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  1. If FFG is too stupid to reprint books that will sell, they deserve that people use pirate copies.
  2. Let imagine you are playing spiderman and are low on hit point. Rhino stage 2 attack you and you block. Fearing boost icons, you play expert defense but Rhino flip nothing. Next Turn, he kill you because he flip 3 boost and the card you needed was wasted the turn before. Sound Fun? For me, the defense cards are meant for step 4 when you compare both attack and defense to see the damage delt, no matter what the developpers will say.
  3. I prefer using it a step 3 because, without it, that card and his sister Desperate Defence are near useless. Who want to waste cards ( and potential ressources) on a gamble?
  4. no one except the big 4: influence, move, ehance and sense. it is not surprising considering how expensive developping powers is and how rarely campaign achieve high level.
  5. As someone probably already said, if the player spend so much XP on it, he deserve its fun. Now you can always veto certain use of it if it throw away your next campaing arc. If the player is someone human and like roleplaying game, he will certainly understand. Still allow the bounty hunter quick catch that will award him a good chunk of money so that the player don't feel he wasted the XP on the ability.
  6. each booster sets had characters from all areas so no you can't avoid them.
  7. Edge, at least the french part that it I know of, it also publish translated board games and RPG of other compagnies. So the 3 RPG they will get from FFFG will just add on top of all the other games they are working one. They are also very slow at releasing stuff. The french translation of this Star wars rpg is still at Lead the Example and Nexus of Power. So, Unless Asmodee hire a whole new team, I am afraid it would take a while before we see a new book, especially if they have the L5R and Zombicide RPG to work on also.
  8. Also, if he work with the rebellion, having a trigger happy killer may work right in the Empire propaganda of saying the Rebels are just murderers and terrorists. Often civil war are won in public opinion has much as battlefields.
  9. First of all, you or your player are doing nothing wrong. The combat specializations are designed to make combat monsters once you buy lot of their talents. Still The best way to deal with a murder hobbo character who abuse his skills is to show him he is not the only killing machine in the universe. Also threaten the rest of the group. if being beaten don't make him mature a bit, maybe the other characters would care more about their life and talk him up the next time he would want to anger the wrong person.
  10. With a well developped Sense power and some defense it can work well. Those are powerfull abilities. If you want your players to trigger them easely, go for it but I don't think it is a good idea.
  11. In our death trooper commando game, we murdered the last jedi we encountered in 1 round. Nothing better than a heavy riffle to stop a threat.
  12. Thank God it is just a compilation already released stuff.
  13. I think Hulk could be good solo if he really hit hard. Hulk Smash pratically one shot most vilain in solo.
  14. Played Thor agression in a 4 player game and he was the MVP so yeah, for me, Thor is not terrible, just niche
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