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  1. Elliphino


    I wish I knew the dates a month ago, I probably could have made it. As such, I have other travel scheduled that week. But good luck to those who can make it!
  2. Where has that boat been? It must be on the ship that made the Kessel Run in slightly more than twelve thousand parsecs. Seriously though. Any updates?
  3. Elliphino

    Terrinoth Lore through Genesys!!

    This could also be something that a group of RWM players buy together and share. It's not like a resource that you'll need your own copy of during a game or planning. Heck, if we can split core boxes we can certainly loan a book back and forth.
  4. Elliphino

    Terrinoth Lore through Genesys!!

    $50 is a little steep just for the lore piece. Still compared to other well-known game systems that publish a lot of lore, I've seen books out there that cost more. As for the mechanics piece, there is a ton that won't matter at all to an RW player. Still, it will be interesting to gauge relative effectiveness of different units, heroes, monsters, items, etc., by looking at their stats.
  5. Elliphino

    FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    That was me from Denver! I was basing my less than six people in state off of the response to the event invite, which were only 3, and scanning the Pueblo FB page to see who seemed to be playing. I'm definitely more optimistic after that tournament and had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone! I hope we'll get a store championship organized in Denver soon. I'll keep you posted.
  6. Elliphino

    MN Collection for Sale

    Army looks great. You probably want to try eBay. This forum really isn't for selling and posts like this crowd out other discussions. Wish you luck though!
  7. Elliphino

    FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    -1 for patience. Not a typo. I mean minus. While I agree that a month or more isn't an unreasonable time to wait for an update in general, I still think FFG needs to update this community sooner than later in order to address the tangible anxiety about the future of this game. The anxiety is not stemming purely from lack of official FFG news. We all see many posts here about people unable to find a community of players and people leaving the game due to lack of available armies or other reasons. We are seeing posts about retailers moving their entire stock to clearance. Many of us came from BattleLore Second edition or other games such as Warhammer Fantasy that we have seen discontinued. The anxiety is not unfounded and if FFG is committed to supporting this game, they need to find a way to let the player base know, and soon. Already people are starting to leave the game because they are anxious about its future and that could create a downward spiral and self-fulfilling prophecy. In my own experience my local scene is grim and getting grimmer. In the metro Denver area, only a handful of stores ever stocked the game in the first place. The two biggest stores that did carry it in the region have stopped stocking it. As far as I know, as of now there is only one store in the Denver metro area that plans to continue supporting the game. I know or know of at least a dozen players who picked up the core box, or multiple core boxes, or even some of the first expansions who have already left the game. I know of a couple more who expect to give it up when Legion comes out, i.e., any minute now. I feel like a desperate sales person trying to get people to play this game and I feel like I'm getting no help from FFG. I've heard, agree with, and even made the same argument that it's early in the game's life and that X-Wing took much longer to grow than people seem to remember now. As far as I know, I ran the first X-Wing tournament in Colorado which was organized before official tournament rules were released. We had 6 people show up to that tournament. By contrast, I have now been in contact with every store in Colorado running store championships and I can say that I'm not expecting 6 people to play in store Championships combined across the state. And never in the life cycle of X-Wing have I seen a clearance rack of the entire product line, except at stores that were going out of business. The number of people playing and the number of stores supporting it grew slowly, but steadily, with some stores' primary player base became X-Wing. I don't think any regular visitor to this forum could doubt my enthusiasm for this game or my willingness not just to play, but to take an active role in growing the community. It's entirely possible that I'm part of the problem, but having successfully built communities around X-Wing, Warhammer Fantasy and other games, I kind of doubt it. So yeah, I think no news is bad news and if FFG wants this game to do something other than be quickly cancelled or limp along for a couple of years as the game that "those two guys play sometimes on Sundays" before a quiet and unnoticed death, they need to dramatically change the way they support this game.
  8. That's helpful to know
  9. Elliphino

    Struggling With Latari

    Just to emphasize, I think you stand a very good chance of getting your Leonx into melee with archers before they ever have a chance to shoot. In melee, archers roll just one red die and you should be able to reliably take out at least one tray before they have a chance to strike back, meaning there's only a remote chance of losing even just one Leonx rider, let alone two. Play with it a couple times and see what happens. If it doesn't work, you can tell me, "I told you so." But just for the record, the few times I've played as Daqan against Waiqar, I do this same thing with Oathsworn and my opponents are lucky if they ever shoot with any of their archers. This is also helpful information. You have an answers for Maro for sure, but I wouldn't bother your archers with him. For one thing, if your opponent is playing Maro well, that means keeping him at a safe distance from threats. If you are moving your archers up to deal with Maro, that means you are moving your archers into his kill zone... not at all where they want to be. I recommend dealing with Maro by sending either a small unit of Leonx, or Alionna on an assassination mission. If you want to talk about making an opponent waste actions, wait until you watch your opponent struggle with the decision to sacrifice Maro to raise just two more trays, futilely try to move him out of the way instead of shooting or raising, or risk trying to shoot you at initiative 6... likely after you will already have charged him. Alionna can take Ambush predator making archers ignore her and his reanimate block and even knights should be easy enough to maneuver around for her. Fair enough. Although I wouldn't worry about winning events just yet if you're thinking about dropping out of casual play because the games are mismatched. You have to play to your strengths and it's pretty clear that the Latari were designed as an army that has advantages in claiming objectives. Don't worry about "cheesy". It's part of the game and honestly Runewars Minis is probably currently the most balanced wargame on the market. If your opponent wants to cry, "Cheese!" just mutely point to his 3x2 Death Knights that are likely rocking, what? Duskblade and Combat Ingenuity or Column Tactics and Deathmist Banners? I'm pretty confident you can experience more success if you give a couple new things a try.
  10. Elliphino

