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  1. My guess is that the new hotness will be Daqan+Latari thanks to Kari. Still, a six month window of initial released I think is pretty good. The 3-Box Forum Nerds (Like me! ) are never a good sample of what the typical player will do. Many of my hardcore minis-gamer friends have still not taken a first look at Runewars. With summer tournament season ahead, a new edition of 40k about to drop, and still fairly recent new editions for Infinity and Warmahordes, not to mention a lot great recent X-Wing realeses, there's a ton of competition and distraction in the minis market right now. I don't expect RW to really gain legs for the first year. But I think that's alright. It's hard to remember now, but X-Wing took a really long time to develop a competitive community. I ran an X-Wing tournament on Labor Day weekend the same year X-Wing launched. The FFG tournament rule pack hadn't even been announced until a few weeks beforehand, and I think we had 12 people show up for a tournament at Colorado's biggest gaming convention. Now you regularly get 12 or more people show up for a 60 point, Tuesday night mini store tournament. Descent 2nd edition turned into FFG 's flagship fantasy product, but it didn't get its first expansion for over a year. I understand the anxiety of those who worry that the game will expire if it doesn't get legs in the first couple months. We've all seen amazingly promising looking games flounder, like Robotech RPG tactics that went from breaking Kickstarter records to still not having a single expansion over two years later. And while the publisher promises to deliver eventually, they have never posted a plausible plan for wave 1, meanwhile the partnership between the publisher and the company writing the game had dissolved in acrimony. My prediction is that this time next year we're all going to be knee deep in models, tournament lists, and angry spouses. We'll all have plenty of opponents and a community filled with the classic stars: the super painter, the guy who never shows up anymore, the annoying kid, and That Guy... How does he even know that we're getting together to play right now? And we early adapters will be old salts, spinning legends about the glory days when the game was actually good, and balanced, and didn't have those stupid models. Oh, that bright horizon is just around the corner.
  2. Oh no, I didn't take it as derogatory at all. I really appreciate those of you who can point out the things I somehow fail to notice. Without people like you, I'm not sure I could find my way out of the house some days.
  3. It's not that I can't read. It's that I can't read for long enough. ADD is a capital B. Thanks for the copy-paste, @Budgernaut! Someday I'll repay you with a collection of all the little cotton pils I pull off my shirt while I should be focused on something else.
  4. ... Or rather, Leonix Riders have both types of surge. What am I missing? Did I stop reading one sentence too short again?
  5. Hey all, Did anyone else notice the weird looking surge icons on the surge ability for Deepwood Archers? Does anyone know what that's about? I thought it might just be a style thing for Latari, but the Leonix Riders have a regular looking surge.
  6. Just two games of skirmish here, but 2 Waiqar wins. Both games were very close and came down to direct combat between Ardus and Kari... a match up that Ardus should win most of the time. That doesn't make me an expert on anything. I'm just suggesting that experiences vary and it might be worth trying to figure out how others are winning with Waiqar before jumping to the conclusion that Waiqar need changing. Again, I'm no expert, but here's how I got my reanimates to charge my opponent's Oathsworn in my first game. The oathsworn had to choose between charging Ardus, or charging the reanimates. Menwhile, spikes were in the way preventing him from going around. We played cat and mouse for a couple of turns, but eventually he made a move to get in front of the spikes and came up short, allowing the reanimates to countercharge. Ardus charged in the following turn and thanks to the Oathsworn +1 defens action, they all stayed locked there most of the game. I drew you a nice picture, but they're not letting me upload it for some reason.
  7. Ah... I admire your persistence in reading an additional sentence.
  8. Where do you read that a flanked figure doesn't count it's ranks? I had wondered about that because it's a common mechanic in other rank and flank games, but I couldn't find it anywhere in Runewars, just the extra blue or red die. So far we've been playing it that ranks do grant rerolls, even when the unit is flanked.
  9. From my limited experience I'd go 2 solo lancers. They can spit blight and hang in until the end when they're a pretty good mop-up unit.
  10. Yeah, I used to wash metal models, but it's been years since I had one of those. I've washed resin as well. Honestly though, paint sticks as well to bare, unwashed plastic as it does to the Army Painter colored primers. I'm not sure washing needs to be a habit. I think it's easy enough to know when you're working with a material that actually needs it. I guess I've been in the hobby long enough to think of the difference as second nature.
