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  1. I don't collect the Rebels or Empire either (was about to, but then CW was announced and I enjoy the CW more than GCW era), but I'm collecting all of the bounty hunters. My wife LOVES the Mandalorians so I will def get them as well...for her of course!
  2. I've been expecting them to be like the Deathtroopers or Pathfinders. More elite soldiers. The squad from the old animated series is likely what we'll get. They are going to be the counter to the Bx-droids instead of the Scouts or Rebel Commandos -4 troopers at base, with a Rocket launcher or Reciprocating Quad Blaster as heavy, and a special squad leader varient. The combo special forces unit (mix of infiltrator/sniper/demo) is undoubtedly going to be a Republic Commandos squad. -4 man squad with 2 gear slots for the sniper/grenade modifications.
  3. My friend had a theory they were being forced by Disney to hold release back until Force Friday...looks like he was both spot on and off target in full measure.
  4. A bit more random, but I would LOVE to see a dungeon crawler set in the Borderlands universe. It's already got the framework or a small team battling a horde of enemies for booze and treasure.
  5. Check on eBay once the game is officially released. Sellers can be found breaking down core sets and you will probably be able to pick up a Grevious or Obi-Wan for $12-15. It's about as much as you would pay if FF releases them individually.
  6. No worries. I appreciate the info. I've seen many great shadings before, but I hadn't been able to find a good tutorial. I'm going to be painting my friends AT-ST for his birthday so this should help! Thank you again.
  7. Legion has 5 categories : Command, Elite, Core, Support, Heavy. and they are following the same pattern as the original Core release. That means very soon, we will get an Operative for both sides, an emplaced weapon for both sides, an Elite Trooper and an Elite Melee. The Elite melee for the Seppies is, as I've stated, obvious. The Magnaguard...I'm just curious what your alternative to a Republic melee unit would be? Wookies are out; at least right now. FF isn't going to double up on the same unit as another army. At least not this early; I fully expect Wookies to make it into the Republic later, but there are other criteria to meet first. The Republic doesn't really have any other melee focused units like the Imp guard or Magnas...other than the Jedi. The Senate Guard? No, they use guns, the Gungan infantry is a Core at best. The ARCS and Commandos are range focused...You might argue the Riot police on Coreuscant, but they look more Core as well. A unit of 3 Jedi, with RR, Pierce1, 1 Force Power, 2 Health, and Red armor would be tougher than the other melee units. Add deflect in isn't a problem either. The unit will likely cost 150p instead of 100 when upgraded. Add in Training like "Tenacity" and they get stronger. Add a personal with Double bladed saber to add Impact to the group. Or a "Special leader" ,like the Pathfinders or Death troopers have, which adds another special rule. The unit would be more effective that the Wookies or Imp Guard and still mortal...like this guy... We all remember what happened to him...(I tried a gif, but it was too much) Not going to lie...if they make a Jedi unit...I hope he's in it...(or at least a head to make him). Besides, I see you argument that the unit might not feel "Jedi', but there will be plenty of Jedi Leaders and Operatives to do that. Just give it time. And in the meantime please let us hope for a Jedi unit so I can watch this scene happen on my table...again and again.( I will always remove him first 😈)
  8. I've looked at a lot of terrain in the past and have considered this company. If you buy only 3 and use them every time, then they may be worth it for someone. For me that would cost nearly $250, and for that, I could build an entire city in Lazer MDF...yeah, not as pretty, but can be made to look good. For me I'll spend more on the models and cheap out on terrain. Each their own (shrug).
  9. Why not? Games can be compared in the amount of time to play, and the amount of units (not speaking models) in play. Both games at the listed point values will take 2+ hours. And while having 163 models on the field (assuming I was going light on gants/gaunts) looked impressiveon the field (and my pocket book :D), moving was a MASSIVE time sink and over the years my friends and I kinda got tired of it. So smaller squads aren't a problem for us. With the same number of units on the field, spread out, it also feels just as big; while less clostrophobic. I've also played about a dozen Legion matches and have yet to have an overwhelming loss (on either side)...which I can't say for half of the WH matches I've played...most of the time you can tell who is going to win after the first turn; at least in my observation. And any time that happened whoever was being crushed would just kinda lose interest in play. That's not just my friends or me either, I've also noticed it with everyone I've played, or watched play, at my local store. One the price point too, Historical games don't have licence fees to pay. FF does; and I guarantee Disney isn't letting it go for cheap. I love Star Wars and know I'm paying more for the right to own these units (mind you my local store doesn't carry Legion, so I buy from Mini Market) but I'm willing to accept that at its current price. I still don't see a box of 7 models, with their stats/rules/tokens at $25 expensive...After all, I paided $75 for the rulebook, $45 for the codex (every 3 years), $15 for the templates, and THEN had to get the units with GW. I Just figure even if the units are a bit higher than the cheapest models on the market, I'm still not having to buy all the extra stuff. I've put together a budget for the Clone Wars (had to to appease my wife) and in order to get an 800pt army for both factions will only be $160. Then with the extra units from the 1st wave: 1 Saber, 1 AAT, 2 B2's, Rex and Dooku. will run about another $160. $322 aprox. for two armies with a degree of flexibility. I spent $350 for a third of my 2000pt Nid army...that wasn't even for more models either; about 30. I'm not sure what your experiences are, so I'm not judging, just from mine, I don't see any major price issue right now.
