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  1. Say that I us a Prototype Pilot A-wing with Chardaan Refit I suffer a Munitions failure. Nex turn the A-wing is Killed How many points will this give to the other player ? 15 or 17?
  2. I started playing Epic scale now. After all. Armada? BAH! Why fly a small stardestroyer when you can fly a HUGE CR90;) But my question If i get Quad Laser Cannons for one of my hardpoints, does it fire left AND right or do I need to get two cards to cover it? (I would guess not, but better to be sure)
  3. They would be very sweet if they did that. And we all love them for it
  4. I'm amazed that NO ONE seems surprised by these white panel TIE fighters. It is a tie-lon
  5. Fixed structures has been mentioned before. This might be a way to actually include ISTs in the game. Not as a ship but as a base to attack.
  6. We have seen re-releases of ships in rebel/imp aces, epic ships etc We will prob set that for other ships as well. Rebel veterans (?) A Z-95 and a Y-wing with new pilots from early rebellion. (and then imperial veterans)
  7. It would allways be hard to decide the stats for ships. Is it logical tah the y-wing has as much hull as the lambda? Problem is that the game has no rules for armor, so tiefighters are better to take down big ships than proton bombs are.
  8. Rule #1 Allways assume that you use them the wrong way. If your car crashes a lot, It might be the case that not everyone else is a bad driver:P
  9. Quendil

    Y + R2D2?

    Well here is the reasons for this. Often i find y-wings being the ships that are useful in the end of the battle. They don't turn well, but they don't have to with the turrets. They can handle a fair amount of hits with 5 hull and 3 shields, but they cannot dodge much. But this weakness is countered a bit if they can regenerate shields. This does not only go for r2d2 but other astro-mechs that regenerate the ship.
  10. Quendil

    Y + R2D2?

    Y-wings are fairly durable with 5 Hull and 3 shields but low defence. Now, there are a few astro-mechs that are able to repair ships, so I am thinking about making a list with these. Any one with experience of this? Good/bad?
  11. I love to have 1 or 2 with boms in formation with other ships. "fly behind me...I dare you"
  12. These games are actually the best ones. The game where you thought that he would win, but you didn't give up and turned the tide. Playing a one sided game is not exciting for any player (winning or losing). But, yes, this takes some focus to pull of sometimes.
  13. It has been stated in this thread that there generally is very few women playing miniature games, so the situation is not unique to X-wing. This game has, however, a better possibility to change this as there is a lower investment of time and cash to begin with, and an easier rulebook than warhammer etc. No one can perform miracles, but some small steps might help -Keep some spare miniatures at your game club for newcomers to use -When you make demo games, make sure that the information about this is posted in locations where women will find it. -If you ask people if they want to try the game, don't just ask the men. This goes for whatever new group of people you want to recruit to the game.
  14. I assume that the best way to get more women into any hobby is to have women presenting DEMOs of the game etc. The same goes for any demographics group (e.g. age) If I see "people like me" with the game I will consider it as an option.
  15. If an E-Wing with Advanced Sensors has landed on an asteroid, can it use the AS to do a barrelroll before it moves the next turn?
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