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  1. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/SC_blaster_rifle It's legends, but this was a reference I found.
  2. The Jedi are still human (alien) and one thing they touch on in the series is that the force requires concentration. Grievious is shown to use terror tactics to unnerve his opponents or use his Magnaguard to distract them. Notice the only Jedi to best him were able to stay grounded while all those that he killed he did so by scaring or tricking.
  3. Its the upgrade card with the orange background. Looks like it's 3 Black dice instead of 2.
  4. Ooh are you talking about the clone command platform from Geonosis? That would be a cool vehicle.
  5. We already know that they won't have a White for range because of the B1's weapon upgrade. They're upgrade rifle is 2 blacks (if I'm remembering correctly) and is stated in the canon as being the gun of the droid commandos. So I agree with previous statements. Small group of 3 with heavy upgrade, probably opposite the Clone Commandos.
  6. So I did this with the core set, my friend got his first so we had a normal Vader and when I got my Vader I painted him in white with a blue saber like in the Infinity comic.
  7. This is why we will get it. it's already made and is in ep3 ridden by the scout corp. I'm happy they didn't release it in the core box, but I'm betting we will see it in the first couple waves.
  8. Yes, according to canon (mind you this was years back so could have changed) the Vultures had 4 wing mounted light laser cannons and a paired anti infantry laser under the head for defense while landed. Crap! I read through the posts and still missed the response 4 above...oh well, mods feel free to delete this if you find it.
  9. FF, like many manufacturers usually get in small "sample" orders to check the final product before mass release. And if the samples are good then why not sell them to customers at a convention that's coming up? What gets sold early depends on whats at hand when nearing a con. Get used to seeing it, any of the big cons have a chance of getting first release items. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ as for release, keep an eye on this page. Typically there are about 2 weeks in between each step, once it gets out of the development stage. My guess is we will see them near the middle of May.
  10. There is also the Neimoidians. While mostly leadership is shown they also had soldiers. Plus the Shark species from the Moncal/Quarren episode of TCW. And the Sep's allied with the Zygerrians so that would be an interesting angle. In the episode "Heros on both sides" Ahsoka meets the son of Sep Senator Mina Bonteri who says his father was killed in battle by a Jedi, so we know that the CIS also had human soldiers.
  11. I'm thinking the CIS will have two corp to start with. The B1s which are cheap hordes of poor troops and the B2s which are strong small number squads. I'm thinking the B2s will be corp by the way because the Special Forces will be taken up by the Commando Droids, Magna Guard and Mandalorians. Also what do you think for the Republics Melee monster? The CIS will have the Magnas for sure, but the Rep could use the Wookies like the Rebels or maybe the Jedi Temple guard/Generic Jedi Squad?
  12. Harder sprue plastics are also less likely to warp or be damaged by temperature, but can be more susceptible to fall damage from my experience. A few suggestions which are to clip a bit back from the connection, use an xacto to scrape the plastic flat and use a fine sanding stick or file to smooth. I'd recommend just looking on youtube for "model sprue removal" and you should find plenty of videos. I've been through the gauntlet of learning without that help so hopefully you won't have as much trouble or ruined bits as I did when I started. If you do mess up though keep the bits for projects like Jedhead mentioned; a damaged weapon for instance can make great basing details.
  13. People have done this with D&D, but it never looks right...I'd just prefer to have alternate figures made.
  14. Huh...for some reason I thought the LAAT transport was a larger ship and dropped off the SPHA's , which are conciderably larger, and I guess that the AT-TE's were a bit bigger. There is often way too much dysphoria when it comes to this universe... and Wookiepedia doesn't always help. They listed the Hammerhead from Rebels under the same listing as the Hammerhead from KoToR even thought the KoToR model is the size of a Nebulan-B and the Rebels one is shown next to a CR-90 as the same size; still both were listed at 348m. I've had a talk about this on this forum before about the numbers being weird. Still I'm with you, if its possible I want it.
  15. Just a thought, but if we don't get these as commanders it will literally be criminal.
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