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  1. Twin Cities is the one place I feel like I'm not traveling :-) Adepticon is totally on the list.
  2. Well, I've known for a while that my work territory was going to change for this fall and now it's finalized. I'll have between 5 and 6 trips each to New York City, Oakland, CA, Fresno/Bakersfield, CA, Santa Fe, and Chicago. I figured instead of binge watching Pawn Stars marathons in my hotel room like I did on all my trips last year, that starting with my trips this fall I'll pack some minis and try to get some games in. No dates set yet, but PM if you're near one of these areas and would like to get a game in, or can recommend game stores/game nights I should check out. I also play X-Wing and 40k pretty badly, so if you'd like an easy win in one of those game systems, also let me know.
  3. Where are you playing at? Turns out I'll be traveling to Chicago for work starting this fall. I thought I bring some minis and get a game in.
  4. Where are you all at? Knowing that might help us make better suggestions. In any case, let me tell you how slow 40k was to start back in 1988. I had dozens of people to play Dungeons and Dragons or Star Wars Roleplaying game... But only ever 1 friend who played 40k for years. There were a lot of guys that had just the space marine box or a few blisters of Eldar, but that was it. And there was no regular store gaming at all. We had monthly mini-conventions at the library and you were 10 times as likely to see Napoleonics or U.S. Civil War games with home grown rules than 40k. My point is, just wait 25 or 30 years and you'll have people complaining about all the Runewars players hogging all the gaming tables from the guys who want to play the new fantasy game set in a world where people actually go outdoors and build settlements along the shore without fear of them flooding under polar ice melt :-)
  5. I agree with your point... In the 7 games I've played so far, Steadfast: Doubt hasn't come up once. Off topic, I may be misunderstanding what you're saying in the quote above, but that's not how panic tokens work. When you receive a panic token, it stays on the unit until an opponent chooses to spend it during the resolve morale step of an attack. Even then, you're required to spend panic icons rolled on the dice, but not panic tokens. So one could save them up for a more expensive option, and more options on a test.
  6. I had a similar good experience with customer service: I bought a firespray for X-Wing and it was missing the plastic grommet that joined the maneuver dial sides together. Filled out the online form, got an email response within an hour, shipping and tracking information the next day and a day or two after that I had not just one, but a couple of spare grommets. Well done Asmodee.
  7. Not yet, but who wants to bet that it adds "special action: give one engaged enemy unit a stun token'?
  8. You have to act that out in order to use the card though. Brush up on your Latari chords.
  9. Update: my store manager now says that Latari and Essentials pack look to be a July release. Still expecting all other core box unit expansions between the 8th and 15th of June.
  10. Try giving Descent: Journeys in the Dark a play. At more advanced levels, the heroes can do some pretty epic actions like getting free moves and attacks after attacking, or being able to attack multiple targets. It's not uncommon for a hero to be able to drop 3 or 4 monsters in a single turn. What happens in Descent isn't quite as high powered as what happens in Runewars, but thematically, it's pretty well aligned.
  11. Seems that the Death Caller can "shoot" into melee without causing panic. Am I reading that right? Also, is there anything preventing the Death Caller from using his ability against a unit he's engaged with, presuming it's to the front? I can't seem to find anything.
  12. The dates he gave me could be wrong. But this is from the same guy that gave me the pic of the Runewars Factions poster back in early January, months before we got confirmation of Uthuk and Latari from the early promo boxes lore book. Also, with the "Pre-Order Latari" announcement up on the home page, a release 2-3 weeks from now sounds about right.
  13. My FLGS store manager says his orders are placed and all additional announced expansions, including Latari Elves but not including Heavy Crossbowmen or Death Knights, are expected to be on the shelves in his store either June 8th or June 15th.
  14. That's kind of what I figured. They say as much in the Skirmish scenario that characters have a bigger impact in smaller games. Although, we only have 1 character per side at the moment. I wonder how a 200 point game will look with 2 characters? Maro and Ardus together would be 40% of a 200 point army, even without upgrades.
  15. 6 games against 3 different opponents playing as Waiqar at 100 points. Ardus has died once, and Kari 3 times. I don't think I have a real secret to keeping him alive... I just try to force my opponent into hard choices and he's proven to be super durable. I also don't run him off by himself unless he's chasing something down and there's no other threats around. I'll be pretty cautious about making him vulnerable to a charge early in the game too.