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  1. Ah, gotcha. Thanks for pointing that out
  2. Page 46: When playing a non-operative-specific command card, a player cannot nominate an operative
  3. The "Operatives" section of the Rules Reference says that operatives cannot be issued orders by a non-operative specific command card. But Comms Relay lets a unit order another unit within 1-2 when they would be issued an order. So can Comms Relay issue a non-operative specific card order to an operative? One could say no, because the command card is still non-operative specific even though its going through comms relay. But perhaps one could say yes because 1) technically the order is not coming directly from the card, rather another unit with the ability to issue orders, and 2) "Golden Rule #2" that gives preference to specific rules and cards over the rules reference. What say you?
  4. Good point... question though: are "creature troopers" affected by things that affect "troopers"? If not, then that it wouldn't be a problem.
  5. I don't know that we'll fully understand the Dewback's impact until we see how it does on the table. My experience with all of the FFG minis games is that they contain some upgrades that look amazing and game changing in the preview articles, but turn out to be "meh" in practice. Or, vice versa, upgrades and key words that didn't seem that great end up being pretty spectacular. In any case, there's a couple things going on for Dewbacks that folks haven't discussed yet: You aren't required to take a configuration. The shooting does look underwhelming, so why pay for it at all? Just skip it. The Dewback's melee attack has Critical2, so it should be able to shred armor and also deal with Luke and his 2+ dodge tokens he always seems to have. The Dewback's melee attack has suppressive, so unless you get monumentally unlucky with his 6 dice, you're causing 2 suppression per attack. That's pretty good The comms upgrade slot plus HQ uplink means that you can run him out in front, on a distant flank, or leave him behind to guard an objective and still count on him to get an order when he needs it. He's a pretty solid unit to run solo. The Dewback pairs nicely with the command cards "pinned down" and "Imperial Discipline" With a speed of 1, Spur, and a large base, it'll be the fastest thing going through difficult terrain, which we tend to have a lot of in our games. Not that any of that proves it's going to be awesome, just a few things to consider before consigning him to the dustbin. Of course, you could run trials now if you happen to have an unused large base hanging around. Maybe you'll find one glued to the bottom of your dusty AT-ST, for example.
  6. Thanks! Is that a new rule that comes with the operatives or something? Is it in an FAQ? Because in the current rules reference it would seem that a unit with the commander token would have to issue all orders... unless that unit is defeated and a new commander is promoted.
  7. If an operative is out of range of your commander, he/she can't be issued a command, even if they have a unit specific command card, right? For example, in a Veers/Boba Fett list, if Boba is outside of range 3 from Veers, I can't issue a Boba Fett command card to him, right? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  8. Awesome, thanks for the speedy reply!
  9. Howdy, I think the answer to both of these questions is "yes" but I can't quite pin it down in the rules. Can someone confirm these for me? 1. If a unit gains surge = hit, such as Stormtroopers do, does that effect also apply to heavy weapons upgrades? For example, does the DLT-19 heavy weapon upgrade on a Stormtrooper unit also gain surge = hit? 2. If a unit attacks with impact grenades, does each grenade die receive "Impact 1"?. For example, if I attack with 5 impact grenades and all 5 come up as "hit" results, do all 5 convert to crits, or just 1? Thanks in advance for your response(s)
  10. Denver you say? Hit me up for a game, I'd love to play. In Colorado, the game simply never took off. There was a small group down in Colorado Springs/Pueblo but they seem to have petered out. As far as I know, there was never a scene for it in Denver or in Boulder/Broomfield/Longmont that has a big gaming community. There were handfuls of guys here and there who tried it out, but no one that was interested in doing tournaments. Right now, Gaslands has a bigger Colorado FB group than Runewars ever did. But I love the game and am happy to roll it out any time. PM me if you want to get a game in.
  11. So, it says "place your unit at range 2 and not engaged with a unit" 2 Questions: Can the unit be placed closer than range 2? Does the unit have to be acing the same direction as it started? E.g., can it essentially slide backwards then do a reform?
  12. 300 actually seems a bit high to me. Maybe for a one-off game here and there, but once there start to be more than 6 or 7 units on the table, the game slows down considerably.
  13. Played a 250 point game tonight and I think that may actually be the sweet spot of the game. It was easier to build lists, easier to activate some of the interesting dynamics of the game such as synergies between units, used much more of the realestate and so terrain was more interesting, and it wasn't overwhelming in terms of units to manage or fit on the board. Anyway, I thought it played better than 200 points. Give it a try if you haven't.
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