  10. I'm just comparing what is considered a large fight within the games limitations FF recommends 800pts as a large army with 1600 being a massive army. This is made in comparison to to GW recommending a 2000pt army for a large battle and 4000+ for an Apoc. While technically yes, you can field a squad of Space Marines in as little as 5, you don't get a special weapon and a heavy unless you field them at max (10). And with a minimum unit they will likely die in a single shooting phase without being useful. I've played Tyranids for 7 years and every time I fielded a squad of gaunts/gants (min 10, max 30) they got utterly destroyed in one turn if I only had 10. In order to reach their target you have to field 20+ (preferably 30). And to field that one group of 30 will cost you $80-90, since you originally had to buy them unit counts of 10($30) and later 20($40). All of my friends have had similar situations with their armies; minimum numbers are there to let you field the unit, but they simply don't have the firepower or staying power of a max unit. Yes, there are some units that are better as singles, the Chaos Obliterators were better as a single unit than in a group of 3, but that was also just a rules exploit in one version of the rulebook. Every long time player I've talked to has operated under the practice of "if your not at full strength then don't bother putting it on the field". I learned that through trial and error, and once I did, I started winning more. Also, I never said FF is the cheapest. I know those other companies, but they are cheaper because their quality is often lower. Don't get me wrong, I'm not intending this as bad mouthing. I have a few Mantic minis I use for D&D, but they look like minis made in the 90's or early 00's. It's not a look I'm attracted to, so the cheaper pricepoint isn't a selling point for me. I consider FF to be a pretty mid level company. They have a good balance between price, design and quality. My argument has never been "only buy FF", it's that the Bunker should exist for those who want it, and saying it shouldn't just because you don't want it is kinda crummy. I don't mean any of this as insult/in anger or to argue. These are MY opinions...And in my 10 veteran opinion, GW has some of the best models in the industry, BUT the worst customer service, a horrible business model and their game and (most) of their player base is toxic...That's why I got out, it just wasn't fun anymore...Even with a new CEO and promise to change, they still do all of the awful things they used to...just not as much... Also...did you mean to show me an $80-$100 resin model...because thats more expensive that FF's kit, also without the rules and scenario. That's also only 7.5" x 6.3"...So considerably smaller.
  11. Grevious has those stats not just because of the lightsaber, buts also his skill. Thats why Vader is RRRRRR, Luke is BBBBBB, Obi-Wan is RRBBWW...It's a combination of both their skill AND the weapon. You also see it with the hero characters. Veers uses the same pistol as most other Imps, but he has a higher dice pool to reflect his better capability with it. Even a basic weapon is lethal in the hands of a master. A squad of Jedi is possible because Jedi are not invincible/allpowerful gods...They are normal people, with greater than average knowledge, abilities and skill. Also...throwing in my own pic In the opening shot of the Geonosian Arena we see dozens of Jedi...And by the end there are only the 14(ish) master left. Dozens of Knights died in the arena...We also see throughout the comics, TV shows Jedi Knights fighting in small groups and being defeated by Grevious, his Magnaguard, or the droid armies. A squad of 4 Jedi knights, with RR attack dice, would be a great melee unit. It is also a guarantee that the CIS will get the Magnaguard as their melee unit (equivalent to the Imp Guard or Wookies) and the only melee focused Republic unit that could stand toe to toe with the Magnaguard are Jedi Knights. This is the same counter point to the ARC troopers as well, you're focusing on the characters (heros) of a group and adding so much mystic that you are missing the fact that there are thousands of Jedi, and only about 2 dozen are noteworthy enough to be considered true masters. Grevious couldn't have collected so many trophy lightsabers if all Jedi were as good as Obi-Wan and Anakin. **** even Ahsoka was defeated by Grevious...
