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  1. I do like roll and keep, but find it a little too random. I prefer the Old World of Darkness way of determining things:- GM sets a difficulty number (six or seven normally, max 9 or 10) and you roll attribute plus skill and every dice that gets the number or higher is a success.
  2. On other threads, people mentioned the Pendragon RPG. This made me think of the seasonal system of Pendragon, and the random events as well. It just so happens that I recently wrote a set (inspired by the Pendragon original) for the L5R game, along with notes that I created about semi-random scenarios and family generation. I've also included some character sheets that I frankenstein-ed from previous sheets. My group suggested that I share my work here, so if anyone's interested, here's the link. https://www.mediafire.com/?yp2oxifui41v6a8
  3. For multiplayer card games the best one was Vampire: the eternal struggle, in my opinion. Universal Fighting System had a very good multiplayer format but it was always an optional extra. A new edition of L5R would benefit greatly from being designed to incorporate multiplayer from the ground up.
  4. Sometimes I think that going the other way is an option as well. The old Bushido roleplaying game tracked On (face). You could have two statistics, Honour and On, one is how honourable you really are, the other is how society perceives you -a mixture of status and the rest of your image.
  5. He's turned away from the Imperium, and so is a BC character; it makes it fairly clear in BC that a lot of starting "Heretics" are sure of the nobility of their goals. His character dynamic is sort of a struggle to avoid corruption and taint. His crazy dream is to rebuild his chapter, and has thrown his lot in with Captain Haarlock as a result.
  6. I don't know if I'm wildly misinterpreting the rules, but the guys just position themselves where they couldn't see the navigator, such as behind a curtain or around a corridor, before she takes her turn. The rule says that it's about not meeting a navigator's gaze. She has 55T, physical perfection 3, subskin armour, and power armour, so she can tank quite a bit of damage unsupported.
  7. We're using the updated rules from black crusade / only war where unwieldy and unbalanced weapons cannot be used to make SA/LA actions. He's a Black Crusade Space Marine, (essentially his chapter was destroyed by excommunication), so not as powerful as a DW SM. Orks are good, IMO the main drawback with them is that they're orks. Captain Haarlock, (another player) is optimised for melee, with a crazy WS and Archeotech Power Sword, Though the Navigator is arguably the most powerful member with her instant-kill attacks.
  8. OK, I feel the need to throw something into the ring here, I'm actually the DM for the guy who started this thread. He plays a Space Marine in my Rogue Trader Game, the rest of the Players are Rank 6 RT characters, and he has roughly the same amount of XP. He comes from what is essentially a "Dead Chapter", -this is his reason for being on the ship. All in all, he's not that unbalancing, though he can deal more damage than anyone in melee, and has about 6 more a+t, this is not much of an issue; as most of the combat is ship to ship. All of his stats are @50ish, so quite strong all round, -the rest of the crew are much more min-maxed, however, eg: the void master has a BS of over 70.
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