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  1. This has been my experience too. I feel like Runewars minis have details that are chunky enough that they can withstand some glopping, but mostly I just find it annoying.
  2. This would make me very happy. Even better if they can share how to find the materials and the techniques to work with it.
  3. I decided to paint my Daqan's green, my first ever green army, and discovered that green is very difficult to paint on a dark undercoat, requiring many layers to make it look even. For this reason alone, I'd recommend priming white, or a lighter green base coat. Also, I don't feel like paint layers adhere to Army Painter's primer very well. So unless the base color is a really significant % of the model, I wouldn't recommend it. As others have said, the Latari models are slight and there's not a ton of green area that you'll be painting, so maybe it's best to use a better, white primer.
  4. I know that 30,000 is an arbitrary number and that January 1st is an arbitrary day, but wouldn't it just feel so satisfying to see the number of posts on this forum hit 30,000 by the New Year? There are less than 800 posts to go with a little over two weeks to do it. Can we do it? Yes we can! I want to see pictures of your painted miniatures and battle reports. I want to read your musings about the game and new tactics and units that you try out. I also love reading folk's feedback on their ideas and army lists. I totally think we can do this.
  5. I am not optimistic that we'll get it, but if I could wave a magic wand and have anything I wanted from FFG, they would give us 3D terrain. I was reflecting with some buddies about the anxiety of the future of the game and why the pick up in players hasn't seemed to live up to the pre-release excitement. While we identified many possible factors including the disjointed rollout, stiff competition from other games at the time of release, including some of FFG's own titles, the value of an existing player base for other games and intellectual property settings, and player preference for models and game play, the one thing that stands out in a big way to me is the lack of 3D terrain. Even if we might favor a great ruleset and game experience over the best possible look, quality, and quantity of miniatures, I think the one thing all miniatures gamers aspire to, is a great looking battle between great looking armies on a great and realistic looking battlefield. And in that regard, 3D punch out terrain just fails the test. It looks weird to onlookers who might otherwise be interested in the game. It worked in X-Wing, sort of, because the abstracted movement of starships in three planes just called for terrain that models could be partially on or not. But that's not an issue for RWMG, so the 2D terrain becomes a compromise with nothing relating to game play or battlefield look. It's a weird situation. By giving us standardized terrain and a standardized terrain deck, FFG is actually providing players with a lot of value. But the standardization of terrain is also problematic. It implies that terrain must conform to the standard. And even though FFG states that you should use whatever representative terrain you want, or even create your own, in a competitive environment with a lot of theory crafting, having standardized terrain drives a lot of the conversation and even the meta game. Yes, I can go make my own terrain that conforms to the footprint of the standardized cut outs. It's already a pain to make terrain though and making a standard foot print is an additional pain. Also, while I've managed to make some pretty good looking spikes and rock outcrops and a forest, some of the terrain requires skill and materials that I don't have or are hard to come by. The swamp, blighted ground, graveyard, Stone Terrace, Ruins, and Stronghold, Ransacked Manor, etc., all represent a new set of tools and skills I would have to acquire to build the terrain elements. So what am I asking of FFG? I don't expect a line of terrain to be coming out anytime soon. But maybe y'all could do something like you did with the Army Builder folks when you created the painting tutorials? Can you partner with a hobby company that could show us some great tutorials using their materials? Maybe license some terrain kits to a business partner in the hobby world? That alone would be a tremendous help.
  6. Thanks for posting! In Colorado: Chaos Games in Pueblo is confirmed for Saturday, January 6th Wizard's Chest in Denver, and Gamer's Haven in Colorado Springs will host Store Championships, but have not confirmed dates yet Total Escape Games in Broomfield has told me that they will not be hosting a Store Championship and doesn't know how their name got on the list I haven't been in touch with J&J Games in Fountain yet I'll edit this post as I get more info. I expect to hear back from Wizard's Chest and Gamer's Haven soon.
  7. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you guys who take the time to note all the details and share them with the rest of us ADHD kids :-)
  8. Does the list lack for a reliable way to do mortal wounds? I know that crossbowmen have piercing strike, but it looks tricky to pull off and I haven't faced crossbowmen enough to know whether or not it's reliable enough. Other than that, I love the idea of this list. It looks like it's flexible, can do a big range of things, but is still simple. I'm sure it looks like a good, "classic" rank and file army on the table top too. Send pictures!
  9. Whoa... and I loved the old version. This is amazing. I'll poke around and see if I have any feedback, but you've already done a bunch of cool things that never would have occurred to me, so not sure I'd add much value.
  10. Wait. Is there really a resilient keyword somewhere? I missed it.
  11. I wonder about the points. On one hand, I would anticipate dragon's costing like 100 points, in which case they would probably only make sense, for me any way, in games larger than 200 points. As it is, I already feel like 200 points is just a bit too small with the units we have. On the other hand, I could see dragons costing 40 to 50 points if they design them another way. If they had the durability and hitting power of a four or six tray unit, that would make them useful, but then maybe they have some different abilities, like flying, or hurling boulders for giants, or firebreath... something that doesn't simply make them "more powerful" than existing units but rather introduces a new dynamic to the game. I still don't know if at 200 points I would want to replace a medium sized unit with just one monster... but maybe. I make that decision when I consider adding heroes to the army.
  12. Our group mainly ignored the opportunities we had to hear about the Orc's background, seeking out the action in the story instead. Maybe someone else will have more information. But for the most part they're an accepted part of civilization, if a little gruff. You can read some of their background in the character creation materials here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/34/f1/34f14943-906c-41a4-82c0-b52e2834d0d4/legacy_of_dragonholt_character_creation_copy.pdf
  13. Very Cool, @Adun42! Lot's of great work and it looks amazing!
  14. Hey, you're only one formula away from auto-updating the whole thing... don't blame your geography for your poor spreadsheet skills (I hope you know I'm just razzing you)
  15. This is fairly my experience too. Except for me all the players in my area have built their armies off of multiple core boxes. So I see a lot of 9-tray spearmen and 6 tray archers, and even 9 tray reanimates, usually backed up by just a smattering of Oathsworn or one or two single lancers. I never face units of Rune Golems anymore now that my Death Caller has done the rounds. Counting Latari as core box, one opponent I play against fields a unit of Deepwood archers. So for high armor, all I see is heroes, and Oathsworn or spearmen that rock the armor action modifier or maybe shieldwall. So that doesn't make Duskblade altogether useless, but does limit its utility.