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  1. There was a ton of interest from game store owners and players at launch, and then it seemed like we had about a month or month and a half of building momentum, but that got sapped by the early summer releases. There was terrible timing as it seems like a ton of games launched or rebooted. A lot of guys that were eager to get copies are spending their time now playing the new 40k which has been well recieved or Star Wars Destiny. X-Wing even got an uptick with the FAQ and latest wave. In a way, FFG helped kill momentum just at the wrong time.
  2. Trumpets are the Proton Torpedoes of the Runewars world: everybody will have ten copies of them before the year is out and you will never see them equipped in a game.
  3. If the value proposition for you is # of minis/$$, then this is not the game for you. But then again, neither is Descent. You're really paying for the game experience, which includes well written and balanced rules. The easiest comparison of course is Warhammer 40k in terms of cost and game experience. For example, 8th edition 40k was just released and I spent $122.50 on rule books that I needed to play the game, without purchasing any miniatures at all. Last weekend I played with what I think my typical army will be, and the price for that army at retail would cost $539. So I'm at $661.50 for an typical sized game of 40k, with almost no extra minis to spare. Compared to Runewars minis, I have a Waiqar army with a few models to spare and my total investment at retail is a starter box, 2x Reanimate infantry expansions, 1 archer expansion, 1infantry command upgrade expansion, and Ankaur Maro for a total of $225. Even when I buy 2 carrion lancer expansion, pay a buddy $40 for the waiqair out of his core box and 2 copies of the death knights expansion, I'll have twice the size of a typical game points for another $160, or a total of $385. In other words, twice the game experience for half the cost of Warhammer 40k. Now, the quality and detail of GW minis is much higher than in Runewars. Maybe that's worth twice as much to you. But the game play and quality of Runewars is way better than 40k. In any case, going back to the price per mini equation, in 40k you get 10 tactical marines for $40, or 5 terminators for $50 and they don't include rules or components. Compare that to 8 Reanimates for $25 or 4 Oathsworn for $25. Suddenly Runewars starts looking like a great value. Now, to be sure, there's other even more economical games out there. But then you're back to balancing where you personally find value, whether it's in the quantity or quality of miniatures, or in the quality of the game experience, or for me when it comes to 40k the ease of finding opponents to play against even though I definitely don't love the rules and while I like most of the models, often find myself playing with ones I don't like because they're the best ones in the unbalanced game.
  4. Panic is pretty random. Maybe most of the time it doesn't do much, but maybe every 1 in four or five panic tests it's just downright nasty and can significantly alter the game in ways that wounds alone just don't. Here's 3 examples of game altering panic outcomes that I have seen in games: 1. A unit of oathsworn maneuvering around my flank took a stun token from an archer inflicted panic test that prevented them from wheeling. They collided with the edge of the board, had to shift for a turn to get out and then spent 2 more turns repositioning, meanwhile taking shots that whittled them down to almost nothing, and piled on so much blight that the last one standing had no dice to roll when he finally did contact. This also bought time for my reanimates to pretty much wipe out the rest of his army unmolested. 2. Similar to situation 1, a group of oathsworn set up to charge my reanimates and recieved a stun token, taking their charge away, but still collided with reanimates who wiped them out in melee without suffering any damage. 3. With just Ardus and a carrion lancer left, my carrion lancer gets charged by a block of spearmen missing one tray. The carrion lancers survives the charge and manages to pull out the panic card that turns the spearmen so that the 1-tray side is engaged with the lancer. This meant the lancer now added a red die, while the spearmen lost their threat and re-roll. The lone carrion lancer wiped out the rest of the spearmen and never took another wound.
  5. We still have to see their dials... no sense in getting worked up just yet. If Flesh Rippers have a 2 damage modifier or something, then I think we can get worried. For the moment, everything seems pretty balanced to me. Powerful abilities for sure, but offset by some interesting requirements, like doing damage to friendly units and being forced to move before revealing a dial. Has a cool flavor to it.
  6. I'll bet another $10 that Ravos has unique upgrades that alter this ability, like restore a wound to Ravos or something for each wound he does with this ability.
  7. I'll loan you $10 if you still need it by Q4 2017.
  8. Twin Cities is the one place I feel like I'm not traveling :-) Adepticon is totally on the list.
  9. Well, I've known for a while that my work territory was going to change for this fall and now it's finalized. I'll have between 5 and 6 trips each to New York City, Oakland, CA, Fresno/Bakersfield, CA, Santa Fe, and Chicago. I figured instead of binge watching Pawn Stars marathons in my hotel room like I did on all my trips last year, that starting with my trips this fall I'll pack some minis and try to get some games in. No dates set yet, but PM if you're near one of these areas and would like to get a game in, or can recommend game stores/game nights I should check out. I also play X-Wing and 40k pretty badly, so if you'd like an easy win in one of those game systems, also let me know.
  10. Where are you playing at? Turns out I'll be traveling to Chicago for work starting this fall. I thought I bring some minis and get a game in.
  11. Where are you all at? Knowing that might help us make better suggestions. In any case, let me tell you how slow 40k was to start back in 1988. I had dozens of people to play Dungeons and Dragons or Star Wars Roleplaying game... But only ever 1 friend who played 40k for years. There were a lot of guys that had just the space marine box or a few blisters of Eldar, but that was it. And there was no regular store gaming at all. We had monthly mini-conventions at the library and you were 10 times as likely to see Napoleonics or U.S. Civil War games with home grown rules than 40k. My point is, just wait 25 or 30 years and you'll have people complaining about all the Runewars players hogging all the gaming tables from the guys who want to play the new fantasy game set in a world where people actually go outdoors and build settlements along the shore without fear of them flooding under polar ice melt :-)
  12. I agree with your point... In the 7 games I've played so far, Steadfast: Doubt hasn't come up once. Off topic, I may be misunderstanding what you're saying in the quote above, but that's not how panic tokens work. When you receive a panic token, it stays on the unit until an opponent chooses to spend it during the resolve morale step of an attack. Even then, you're required to spend panic icons rolled on the dice, but not panic tokens. So one could save them up for a more expensive option, and more options on a test.
  13. I had a similar good experience with customer service: I bought a firespray for X-Wing and it was missing the plastic grommet that joined the maneuver dial sides together. Filled out the online form, got an email response within an hour, shipping and tracking information the next day and a day or two after that I had not just one, but a couple of spare grommets. Well done Asmodee.
  14. Not yet, but who wants to bet that it adds "special action: give one engaged enemy unit a stun token'?
  15. You have to act that out in order to use the card though. Brush up on your Latari chords.