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  1. Great character idea actually. I do agree that Lightning was introduced as a new Force Power to make the villian in the film more brutal than Vader. As for Forcegasm... I think you coined something truely awesome!
  2. @KungFuFerret I think this basically put an end to this whole thread! Well played.
  3. I started my group with a YV-929 Armed Freighter they found floating derelict in an astroid field ('parked' on one of the asteroids). On investigating it, they found the corpses of the mangled crew floating about while much of the ship was damaged, including the hyper-drive. It didn't help that while investigating the derelict, the ship they were a crew of was destroyed by a 'passing' Star Destroyer... The first set of adventures revovled around exploring the uninhabited system looking for a suitable drive and other systems. While exploring a planet, the original owners (Rebels) of the ship showed up and stripped out the weapons, shields, computer, etc. In the end, the Rebels needed to leave (fearing the return of the Imperials) but left them enough tools to fix critical systems and the group eventually found the other required systems to fly it. Now, whenever they make any extra credits they pump it back into what is becoming a nice ship.
  4. Had a Player recently ask if the talent Parry is used to reduce the damage from a melee weapon, does the melee weapon become Sundered? Also to that end what happens when Parry is used vs a brawl attack, is the opponent’s hand sliced off? Are there rules on this that I’ve missed?
  5. As GM I allow Force PC to have/use cybernetics. Both Vader and Luke used cybernetic devices, so why not the PCs... As for the notion that it somehow diminishes the connection to the Force, I think, is hogwash. In fact, Luke had cybernetics early and can be said to become more powerful than Vader. Furthermore, to me the Force is synonymous with having a soul, so it doesn’t matter how much cybernetics devices a character has. One thing I have done is add cybernetics that are powered-by, draw-from, or enhance the Force. Mechanically they have to be fed black and/or white pips to work, give bonus black/white Destiny chits, etc. & of course give Conflict as expected. One particular device always draws a black pip automatically - the Player needs to use it, or the device does.
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