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  1. Unique units are units with the symbol for unique (a small skull) before their name. Elite units are high-cost units that have the Elite trait underneath the card art.
  2. It's easy to misplace/miscount cards with different counts. I would disassemble all my decks and organize all my cards (good to do anyway) to double check.
  3. I'm very glad Slannesh's Temptation is loyal otherwise DE choke would get out of hand.
  4. Soul Seizure seems like the best synergy, but then again, Soul Seizure doesn't seem very good in the first place.
  5. What's the point of slake the thirst if they draw right back up? Use bounce effects and then hope you hit what you bounced? I can't think of any good triggers off of opponent's discards. I would think new cards for the opponent would be better on average considering the cards left in hand are the cards which she was unable/unwilling to play during deployment. Maybe if you wanted to counter search effects? I don't see how it's worth using.
  6. I think people are reading "valid" as "probable" which is not what the word means. The rulebook suggests separate boxes, but this is by no means necessarily the case.
  7. You can commonly find Core sets for $20-25 online, $70 is likelier than $120.
  8. I love the idea that someone could buy nothing but the Tyranid expansion and wreck face
  9. Definitely, it makes much more sense now why Tyranids (One of the most iconic factions in 40k) were not included in the Conquest core set. It looks like they work very differently from the other factions. It looks like they are putting in Sisters of Battle, in Astra Militarum as expected, but the only distinguishing trait is "Ecclesiarchy" rather than Sororitas or something designating the Sisters specifically. Can't wait for this to be released!
  10. You might find better luck in the Rules Questions subforum rather than the News topic. With that in mind, I don't think it would work because its ability isn't active unless it's in play.
  11. Would that mean that I could assign 3 indirect damage to one 5HP unit using the Field Generator and my opponent's Zarathur would increase each damage by one, killing my unit, or still only once?
  12. I don't think WonderWaagh is a troll, he has a legitimate perspective and is well-intentioned (neither of which are features of trolls).
  13. This thread makes me laugh so much On topic: aGoT released additional factions in separate deluxe expansions and considering the huge difference thematically and mechanically between Necrons and Tyranids, I would expect the same for Conquest. On MtG Theme: Even though it has a theme, that's not why people play/don't play.
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