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  1. you can go to your local gamestore and pick up some 25mm Miniatures that match the cards or go online to www.rpgshop.com/miniatures/ they have hundreds to choose from painted and unpainted I am sure you could find something you like there. Since i have a number of miniatures from my AD&D tabletop gaming our group likes to choose our favorite handpainted Minis that correspond to the fighter the cleric the enchantress the ranger/druid the dwarf and the elf warrior/paladin. I personally have put many hours painting figures and they look much nicer on the board than the greay plastic ones. Hope this helps you. I realize this post is 2 yrs later than the original but just picked up DQ and thought if a noob like myself was looking for help this might be opf use to them.
  2. how about a temporary invisibility say three rounds so you dont have to draw any room or encounter cards like a free empty room for the next three rounds???
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