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  1. Yep. It was a dumb question. They came into play today. Thanks all.
  2. And if there is a vampire and Dracula on the location the vampire is fought as soon as it ambushes or is found by search. Dracula is fought at dawn or dusk
  3. If Dracula ambushes with the vampires the hunters fight them one after another. Dracula chooses the order. Dracula may also choose to ambush with only one, leaving the other to be searched for. If the hunters find multiple vampires by searching they are again fought one after the other. However, the hunters pick the order when a search uncovers them.
  4. We were confused about this at first, too, but this is incorrect. Combat with a vampire occurs immediately after an ambush or search, only Dracula waits until dawn or dusk.
  5. It is definiteky against the rules, Jack could possibly be at that location during the clue search.
  6. Yes, this. The majority of the games I play the token seldom moves. However, getting the right investigator to the right spot or trading the right item at the right time is sometimes crucial. Figuring out who should move first is one of the most important strategies of this game I think.
  7. I can see your argument and have nothing concrete to contradict it, but personally I would've ruled that the world was devoured.
  8. With Forsaken Lore in the mix and playing mostly solo with four random investigators I've discovered the game is overall more difficult, and my rankings of the AOs are quite different: Yog Sothoth is still the easiest. Azathoth isn't much worse. Shub Niggurath and Yig can be tough, tense games and are on equal footing. Cthulhu was the toughest, my one victory was by defeating Cthulhu in the fourth mystery AND with no cards left to draw from the mythos. That was a very fun game.
  9. Ah. I KNEW I was missing something.
  10. Fair enough. And it's a thematically sound house rule at the least. It always bugged me that you could be traveling through an OW and find five bucks (which is possible). Sorta seems like traveling to Mars and finding a Pepsi can (which may make you go a little insane. Maybe it is thematically sound after all... : ) )
  11. My apologies, not trying to be difficult here. But in your first post which I quoted above I believe you stated only one clue could be taken, regardless of how many were in that location. Your second post seems to agree with me and the rulebook in that you may take them all (or only one, two, etc.) but that you CAN take more than one. Again, not trying to be difficult, but am I missing something here?
  12. Sorry, but this is incorrect. From the rulebook: Any time an investigator ends his movement in a location that contains Clue tokens, he may immediately take any or all of those Clue tokens. The investigator may not take any Clue tokens if he merely moves through the location and then continues his movement: He must end his movement in the location containing the Clue tokens.
  13. I just looked through the rulebook and FAQ and can't find anything that states that headlines only affect Arkham and not Other Worlds. While this makes sense, where is this stated?
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