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  1. ^eh, I've made my point, there's really no reason to waste time PMing him.
  2. The correct response seems to be somewhere along the lines of "I don't know where you get your delusions, laser-brain." Also, you seriously think someone's puppeting me? That's cute, but see above. Anyway, let's analyse the post: Firstly, PS is not a perfect relative measure of a pilot's skill in-fluff. It is a gameplay mechanic, and subject to balance. I guarantee you FFG put more work into that decision than you did into the post. Secondly, "Fel's rival". Wookieepedia does use this exact term, but it's talking about politics, not piloting. This invalidates the second sentence from a fluff standpoint. "they should". This is a fluff argument, and has effectively nothing to do with gameplay.
  3. You'd lose that bet, and presuming that you have sole rights to a thread by virtue of posting in it once is hilariously fallacious. Tamp that ego.
  4. Reminder that BKL's comically inflated views on Imperial competence have no basis in fact and less in game design, mechanics, and balance. What we can see of her pilot ability actually makes me think of Fel. Text is: "When... man..." It /might/ be maneuver-adjust related, but that usually takes more than two lines. My guess is "When [you perform a red/green/white] maneuver, [acquire a TL/focus/evade token], which could bump her action-efficiency way up.
  5. Considering how many of each upgrade the pack comes with, you're probably best-off buying 1-2x of each standard expansion and 1 copy of Vets.
  6. "A ship with at least one tractor beam token assigned to it follows special rules during these phases: Combat Phase: The agility value of the ship is reduced by 1 for each tractor beam token, to a minimum of 0. End Phase: Remove all tractor beam tokens from the ship. ..." Directly from my catalogue topic. Note that we can't see the bottom half of the reference card.
  7. I think Ion Cannon/Turret usage has dropped off so much that people are forgetting just how easy it is to get a single uncancelled result onto a ship. And it's 1pt. For ships with cannon slots that don't always take one (B-Wings come to mind), it's absolutely not a bad use of the points even if you don't run 100% duty cycle. Reminder that you can field a blocker, prevent all of Soontir's actions, and put the hurt on 451°.
  8. We're still missing the lower half of the reference card, BUT: we know when the tokens are applied (immediately after a hit) we know what they do during the combat phase (reduce AGI by 1 to minimum of 0) we know what happens to them during the end phase (they are removed) The second half /could/ have specific rules for whether ship size makes a difference, but that seems like a wierd order to list the effects in.
  9. Bonus points for being thematic!
  10. ^Hey, he's PS3, and didn't they use a lot of would-be Bomber pilots from Black Eight as Advanced pilots in the Raider?
  11. Random art screwup, or it was originally green and was on the asset like that when they made the render. See also the TAP unique pilot with no visible pilot text. e: T-70 X-Wing is now [COMPLETE!]
  12. ^If the Glaives have an EPT slot (which is likely), you can put Crack Shot on them - use it to make absolutely sure the tractor gets through.
  13. Vs. Soontir, stacked Tractor Beams are particularly insidious because he only ends up with 1 evade token, and the defensive focus becomes worth less and less with each hit. Combo with Crack Shot, either on the Defenders to practically guarantee the first tractor tokens, or on cheerleading BSPs to help if you can only get 1-2 tractors on.
  14. Cut it down to Ghost, Mist Hunter, Punishing One, and Imperial Veterans and it starts looking pretty achievable, really.
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