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  1. I'm assuming not. Rules say "can" not "must". Why wouldn't I want to? I have a bunch of scatter aces and don't want to "turn on" Bossk. I'm also assuming I don't have to counter. Thanks. ~B
  2. Simple question: Can I kneel a Summer/Winter Reserves with my Harry the Riverlands? Card text: House Lannister only. Any Phase: Kneel any number of characters with combined printed cost 3 or lower. Argument for yes: The Reserves are a character, and thus are a valid target. For the purposes of adding up the cost, its cost is 0. (Card doesn't specify that you can only kneel characters that have a printed cost; FAQ (3.1): Further, any card without a cost of the specified type is assumed to have a cost of 0 for purposes of determining how that card interacts with triggered effects that need to count its cost.) Argument for no: The Reserves do not have a printed cost, and thus are not a valid target. (That the knelt character(s) need to have a printed cost is implied by the wording: "Kneel ... characters with ... printed cost"; Impossible to add up the combined printed cost of the characters when one of the values for printed cost is "null", FAQ (4.19): Printed Any reference made to "printed" be it cost, STR, icons, etc. only refers to the referenced item physically printed on the card itself. A card like Summer Reserves (Scattered ArmiesF119) does not have a printed cost or STR for instance. Any card effect that looked for the printed cost of a card without a printed cost would fail to find any cost and would return a null value, no item that could be referenced.) I find both arguments have merit (we had no idea how to resolve it). I lean towards yes, but it seems to very much come down to a semantic argument of whether the event thinks it can kneel characters without a printed cost, and the wording is ambiguous at best. Thanks.
  3. I believe that to be true. But I couldn't find anything in the rules indicating that it was the case.
  4. Hi good people. I'm playing Targ. I incinerate an opponent's character, reducing its strength to zero. It is killed. Now I wish to use my Rhaenys's Hill. My opponent claims the character that I just killed still has zero strength. This strikes me as absurd, but I can't find anything to support my position. Is it still zero? Does "until end of phase" persist unto death? Why/why not?
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