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  1. dose anyone here know the size of FF's blockade runner ? reason being my son has fallen for the game & so for xmas his mother & i got him the old hasbro blockade runner & to me it looks a little to over sized or is it just me?
  2. pod1136

    Question of scale

    ok i came across something the other day that states that FFG X wing minis are not all 1/270 scale B-Wing 1/272 scale tie-bomber 1/267 scale if this is so & FFG are playing fast & lose with the scale then it could open up endless possabilities
  3. pod1136

    Star Wars Quote Game

    lets get this out the way "i've got a bad feeling about this"- nearly anyone from any of the films/books/games
  4. ok a lot of you have talked about the sun crusher, now i dont know to much about this ship but what i have read this ship would kill the game completely, it is just to powerful, a starfighter thats indestructible, more powerful than the death star, that can make star supernova, that could obliterate a star system in hours, sorry thats just to much
  5. HELL, I feel like a kid who kicked a over a bees nest, i had no idea that my post would get a responce like this.
  6. ok so i've been on other forums with the same "which ship should be made?" BUT No-one has asked which one should not be made ?
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