  11. I love the black and gold scheme for Daqans. Good idea.
  12. I didn't, and haven't ever washed my models before painting and it's never been an issue.
  13. If you played 6th or 7th edition Warhammer, you're going to absolutely love Runewars Miniatures. They really captured the essence of the movement phase being at the heart of the game. Here's a bunch of comparisons/responses to your concerns in no particular order. Trays: Yep, they're a pain and the models don't fit easily and firmly into them at all. Serious gamers will want them magnetized. It's also really difficult to get the trays apart when you need to remove a tray. I'm expecting some after-market ones soon. One thing though is because you square up bases in combat, you can actually remove your unit from the board to wiggle the tray away and know exactly where it goes back. That sounds weirder than it actually is. Initiative: You know how the turn based system in Warhammer sucks, but no one can figure out something much better? I think Runewars has totally cracked that problem. Slow dudes attack slowly, but through the cunning use of tactics can turn their slowness to their advantage, for example, planning a late turn charge to intercept a faster unit that hasn't gotten to your charge target point yet. No more of this you wiped out half my army by turn 3 just because of turn order and now I have to claw my way back into it. Tons of Dice: You mentioned rolling 50 d6s. Not only do you avoid that, but you don't have to roll the dice multiple times. There's no to-wound, armor saves, or invulnerable saves. You do all that with one toss of the dice. Dice also provide a tone of effects besides just damage. You can use certain dice results to activate a special ability, target a hero inside a unit, or ignore armor. Flexibility: Your units have choices beyond just moving and rolling dice. You can choose to take a defensive stance, or take an offensive stance that causes more risk, but lets you pack more punch. Many units have, or have access to, special abilities that let them contribute outside of the role they are primarily designed for. Carrion Lancers can move great, fight well, and are super durable. But they can also weaken enemy units from range. It's really awesome. Magic: No more BS with a Dark Elf Wizard Lord with 27 power dice to your 3 dispel dice. You all use the same pool of magic, and you know what that pool is at the start of the turn so you can actually plan around it, instead of maneuvering to get your spell where you need it to be, only to see it fizzle. At the moment, we don't have spell casters in the game, so I'm basing this off the units that do have rune-based effects, along with what I've read about soon to be released spell casters. Not Tedious: As an Empire player, just packing up my army of over 100 models in 8th edition to take to a game was ridiculous, let alone deploying and managing them during a game. Don't even get me started on how tedious it is to paint 50 Halberds and 20 cav. It took me years to fully paint an army and I still never got a full army up to the standard that I would have wanted. Then, after you do all of this careful planning you get into a game that is so mismatched because of poor game balance issues that I either walk away feeling like I had just clubbed a defenseless baby seal, or face that dude with the unstoppable and tedious magic phase. Who loves having nothing else to do but remove models for 20 minutes while their opponent rolls 300 dice? And yet in Runewars you get lots of tense decision points and for the time being, the game is very balanced. I expect a meta game to develop where the most efficient units and combos are identified and some imbalance occurs, or some units feel irrelevant. But unlike GW, I actually trust FFG to notice that in the first place and then try to fix it, instead of simply changing the marketing strategy to try and convince people to not play competitively and buy crap units because they are fun and launch it all with another article from Crazy Old Uncle Jervis in a twenty dollar magazine that they can't be bothered to fill with new content. Here's the metaphor I've been using to describe the difference between Runewars and Warhammer: Runewars is an iPhone 6. Warhammer is Microsoft Zune. FFG has taken into account so many innovations in tabletop and video game design and melded them really well into this game. GW has been so far behind the curve in this regard that I almost pity warhammer players the same way I pity that guy with at the meeting when I can hear the loud hard drive on his chunky Dell start up. GW has added a lot of features to their games that do make them more complicated, but aren't based on good gaming principals. So they end up feeling random, tedious, and too cute... distractions from the actual game at hand. I was also super dissapointed to see their standard disclaimer in the recent release of Silver Tower: if the rules don't work, just change them. They put this disclaimer in because they are too lazy, too cheap, or unaware of its importance to properly play test their games. Silver Tower didn't touch the quality of game play one finds in Descent 2nd Edition that has been on the market over four years. Yes GW's models are much more detailed and that really is their core business value. But rebranding from "Games Workshop" to "Warhammer" was one of the most honest moves they've made in years.
  14. @Budgernaut: we always need another first battle thread! I remember this guy posting his first battle reports and first impressions about Warhammer somewhere in the middle of 7th edition and it was a fun and great perspective. Your point about tension is right in the money. The best part of any game is that crux where you have to do one thing or the other, but you just don't know, and if that one other thing happens then it will all fall apart, but you do it and it works and it's incredibly satisfying. Hidden actions can create that same tension multiple times per turn. It's very engaging! I totally agree with you. Oh on points... In my first game we did 100 points and my opponent dropped a rune golem to get upgrades and that was a little disappointing. In game 2, we played 110 points which allowed us to use all the models and still have some great upgrades while still having to make tough list building choices. I totally recommend 110 points for core box games.
  15. I don't know. If you're a company and have the capacity to produce 2 units worth of products every six months, do you release 2, and then release 2 more six months later, or do you produce two units and hold on to them for six months waiting for the next two units to come out? There isn't a straight forward answer and there could be many reasons for doing one versus the other, but it's pretty obvious from a business standpoint why you would sell what you produce as you produce it. To the people who are already rage quitting and never going to play because their elves aren't out yet: are you people frickin serious? You won't ever play the game because you needed your models six months earlier? Give me break. You're not going to find any sympathy from me.