  12. Yeah, but most of the parts in a GW kit are extras most players don't use; your actual customization is really limited. On top of that if I want to field a full unit with GW I have to purchase 2-4 boxes of infantry, each of which is $30-$50, or else the unit won't be effective. You can get upset about a totally optional $75 piece of terrain, but a complete unit with FF can still be purchased for under $25 in most cases. I preordered 2 Clone Core sets for $160, which is almost enough to field an 800pt army with both factions. the equivalent with GW would be a 2000pts match...My 2000pt Tyranid army cost me just shy of $700...Even if one item (that is more expensive because of both its size and less are being made than the units) is more expensive, the game as a whole IS still a third the investment of a GW force. I too felt cheated by GW, and because of that I'm far more discerning about the games I play. But I've spent some time looking at FF and, while it can get expensive if you buy multiple of everything, It is still in the modern vein most game companies are following; that of making the hobby cheaper and more easily accessed. My favorite TT mini game is still Firestorm Armada. Its units would often cost $40 for 4 ships only a few inches long. I never felt cheated though because they were well sculpted and the only thing I needed to buy for that unit was that one box. Legion is still one of the cheapest mini combat games I've played, and it has the added value of being in a universe I love. If a squad of soldiers jumps in price to $40-50 then I will likely stop playing. But I can't be mad at them for charging a premium on a large piece that is by design limited. The Executor is another example. Is it cool? Yes. Do I want it? No. But for those who do there is an option.
  13. As far as the melee I mean giving them a B+W with Pierce 1, this would make them better than standard soldiers in melee, but also not as powerfull as the wookies or IG; I didn't mean make them the Republics dedicated melee unit, that will be Jedi undoubtedly. With the sniper configuration it wouldn't be that big of a problem either; Since there are 4 units in the squad 1 Red dice, with suppressive would work. This way the unit gets 4 red dice for a dedicated sniper attack, but without pierce it isn't game breaking and puts their damage output near that of other snipers. And since the DC sniper wasn't show to be able to kill a B2 in a single shot that would also work for game mechanics. With the ARC troopers I just don't see them as Operatives for one key reason. There are TONS of characters to choose from for operatives already, but the Elite section is going to be a bit limited. Commandos, Jedi Knight Sqaud, Jet-troopers etc. Plus to use you argument that since ARC's are show to operate alone I would say that Imperial Guard should be Operatives as well. After all, we only see 2 IG in cannon at any point, and even in EU they are mostly just depicted in pairs; so having them as a squad of 4 where up to 16 can be mulching on the field is a bit weird. Don't get me wrong, we may see a ARC named character Operative at some point, but I still think we'll see a 3-4 man sqaud of them, before that. Fantasy Flight has one job to perform with each army to start out with, and that's to fill notchs. Don't think about it in how the unit is Most of the time, think about it in how the unit will fit into the games mechanics. The Rebels don't have a small vehicle of their own that would work in the Core box. So FF gave them the AT-RT, as it made sense they would use old republic tech. Because of that we didn't get the AT-RT in the Clone Core set as it would be too similar to the Rebels...hence the BARC. In the same way we will probably get ARC trooper 5's as an operative, but ALSO get a more generic ARC trooper Elite slot. ...Plus FF is going to do both because it will make them money...
  14. I think we'll see both as Special forces. The Arc troopers more of a mainline elite force like the Deathtroopers (they have to have that stupid Quad canon too! ) but the Commandos will probably be a more melee oriented and versatile unit. Think the squad of 4 with swappable grenade and sniper attachments like Jyn or the Pathfinders. I just thinking they will both be Special though because the Rebels have both Rebel Commandos and Pathfinders.
  15. I'm putting hard money that we will eventually see cross army units. The Wookies usable by Rebels or Clones, Bossk by the CIS or Empire Later we'll probably see things like the Naboo Royal Guard (Reb/Rep) Trandosian Mercenaries (CIS/Imps) Mandolorians (Reb/CIS) etc. Some may even be released as stand alone sub armies, like many other miniature games do, featuring say: Wookie army with Tarfful (command), Wookie Warriors (core/if in wookie sub faction), and that Mosquito flyer as Heavy/Support (the one from RotS). But we'll probably see a new box set announced next year for Resistance Vs. First Order before we see specialized sub factions.
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