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    physics is crying

    That's kind of the point of this thread though, it DOES make a crappy explosive, hence the change in damage and blast size. Most of the damage is likely gonna come from the fire rather than the explosion. Except when it's been atomized and ignited, then it can make a big ass explosion. Hence all the talk about thermobaric weaponry.
  2. I have a few that I usually enjoy using. Micro Melta gun in a wrist-mounted quickdraw holster. A Micro Lucius shotgun with Acid Shells. Best Quality Dervish laspistol with the variable setting rule from Only War. (That overload is KILLER)
  3. Well, I suppose that depends. What kind of ship is it, how old, and how is he communing with the Machine spirit? Is he using an artifact or just his Mechanicusness?
  4. Not sure how the Space google thing is working, you'll have to be more specific. On the whole, necrons and mechanicus tend to mix oddly, what with the Omnissiah's true origins and such (well, supposed origins). Most statistics for Necrons however are in the Deathwatch books. The Rogue trader may be a bit more of a problem. I'd actually suggest having a serious mishaps happen to his dynasty while this trader is dicking around, which severely damages his profit factor. Either he lets his dynasty degrade or actually starts doing endeavors. As for the face ripping thing.... meh. Whatever. If you want, you can start keeping track of his insanity points in secret, not tell him when he gets a disorder, and hit him with hallucinations. Unless he takes pleasure at the act of face-ripping. That might be toeing the border of corruption.
  5. bzro

    physics is crying

    Isn't promethium actually a variety of different kinds of Imperial fuels, refined from different sources? It seems like it refers to really any kind of volatile liquid, from fossil fuels to some weird thing they extract from the atmosphere of gas giants. Probably very rich in hydrogen.Anyway, I always assumed that promethium was fairly common (scarce availability, so like hunting rifles), and tended to be composed of whatever was common enough on the planet of origin. I figured thats why all flamer weapons have pilot lights when the purified Promethium fuels used by the Imperial Guard supposedly ignite on contact with oxygen (and are also self oxidizing so they can burn in space and underwater... wut). Regardless, while valuable, it's not that difficult to get. If we used the straight linear scaling, then a 435 kg (such a weird way to measure a liquid/gel) charge would detonate with the force of the Little Boy nuclear bomb, with a blast radius of 1.74 kilometers. And that aquisition test would have a modifier of +0. If that's the case, then screw atomics. I'm just going to fire massive promethium charges at people. Also, while the lighting off a barrel of gold bullion is actually slightly accurate, the imperium frequently makes machine guns that fire explosive scientific miracles hundreds of times a minute, and we somehow have massive supplies of shells the size of buses to fire out of our space guns.
  6. Well, in The Inquisitors Handbook (it was the one closest to me) has a little dagger symbol next to the weight of both the hellgun and hellpistol, which says "not including power backpack". Then again, it's DH. Might be changed in newer books.
  7. bzro

    physics is crying

    Also, I think the fact that we're doing all of this math simply because we want to makes a pretty strong case for us being Ravenclaw, not griffindor.
  8. bzro

    physics is crying

    That's an interesting idea. No one has ever really made thermobaric weapons that don't get the charge as far away from the user as fast as possible. Especially not one that big. The Thermobaric RPGs made by the Russians have a lethal radius of 10m. (Almost exactly 10m. Thermobaric weapons are very controllable). And those only have a 2kg payload. On the other hand, this is 40k. They're using promethium, not specially manufactured FAE materials. And they probably have very little idea how to design one properly. As an improvised thermobaric charge, I'd say it's fairly well represented. You may want to add a special rule to take into account the fact that cover is next to useless against that kind of weapon though.
  9. bzro

