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  1. It's the truth. If she and I were the last humans alive, and it was up to us to reproduce... I would purposely do this to my sex organs... then shoot them into a star. I then would destroy all tech and information about using skin cells or only eggs to reproduce, I also would destroy all hyper pregnancy drugs and anything used for artificial insemination.
  2. Whats bad for SW is the people in charge handling the series like they have. Diseny Wars fans have be bad for the series as have Antifa infiltrators as they personally attack anyone that doesn't see eye to eye with them. LFL, even before the backlash, had been attacking the fanbase personally, **** they don't even do a good job managing the lore. To add insult to injury Riddley Scott has pointed out that "NONE" of the people hired to to write or direct the new SW movies were qualified to do so, and he is past his prime. Actually it is the simple, picking door a over b. Even if she isn't a Mary Sue, she comes off as obnoxious, because of how she talks, along with abrasive, cheerless, and uninteresting. We already know all her skill are handed to her because she is Anakin Skywalker, there hints were to open and simple not to catch that that was who she is. They will probably make her Revan as well. She comes off as a lightly obnoxious know it all with a chip on her shoulder. Lastly and least important, she looks like MODOK!!! Shes weird looking!!! https://goo.gl/images/4x7PGE https://goo.gl/images/ESHdcZ
  3. You will not ignore facts when they are presented. A phones autocorrect has no bearing in this topic.
  4. Rose adds something, major stupidity, and cringe. This isn't the actresses fault, it's Mr. Johnson's. All the news articles about her removing her posts have no facts to back up their supposed truth. If this really was the reason she did what she did, plenty of people, especially from LFL would have confirmed this to be the case with verification from her. Other people have been harassed in the past into quitting, but that doesn't mean everyone that quits, or deletes their stuff is doing it for the same reasons. It is more likely this is a diversion created by LFL to distract from the failings of Diseny Wars as of late. Besides other people at LFL, like Chuck Wendig not proclaiming "they were told by her that harassment was why she deleted her posts," we have this tactic used by other companies with similar ideologies. Gamers caught game reviewers in bed with game developers giving reviews for games that didn't deserve the review they got. Then all of a sudden gamers are dead, gamer culture is dead, all gamers are sexists, white supremacists, and so on. Comic fans point out that people unfit for their jobs at Marvel, and now DC, and Image, are running the comics with their political agendas or said people are just bad at their job and where hired because of a political agenda. After that all comic book fans are now, sexist, white supremacists, racist and so on. This always happens in a critical moment when those groups or businesses are exposed breaking the rules or making bad products.
  5. Why would you react to a post that wasn't mine, but tag me, and then expect to know.... forget it. Well these are serious claims on the fandom, and I demand actual proof I can see, not a bunch of articles telling me we caused this with nothing to show.
  6. Except their youngest Son dies, their Daughter has to kill their Son, hes Kylo btw, last I checked Luke was booted from the Jedi near the end of the series, The Empire... becomes the Heros. They are to popular to discard.
  7. And yet, you have no evidence she was harrassed into deleting her account. As I said to the poster above, no one has any evidence that she deleted her postings for the reasons given in articles that have no sources to back up their claims. How about no, I am not good at taking orders, let alone ones like this.
  8. This is likely a Disney LFL stunt to deflect the boycotting and falling of Diseny Wars. Though she may have been harassed into deleting her stuff, I doubt this is the case because someone would have posted screen shots of the harassment, or she would have contacted LFL about the support she is getting now after she deleted her stuff, and in turn people like Ryan Johnson would have brought that fact up and attack the fans more. Also if you actually look at every article claiming that the fans caused the Rose Tico actress to leave, every single one, except for one, claims we caused it with "ZERO EVIDENCE." Their was only one article that said that we might have harassed her. All I see is the fandom being thrown under the bus just like gamers and comic book fans where.
