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  1. The dates he gave me could be wrong. But this is from the same guy that gave me the pic of the Runewars Factions poster back in early January, months before we got confirmation of Uthuk and Latari from the early promo boxes lore book. Also, with the "Pre-Order Latari" announcement up on the home page, a release 2-3 weeks from now sounds about right.
  2. My FLGS store manager says his orders are placed and all additional announced expansions, including Latari Elves but not including Heavy Crossbowmen or Death Knights, are expected to be on the shelves in his store either June 8th or June 15th.
  3. That's kind of what I figured. They say as much in the Skirmish scenario that characters have a bigger impact in smaller games. Although, we only have 1 character per side at the moment. I wonder how a 200 point game will look with 2 characters? Maro and Ardus together would be 40% of a 200 point army, even without upgrades.
  4. 6 games against 3 different opponents playing as Waiqar at 100 points. Ardus has died once, and Kari 3 times. I don't think I have a real secret to keeping him alive... I just try to force my opponent into hard choices and he's proven to be super durable. I also don't run him off by himself unless he's chasing something down and there's no other threats around. I'll be pretty cautious about making him vulnerable to a charge early in the game too.
  5. Hey sorry, I haven't had a chance to get back and look at the deck, and I won't for a couple of days. I'll write up confusion when I get a chance.
  6. Good stuff. I think if the rallying Cornicen only ever rallied Moment of Inspiration on your Oathsworn, he'd be totally worth it. I also don't know about Triumphant Cry on your Spearmen. They don't really pack the punch to be able to maximize that card. I might just put Rallying Cornicen in there instead to support the Oathsworn.
  7. Deathcaller+Frontline Rune Golem? I'm not sure I'm following. Did you have Daqan units in your Waiqar army?
  8. Geology/Sci-fi puns never get old!
  9. Greyhaven Channeler is looking more and more powerful to me, not just for what it can add for Daqan, but for what it can take away from Waiqar. That there's one scenario that hurts him, that you have a 50-50 chance of avoiding by being first player, seems like a fair trade off to me. At a minimum it requires the player to think through a list that isn't completely dependent on him.
  10. There's 4 immobilize cards in the morale deck and the archers come with a copy of "Terrifying Heraldry" so there's some possibility of using it. But it's still hard to imagine needing more than the 5 immobilize tokens that come in the core box.
  11. Looking at the new Lion Standard Bearer (Steadfast: Fear) alongside the Reanimate ability to try and understand how valuable Steadfast really is, especially since the cost of the Lion Standard is pretty big for an upgrade, Reanimates are still pretty cheap considering they have Steadfast: Doubt built in, and for the fact that the Reanimate ability hasn't come up for me in a game yet. I started with a table of distribution for all of the Morale keywords and their cost: Cost 1 Cost 2 Cost 3 Fear 8 2 2 Confusion 7 3 2 Doubt 0 3 3 The first thing I notice off the bat is that the Lion Standard works 2/5 of the time, while the Reanimate ability works 1/5 of the time. Just by that comparison, the Lion Standard looks twice as good. But the second thing I noticed was that the likelihood of drawing a 2 or 3 point Doubt Card was much greater, so then maybe there is a valuable trade off there? I took a look at what's in the actual cards, and ignoring cost for a moment, and I think that Steadfast: Fear still holds the edge. For 1 cost, you get Frozen in Dread, which gives the unit an immobilize token. This could be disastrous at the wrong time, so avoiding that is extremely valuable. For 2 cost, you can get what I think is one of the most disastrous cards in the game: Uncertainty. Uncertainty lets your opponent perform a reform action on your unit which can, in my experience, seal the fate of the unit in question. Uncertainty is only outdone of course by the Fear 3 cost, which is Flee in Terror. This is reform and a speed 2 march. The potential of this card is extreme. Definitely want to avoid this. By contrast, the doubt cards are a little more tame. The 2 cost card removes a tray from the backmost rank. Devastating against expensive 2x1 units like archers, but not such a big deal vs. bigger blocks of reanimates... especially if Ankaur Maro is around. The three cost card is "Betrayal" which causes the unit to attack itself. Now this one is not that big a deal for archers, especially if they're down to just a tray. On the other hand, it's crazy bad for a 3 or 4 front block of reanimates, especially if Ardus is riding along. So really, it feels like Steadfast: Doubt is pretty good if you have that large unit of reanimates, but only 1 in 10 morale draws. One other thing I'm thinking about is how much panic each army is likely to encounter. Because reanimates and archers can use a modifier to cause panic, they have good synergy with Terrifying Heraldry, meaning that Daqan can expect to get a lot of spare panic dumped on them. Oathsworn do have Impact 1 for additional panic, but that's only going to go off once or twice a game. So it seems like Daqan are going to be taking more Morale tests against higher cost cards than Waiqar, which makes the value of defending against morale that much more valuable. The last value piece I can think of is that the Lion Banner takes up a valuable Heraldry slot while the reanimate ability is free. It does have 3 armor, so it adds some toughness to the unit, but is it enough once you compare it to the other good options out there: The Raven and Eagle banners, or the heraldic surcoats? My conclusion is that the Lion Banner is definitely more valuable than the Reanimate ability. But is it worth 5 points and a heraldry slot? I'm not sure I can make that argument just yet.
  12. I haven't picked them up, but the FLGS store manager commented on the Runewars Colorado FB page that he has both infantry upgrades, archers, and Oathsworn in stock for sale today.
  13. It all depends on how you set the allowed points. If you set them at 150 or 175 then you could still only take 1. But, if you want to play with more unique units than that and your opponent agrees, then have at it. It's your game, after all.
  14. I played two 100 point games last night as Waiqar. I focused on screening my archers so that they would still get Line of Sight, but so that it would be difficult for Kari to get line of sight back to them, and so that they would be nearly impossible to charge without colliding with one of the screening units first. While obvious, I have to say that the tactic was a complete success. The archers were able to dish a surprising amount of blight and do more damage than they ever had, making the melee elements far more effective. I was 2-2 in the first four games with Waiqar, and my wins were much closer than my losses. But I won two games last night by much wider margins than I ever had and it wasn't an army list change at all, it was a tactical change. @SirCast, your list is basically just a larger version of what I ran last night, so I think you can do pretty much the same thing: Screen the archers to pour blight and shred the rest with your melee troops. For comparison sake, here's the lists I ran: Game 1: 6 Reanimates with Ardus and Terrifying Heraldry; 1 Carrion Lancer; 2 Archers with Rank Discipline Game 2: Ardus with Ancient Fury; 6 Reanimates with support carrion lancer and trumpets; 2 Archers
  15. Yeah, I actually don't think there's a real debate here. It's seems more like things are getting lost in translation from one post to the next.