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  1. Feeling good about asking questions tonight that I know I've seen answered elsewhere, but just can't seem to find again. If a unit with a Marching Cornicen dials up a March Action, with a "straight" charge modifier, can the unit in fact charge as though it had charged with a wheel? Thanks for your answers in advance!
  2. Sorry, double post
  3. I could have sworn I saw these questions asked and answered in another thread, but my search-fu is weak and I couldn't find it... So, does anybody know or can you cite a rule to answer: 1) If Ardus is using the surge ability of a unit with combat ingenuity equipped, does he benefit from surge abilities costing one less? 2) If the Ardus upgrade card is being used in a unit of Reanimates with Combat Ingenuity equipped, can he use the cost 2 surges of allies for only one surge? Thanks in advance!
  4. I've never seen a game categorically won in deployment, but I've definitely seen games lost in deployment. I've made, and seen made, errors such as deploying mortal wound causing too far away from potential targets, units placed out of range of allies they need for synergy and people blocking their own units into choke points. But like I said, I have yet to see someone deploy so cleverly that their opponent can't escape from a well laid plan or trap. I have also seen terribly mis-matched armies, which is kind of kin to deployment wins. Last week I played a game with a lancer heavy list against a Latari opponent who didn't have a single unit that could do more than two wounds to them a turn. Had I fielded my usual archers and Reanimates with a couple of lone lancer blockers, he would have been just fine.
  5. How to play the undead? Terrain is your friend. 9 tray spear stars and 4 wide cavalry can't get through size 1-2 gap. A 2-wide tray of archers can easily shoot around a small piece of terrain like spikes or rock outcrops. And while your archers are busy stacking blight on those deadly units, your Carrion Lancers can be moving to the flanks. And if they can't get to that flanks, they can usually hold an enemy unit in place long enough for archers and/or Maro to wipe them out or for help in the form of Ardus to arrive.
  6. Hey All, Asking for some advice! My primary opponent has gotten good at maneuvering his 9 tray or spearmen so that he no longer gives up turns for me to blight the bejeezus out of his spear star while it's trapped behind terrain and his own units. So it's gotten really hard to deal with. My initial response has been to continue with a block of 6 trays of reanimates supported by flankers of either Ardus or lancers that could counter charge, if they don't get blocked or taken out themselves. This so far hasn't been super effective, but I think I can tighten it up with practice. But I'm all ears for other ideas. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey, you're only proving my point that I'm often wrong about things
  8. Fluff/lore doesn't always supersede rules, but my guess is you won't ever see a champion upgrade for Wraiths unless they come out with a wraith specific champion. Reason being that fluff-wise Maro shouldn't be able to ghost through other units. Rules and game balance wise, imagine what you could do if Ardus and his wraiths could float through your unit and set of for a rear charge. I agree with the initial points that Maro and wraiths seem made for each other in terms of using Maro's ability. I just don't see it happening though.
  9. Yep, what @Contrapulator said.
  10. It's actually even better than that though, because it keeps a partial rank going a lot longer, meaning even more rounds of re-rolls.
  11. @Darthain, I think there's actually a real bonus to putting him in the back rank. For just a 4 point upgrade, you get to keep your archers firing and effective for much longer. To quote
  12. That is pretty sweet!
  13. I hate to be the one to kill your buzz. but is there some kind of rule with scions or another card that allows you put the scion in the back row? Because 38.3 says, "While a figure upgrade is equipped to a unit, the figure that corresponds to that upgrade must be slotted in that unit's front rank..."
  14. At the moment there are too few units available to forgo using the Scions and still have a variety of options in your collection while being able to field an effective army at an economic price in real dollars (or Pounds, or Yen, or what have you.) However there is at least one expansion pack announced beyond the "core" offerings that is pretty interesting Elven infantry. Like I said before, I think we're expecting yet another Latari expansion to be announced in the coming weeks. My money is on tree spirits, but I've been wrong before... a lot.
  15. There's definitely some parallels between the way Latari play and the way that wood elves played in 6th and 7th edition and to some degree in 8th edition, but it's not exactly the same. I guess I would describe it like this: In Runewars, all units, even individual characters, move the same way blocks of troops do in WHFB. Runewars also adds the element of timing and trying to out think your opponent with timing. Each unit seems to have conservative, aggressive, and neutral options open to it when you find yourself in a charge-or-be-charged situation. You could be conservative and take a defensive stance, but if your opponent does too, then you've wasted an opportunity. If you're too aggressive, your opponent may have planned a counter for that. Anyway if you're looking for that challenge to plan the movement phase carefully, and are interested in the added layer of accounting for timing, then Runewars is definitely the game for you. In WHFB, skirmishers could move in whatever direction, 360 degrees. Latari elves can't do that. But imagine if a block of elves had a whole host of other options available to it, like it could move laterally at full speed and are able to dodge the arcs of would-be charges and choose when they get to charge themselves. It's more like that. Now, back to that timing piece. Latari have more options for careful timing of actions which adds the the feeling that they can "dance around". It's like a whole new awesome dimension that never even existed in WHFB. And like WHFB Wood Elves, all that dodging comes at a cost. Your units are more expensive and for the most part don't hit as hard, nor are they as tough as your opponents. However, like Wood Elves, they also have some slightly tougher, slightly choppier allies in the form of cavalry and treemen (Amylion Scions). It looks like we are due for another wave of expansion announcements, so I would expect sometime in the next couple of weeks to get a teaser of an as-of-yet unknown Latari unit and my bet would be on another type of tree spirit like dryads or similar.