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  1. vilainn6

    Jabba's fans?

    the first Jabba was good. I agree the second not that much.
  2. vilainn6

    Current Marvel comics

    I like both Dark Vader Comic series
  3. I bought it from my FLG tonight and very excited to start reading.
  4. I just finished the Whispers of Shadow and Steel novel and I was wondering something, but before I continue Spoiler!!!! So we learn in that novel that Bayushi Aramoro, One of the most exposed scorpion bushi in the new canon of FFG was trained in ninjutsu and would have probably became a shinobi like his friend if he had not been from more noble blood. So do you think it was made on purpose? That in fantasy flight new canon scorpion bushi are just schemers with martial training or ninjas with katana and armor or do you think we will see a more traditional bushi school ?
  5. vilainn6

    Wookiee jedi build advice

    no, you can just commit a dice.
  6. It is not the end of the world that you got it early but since FFG said the product release is the 9, the follow up adventure and extra characters will probably appear on the website on this date.
  7. Probably the day the beginner set will be mass release.
  8. I am not going to agree with the statement that The One Ring is going strong. The sales are maybe decent or acceptable but not that wow. John Hudgon pretty much confirm on their old forum that Adventure in Middle-earth is basically financing The One Ring. That tell a lot. That move probably help Cubicle 7 but I don't think FFG really need that kind of financial boost.
  9. So who want to guest about the last 3 characters. A crab bushi, a scorpion courtier and a unicorn shugenja perhaps?
  10. I also wait for an entireb cycle to release before buying it. I did that with LOTR and I also do that for Arkham. ? packs in 6 six weeks will be cool but they need to produce the product faster. 8 months of hiatus between campaign will kill the game. I am even surprise it did'nt kill L5R.
  11. It is also possible than Cipher and Mask will be the last product and the release article will say so. I personnaly would want to more adventures, I love pre-written stuff, but if FFG feels the cycle is complete, then so be it.
  12. AOR is the most boring of the three. This system is not really geared for wargame and large scale battles. Plus space battles are too deadly to build campaign around. The only thing left are stories about little strike team that does infiltration and skirmish. It grow boring quickly.
  13. vilainn6

    Release date?

    Probably pre-release at Gen Con and general release during Fall.
  14. You will get it. Don't worry.