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  1. Dragon1985

    X-wing AI

    Hey guys, has anyone tried this? X-Wing AI by Masilotti.com https://appsto.re/gb/p5gWfb.i Just found it whilst having a look around the App Store.
  2. A shout out to Travelling Man in York, got my first set there, had pretty much everything, and plenty of them too!
  3. At range 1, it should have an attack! Surely Jayne should be able to use Vera! Critical damage as well, as 3 bullets took out a space station!
  4. Love this idea, cos if you had one on either side, it would make some epic scenarios. Great work, and explanation! Additional thought - if you an imperial and rebel side, what about firing on each other with turbo lasers, and have a (laser, ion, etc) cannon marker that you measure with the ruler, and crosses the board. Then obviously if someone flies into the marker, instant kill. Gives you cross fire that interacts with the fighters.
  5. Just tried an XXBAA squadron. The problem I found is the naked B is such tempting initial targets that if 2 or 3 ships go after it, doesn't matter how many shields and hull you got 1 agility just isn't enough! The rebels did win, but I was never comfortable with it. Thinking a 4 with upgrades/mechs would be better.
  6. I was raised in Donny, work in Leeds, live in Boston Spa. played 1, won 1 Would be happy to meet up if anyone fancies a game?
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