    Struggling With Latari

    The one thing I'd add about the "delay and ignore the knights" tactic is that it means you will have to be very aggressively attacking the rest of his army to get the points to swing in your favor. I never want to simply concede 55 points to my opponent, but if you have to, it means you have to make up for it elsewhere. I guess in this regard the Latari have a distinct advantage as in many scenarios you should be mobile enough to get to where you need to be to pick up objective tokens. You might want to make a significant bid for first player by coming in under 200 points so that you can have first pick of scenario. Giving up three to five points in your army so that you can be assured of picking up 20 or more points in objective tokens might be a fair trade for you.
  11. Elliphino

    Solo Ardus

    With Host of Crows, a two tray unit of Carrion Lancers could pick up tempered steel or master crafted weapons, both good picks. I haven't tried out Wind Rune on a unit of two carrion lancers yet, but in theory it sounds good. There's also good synergy between Ardus and Lancers as he can pick up their ability to do mortal strikes, and perhaps just as wicked, their Master Crafted weapon damage, especially with combat ingenuity, can help out with low armor foes.
  12. Elliphino

    Struggling With Latari

    I don't think you have a unit for unit counter to those Death Knights at all. I think your best bet is to delay and distract them by drawing them into terrain and feeding them a single tray scion or two. Maybe you'll have more of a chance once Darnati come out, but I'm not even sure about it then. In the meantime, would they be amenable to forgoing Death Knights since you don't have access to as many expansions as they do? As for the rest, you should be able to Leonx charge his archers before they get a chance to shoot more than once, or possibly even at all. Wait until he places an archer unit, and then place your Leonx straight across the board. Or, use Aliana's ability to reposition the Leonx to line up with archers. No fancy tricks, no tactics. Turn 1 you march 4 at initiative 7 so that they shoot before you're in range. If you dial up a march 2 modifier, it's likely you can even contact them in turn 1, even though you'l take a panic for doing so. Then shred away. The Reanimate block should be severely weakened by the time you get into melee. It's so slow that you should be able to get multiple archer shots on it before it has a chance to do anything. Use terrain to create channels that are too narrow for a 3-wide unit to pass through and force him to go around that terrain to get to your main units. Maybe try fortuna's dice on Maegan to get accuracy on a ranged attack and take out the unit upgrades that are giving you the most trouble. Lastly, it should be too hard to get flank charges on the reanimates if you can draw the knights away from protecting their flanks. I hope those ideas help.
  13. As long as we get what we're already expecting and they can manage an expansion or two per faction per year, plus organized play support, I'll be happy.
  14. Elliphino

    Lancer Lists

    First off, your Carrion Lancers look amazing! I like the multiple color schemes. It adds a lot of variety, especially when we have limited poses available to us. I kind of approach list building from the opposite direction. Instead of saying, "I want five or six carrion lancers" I say what's an effective way for my army to fight, and then build in the units I need around that. For the list that @Parakitor mentioned, I did start with wanting to field this very tough, very maneuverable, and very potent Carrion Lancer unit. The rest of the army is built around covering protecting that one unit and making up for its weaknesses. Hence the big block of reanimates to cover one of their flanks, since a flank charge from even a medium powered unit can tie them up for the whole game, and the six tray unit also allows me to drop Ardus who is too slow to keep up with them. The archers spread blight to minimize impact from units that come with enough dice to penetrate their armor, and the knights give me a good, fast, hunting unit that can go after their backfield units such as archers/crossbowmen and heroes. That said, I've had good luck running lancers in 3 ways. First way is the six tray unit with MCW and CI, as described above. The second way is as single-tray blockers. I've used these in what I call my "stand-off" list which is basically archers and a Deathcaller in a reanimate block. In this case just 2, or even one will do if you're good about using terrain, they can hold off a surprising amount while your ranged units do their work. But notice that I'm building around the ranged units. The third way is, as @Parakitor suggests, 2x1 with rank discipline. In this army build what I'm trying to do is have 3 medium to medium strong units work together to inflict damage while having more units to spread out the damage coming back at me and give my opponent too many things to deal with. In this army I've done 2 units of Carrion Lancers and a block of six reanimates, although I'm looking forward to replace the reanimates with a four tray unit of Death Knights once I get that second rank painted. Anyway, that's close enough to your second list that I think you should be pretty confident it can do alright. I haven't tried the Wind Rune plus Simultaneous Orders unit at all yet, although I'm tempted to. Let us know how it goes if you try it out. The list with 5 or 6 single tray Lancer units is probably not going to be very effective, but if I turn out to be wrong, definitely let me know that too. The problem is that they just aren't doing enough damage on their own and there are so many of them that they will likely end up in each other's way. Unlike the world champ list that did something similar with Scions, Carrion Lancers can't shoot, so if they get bottlenecked they can't contribute much to the game. I would be tempted to run a similar list with the archers and knights, but would probably drop down to just one or two lancers and and instead pick up Maro or a smallish block of reanimates, or even another 2x1 unit of archers.
  15. Elliphino

    The Best Embedded Heroes?

    What's "seasoned pathfinder"? I can't seem to find it.