don't know if they can handle that amount of bending.
  19. Hello, I am very very new to this game, but already in love. I would like to expand on this question. Can the new expansion hero's and classes also be used in the base game? How about all the new expansion cards? edit: To clarify, i do not own the game yet. I've ordered it and i expect te receive it in the coming days. This seems like a game for which i want all the expansions, which would be even better if almost all aspects of an expansion can be used in the base game campaigns.
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