  9. It was less then Good, but not Meh. The biggest problem with this movie is that it feels exactly like those films that came out after a couple of the Harry Potter movies. Movies like Ergon, I might have spelled it wrong, had a bunch of novels but they crammed the plot of a bunch of them into one movie, they did this with the original Lord of the Rings that was made in Russia, I think it had the Hobbit story arc in it too. That is exactly what the Solo movie felt like. The first movie should have been about nothing but Han Solo in the Empire with the 2nd half being about the campaign we see him at where he meets his mentor. I don't know if I am happy or sad about Baron Fel not being in this movie, in one hand we don't see him, on the other, Disney would have made him pathetic like the other Baron that was in Rebels most the time that became a Bar tender.
  10. I have been replaying Mega Man, some fan customs, and Mech Assault, I haven't had this much fun in a long time.
  11. I am not sure, a wrong term maybe, led them from New Yorks swears too Gothams. Also they are the original live action movie turtles.
  12. Their dialogue was exactly like Rusty Ventures and Dr. Orphiouses from Venture brothers. It can't be a coincidence because they have the guy that plays as Brock Sampson playing as an Agent of shield in the TV series right now.
  13. Do I have to rebuy everything to play 2.0? Are reprints going to be legal to use in competition? Can their be more factions added, lots of characters in scum and villainy really belong in their own faction, like the Zann Consortium?
  14. IDK, but I suddenly want a predator to hunt it down.
  15. He probably dressed that way because the Turtles did, they are buddies now in the Injustice series;)
  16. You're gonna be angry, more so than you are now. But the calculations for the Rebel ships hyper space ram was very high. All the areas of the Mega Star Destroyer next to the point of collision would have survived septilions of tons of energy from particle collisions traveling at the speed of light. Don't forget theirs multiple models of turbo laser on ships, besides other types not related to laser weapons. Taking that in mind, we see an Imperial class Star Destroyer do a hyperspace ram on a Corvette and come out unscathed in SWBF2 EA So the armor belts of cap ships, based on what we see, will absorb a lot of the damage the official numbers say the outputs are. Lastly the Super Laser Mk 1 and especially Mk 2, put out way more than septilions of tons of force via directed energy. Hyperspace ramming planets with Rebellion era planetary shields won't work. The DS2 most of all as you need the same output of its laser to kill its shields. Maybe the entire Rebel alliance hyperspace ramming could destroy the DS2, but then you just traded the entire alliance for one imperial base.
  17. I actully prefer if Luke had been a Darksider, like in this movie, and that Kylo left because he was tired of being Knocked around by Luke.
  18. Lots of people have brought up points with some evidence, that Ms. Kennedy and LFL at the time of ep 7-8 actually have contempt for Luke, even one Rebels recon episode had a writers desk with a ROTJ pic of Luke with a big red X going over his head, and I dont thinks its because hes a Red Squadron X-Wing ace.
  19. No one thats a woman at least except for maybe Failma and Roses sister, and that one A-Wing pilot. Just because of Hans furry friend dying in the novels, they avoided referencing it for creative flexibility, the trade off is Han, Luke, Ackbar, and my dog died... Heck Ackbar was killed off because is VA died, but they said they wouldn't do the same for Leia. So I guess she just has a vacation until they change their minds that she actually died. Yes that is possible, she will come back as the "Force Ghost of Life Days Past." Everyone will attach her to the top of their burning Life Day evergreens.
  20. Duck Tales... The only reason I saw this is because they spoofed MLP and actually had the actresses from MLP play as these "Murder Ponies" XD
  21. That Imperial looks like it has NAVY Commando Features, though apparently Inferno Squadron are NAVY Commandos.
  22. They are making a movie with her apparently, it's not clear if it takes place before or after EP8. Their is a slim chance... she actually did survive.... unlike Robotech
  23. https://www.bustle.com/p/laura-derns-star-wars-the-last-jedi-character-is-force-sensitive-this-detail-is-so-revealing-8624970
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