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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking today for someone who really enjoys brewing up decks and can take the time in his/her busy day to give me a hand. My friends and I, have just recently decided to build competitive decks. I was looking to maybe build 2 competitive decks out of our card pool. Card pool is as follows; Core set x2 Prince of the Suns Kings of the Sea Lords of Winter Queen of Dragons A Roll of the Dice Refugees of War Sacred Bonds Ancient Enemies Mountains of the Moon Where Loyalty Lies The obvious 2 decks I'm going to build is mostly likely (but not limited to if someone wants to take a stab at something different..) Targ and Stark just for the simple fact of I have their deluxe expansions. The things is I'm not the best deck builder and I can't seem to grasp the concept of looking online for decks because I just think that unless you have all the cards to be net decking it's probably not the best idea. Keep in mind there is no meta game where I am really so any great synergy decks, etc would be great! Thanks, Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the help guys! Also looking for a competitive Targ deck and Greyjoy deck for me and my friend. I've been surfing for quite some time and it's really hard to find deck lists. I don't necessarily mean I need to know every single card and net deck 100% I just need some guidance in the right direction for both. Thanks again!
  3. Hello fellow table toppers! My name is Dru Hillyard, I'm from Newfoundland Canada. Basically what I'm messaging you guys about today is that I recently started playing AGOT LCG and have watch all kinds of videos, I've done some online researching as to what to buy to have a solid start and all I'm getting is the same response 2 core sets. Is this your best advice as well? Also here in Newfoundland its a very low population place and thus making table tops and tcg hard to introduce people to.. I play many games from Mage Knight and Mage Wars to Quarriors and DnD! I'm just looking for advice on how to get people out and try something new really. There are many people here who play MTG religiously but that about sums it up. How do I intrigue people into trying something new or playing some different games? Any advice would help Thanks for your time!
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