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  1. Makes sense to do it in order. In the big picture, it is irrelevant. You are going to accumulate more XP and get to where you want anyway.
  2. I mean the limit of only training to 2 ranks at character creation keeps this from getting out of hand. I'll check the rules again and see if there is any clarification.
  3. When creating characters, you are given some free ranks in your career and specialization. Do you need to pick the free ranks first before spending XP on ranks? Or can you spend some experience on a level 1 rank and then use the free rank on the more expensive (Rank 2)?
  4. The Rattataki race are playable in the old republic MMOPRG. Is there record of evidence of Rattakaki during Edge of the Empire timeline? Typo - Subject was supposed to say "Race"
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