    physics is crying

    Actually, I'm 99% certain that the profile for promethium says 1d10 damage and 4m radius per kilo used... Well, just remember that if he does you have a premade argument for not destroying hive stacks with a barrel of promethium. Unfortunately, he might decide to create thermobaric weapons instead. To get an idea of how scary they can be, take the Firebomb, AKA the Molotov Cocktail. It is in many ways a very crude variation on thermobaric weapons. Now, the firebomb weighs .5 kg. A 12 oz glass bottle (a close approximation to whatever is used in the Imperium) weighs a very rough average (based on the contents of my recycling bin) of 250 grams. In addition, the fuse is likely a strip of cloth thouroughly soaked in gasoline/promethium, which I would approximate at 50 grams. This leaves us .2 kg of promethium as the actual fuel, enough to fill the 12 oz (.354 litre) bottle a little less than half full. I promise the math is almost done now, just bear with me through this last stretch. 1 kilogram of promethium deals: 1d10 E Pen 0 blast (4) Flame .2 kilograms of promethium when crudely atomised (in a bottle suddenly broken open) and ignited deals: 1d10+3 E Pen 6 Blast (3) Flame As you can see, the levels of energy released are significantly different. For 20% of the fuel you increase the damage by a significant amount (160% if we assume the average roll is 5), a blast wave that will ignore all but extremely well protected and sealed armour (power armour, storm trooper carapace, etc.). While it has 3/4 the blast, again it only used 1/5 the fuel. Now, of course these comparisons won't scale exactly. For example, even the larger modern Thermobaric warheads won't destroy tanks, although they can tear off optics, damage engines, and potentially bake the crew if the tanks crew compartment isn't properly isolated. I will now apologize for the length of this post, and if I've given anyone nasty ideas for weapons to be used by/against players. Although it does make one wonder why the Imperium bothers with valuable Nova shells on their tanks...
  10. Well, maybe it is. Think about it, if your great-great-grandfather pretended to be a rogue trader, and no one challenged him on it, how would his legacy be different from that of any other Rogue Trader dynasty? For all we know, a significant portion of dynasties might be false, but have existed for so long that they might as well be real. Plus, the fluff implies that even when the Trader has the warrant on his person (unlikely) then it's effectively permanently sealed in stasis.
  11. bzro

    physics is crying

    Well, of course promethium explosions wouldn't scale like that realistically. I was merely pointing out a funny exploit a player with an ignorant GM could use. Coincidentally enough, I've taken quite an interest in FAEs (although the broader term is Thermobaric Weaponry) ever since encountering them in Ace Combat 6. I'll spare you the details, but despite what one might think very little damage is lost when compared to conventional explosives, and is fully capable of leveling buildings and destroying vehicles. It has something to do with it causing a prolonged blast wave, although I won't pretend to fully understand what that means. All I really know is that they've been occasionally been mistaken for small nukes. (Mostly because of the shockwave and mushroom cloud) But I digress, unless the players are capable of designing a thermobaric weapon themselves, the damage of a large batch of promethium should have a set cap of some sort. What Annaamarth suggested seemed to be on the right track, although I feel like 5 kilos of prom doing the same damage as 159 kilos a little odd. However, a 50 gallon drum of promethium effectively having blast (20) seems fitting.
  12. This actually applies to all of 40k, but I found one particular funny example while test-running a scenario between some marines and freedom fighters blasphemous heretics. Now, we all know promethium rules. 1d10 damage and a 4m explosion per kilogram. These heretics rigged up promethium stolen from a fuel depot, stored it in a half dozen 50 gallon drums, and rigged it to blow. I was just going to make it a save-or-die thing, but I decided to see what the actual damage was. Now, in america we use a dumb system of measurement, so after some conversions, I discovered that a 50 gallon drum holds a whopping 208 litres. Sounds like quite a lot, but I figured that promethium was fairly dense. So I looked up the density of something very similiar, napalm. Napalm has a density of about 750kg per metres cubed, or 750 grams per cubic metre, or .75 kg per litre. So, .75 times 208 is 156. So in a 50 gallon drum there are 156 kg of promethium. Or, in game terms, enough to incinerate a Tyranid Hierophant in a fireball over a kilometre wide. Lol. So, clearly we either need to severely reduce the power of promethium or put a cap on the maximum blast power and damage. Any ideas?
  13. bzro

    Wiki host?

    So a couple of weeks turned into a couple of years, but it's essentially finished at this point. I'm using the Only War conversion rules for my games so it's got Aptitudes and such, but for the most part it's a functional sheet. Couple of minor visual hitches that need to be patched up. I don't suppose there's any way for you to share this, or will we have to figure it out ourselves?
  14. Some of us use point buy - hell, I'd never play Rogue Trader with rolled stats. With a -5 penalty from your homeworld and the right mutation, hitting 15 ain't that hard. While I can sympathize, I've had some very bad experience with point buy. It's a system that seems to encourage minmaxing. Not sure if this is widespread or just something about the people I play with.
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