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  1. Elliphino

    Changing Back to Lord VorunThul

    Thanks! Is that in an FAQ or anything?
  2. So, it says "place your unit at range 2 and not engaged with a unit" 2 Questions: Can the unit be placed closer than range 2? Does the unit have to be acing the same direction as it started? E.g., can it essentially slide backwards then do a reform?
  3. Elliphino

    250 Points

    300 actually seems a bit high to me. Maybe for a one-off game here and there, but once there start to be more than 6 or 7 units on the table, the game slows down considerably.
  4. Elliphino

    250 Points

    Played a 250 point game tonight and I think that may actually be the sweet spot of the game. It was easier to build lists, easier to activate some of the interesting dynamics of the game such as synergies between units, used much more of the realestate and so terrain was more interesting, and it wasn't overwhelming in terms of units to manage or fit on the board. Anyway, I thought it played better than 200 points. Give it a try if you haven't.
  5. Elliphino

    Where does Runewars go next?

    Oh, right, totally forgot!
  6. Elliphino

    Where does Runewars go next?

    My best guesses are: - Cavalry upgrades (champion and banner... but who knows, something else too perhaps?) - Epic units (dragons, giants, etc.) I wouldn't be surprised if instead of, or in addition to faction specific large monsters we got "neutral" large monsters that could be used by any faction. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint that you'd want units that could be bought by any player. I think new factions is a stretch, although I wouldn't rule it out. I'm really, really hoping for terrain kits, but not really expecting them.
  7. Elliphino

    Is the core set enough?

    Standard game size is 200 points for an army. The core box can give you two pretty good armies at about 110 points each. You can have some fun games at this level, but the experience will feel pretty limited. The cheapest way to get to 200 point armies is with 1 core box and expansions for Waiqar and Daqan. This also gives you more flexibility with upgrade cards. I recommend reading army lists on this forum and playing around with table top admiral to figure out what you want to buy. https://tabletopadmiral.com/rune wars You can get Latari and Uthuk with the essentials box for only a little bit more than you can build Waiqar and Daqan. This is because even though the price of those boxes together is higher, each box contains more points. I don't recommend getting 2 core boxes as it's pretty limiting in terms of play style and you'll still need expansions because you can't get to 200 point armies with 2 boxes because you can't duplicate heroes.
  8. Elliphino

    Happy Friday - Hero builds

    I've dropped heroes when playing Waiqar. I've mainly played the wormstar, plus 2x 2 trays of archers with combat ingenuity, 6 trays of Reanimates with dispatch runner and a 2 tray unit of death Knights with Obcasium's Guantlet. There's not much point trying to take Maro with the worm star, and while Ardus is great, he's just too slow to do what I need him too. That said, I had a fun build for a while that was based around Ardus with Fortnua's and Fury, but the point was really to get a six tray unit of Reanimates with Deathcaller and Support carrion lancer. Instant mortal wounds are great fun and Ardus was a good flank protector/damage dealer. Totally unorthodox, but I played 2 games with Daqan running 2 units of 2 Rune Golems supported by Hawthorne and an uncontrolled Geomancer in a unit of spearmen. The golems ran 1 wide and 2 deep in order to get rerolls and Hawthornes inspiration was used to refresh Tempered Steel. Because they were small enough units, they were unaffected by the geomancers blasting. It was great fun and very successful. I guess my top hero picks are more about buffing the rest of the army, rather than focusing on the hero in his/her own right.
  9. Elliphino

    Waiqar opinion

    So, I'm just checking back in after a several months hiatus and maybe things have changed in that time, but there's a couple of things in the original post that make me think your perception of how powerful Waiqar were just with the starter box and what you see as their strengths and weaknesses might be based on how well you've seen them played, rather than their actual strength. For starters, Outrider Rush is a pretty easy tactic to defend against by using terrain and interposing units to block for your archers. Out of the starter box alone, this was easy to do with single worms. Defensively, worms are maybe the best unit in the game. The combination of armor and wounds is really difficult to deal with and I've heard more than one player decry the brokenness of the wormstar on its ability to deny points alone. (Although canny players who get to the flanks can pretty much neuter a wormstar) No hero can go up against Ravos. He's the alpha hero. Ardus can't and neither can anyone else, so I don't know if this comparison is a good one. That said, I agree that Waiqars heroes aren't that great and haven't run either of Waiqars heroes since the Death Knights were released, because I prefer to spend my points there. I don't understand at all what the fuss over Maro is, I've never been able to get him to work, nor have I seen him work well for others. Ardus I really like except he is so dang slow. I'd like to use him as a flanker, but I just can't seem to get him there reliably. As far as heavy hitters, Waiqar has a couple of devastating units: worm star, death Knights, and archers. Tooled up appropriately they dish damage like crazy. They can also get through armor in a way that Uthuk struggles with. Blight is also pretty awesome. Your opponent is either suffering directly from its effects or burning lots of points and actions to deal with it. Either way I think it's a solid combination of abilities that can be really frustrating for opponents.
  10. Elliphino


    I wish I knew the dates a month ago, I probably could have made it. As such, I have other travel scheduled that week. But good luck to those who can make it!
  11. Where has that boat been? It must be on the ship that made the Kessel Run in slightly more than twelve thousand parsecs. Seriously though. Any updates?
  12. Elliphino

    Terrinoth Lore through Genesys!!

    This could also be something that a group of RWM players buy together and share. It's not like a resource that you'll need your own copy of during a game or planning. Heck, if we can split core boxes we can certainly loan a book back and forth.
  13. Elliphino

    Terrinoth Lore through Genesys!!

    $50 is a little steep just for the lore piece. Still compared to other well-known game systems that publish a lot of lore, I've seen books out there that cost more. As for the mechanics piece, there is a ton that won't matter at all to an RW player. Still, it will be interesting to gauge relative effectiveness of different units, heroes, monsters, items, etc., by looking at their stats.
  14. Elliphino

    FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    That was me from Denver! I was basing my less than six people in state off of the response to the event invite, which were only 3, and scanning the Pueblo FB page to see who seemed to be playing. I'm definitely more optimistic after that tournament and had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone! I hope we'll get a store championship organized in Denver soon. I'll keep you posted.
  15. Elliphino

    MN Collection for Sale

    Army looks great. You probably want to try eBay. This forum really isn't for selling and posts like this crowd out other discussions. Wish you luck though!