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  1. I was thinking of regen healing,advanced movement,some combat advantages etc.
  2. If I had a jet pack like device and dropped from a far height can I crush a guy and maybe have a shockwave that follows if not how can I make this happen
  3. Are there animal companions? And if so can I create a jungle cat that could hunt down people and cut through armor?
  4. Are there any giant mechs in game if so what are the implications
  5. What if the GM uses this instead of the player I wonder what the implications would be then
  6. Thanks for crushing my dreams...it was just suppose to be at the right circumstance
  7. So are machine spirits basically AI's
  8. Are there EMP like weapons that can shut down weapons large and small that rely on power
  9. I didn't mean 1 volley I meant at the helm of the ship so the ship is immobile long enough for a boarding party or something
  10. Ok so I'm playing faster than light and thought can we teleport huge bombs on the enemy ship or maybe just a chemical weapon and voila free ship
  11. Hmm I wonder if you could hide a mass amount of drop ships inside so that when it breaks you have a nice surprise inside.
  12. Can a group put a lot of rockets on a piece of something floating in space and make it hit a stationary target on a planet with checks of course but can it be done?
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