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  1. I actually had thought about something like this quite some time ago. Really love the idea. One that came to mind for me was one for Rogue Squadron. It would be a 4 X-Wing formation allowing friendly formation ships within range 1 to use a target lock as if it was their own. This would offer some pretty cool dynamics in action efficiency, and give their torpedo slot some more flexibility. Don't know what points would look like, but I would love to see something like this implemented. If not for standard 100 point games, then for Epic it would be very appropriate.
  2. The shield regenerating aggressor with Darth Vader seems pretty brutal. Ysanne on the Falcon, plus the tile and Threepio is just downright painful. Just as abusive as the R2 3PO pair but without R2's risk. Run a Howlrunner Swarm that includes Serissu seems pretty scary as well.
  3. Not to mention the fact that the Rebs have two large ships... Like com'on man, is it too much to ask for a Star Destroyer lol? To be fair, one is a big floating unarmed target. In my experience it's more cost effective and just more effective in general...having a raider around will change that I think... I've had great results with using the lowly space whale with slicer tools, in conjunction with the panic attack list. B-Wings with Tactician and Y-Wings using mix of R3-A2 and Ion to herd people into the flight path. Beautiful. Then the slicers just stick it too them.
  4. The two hour time limit sounds pretty reasonable. My experience has also been that once you start engaging things die really fast as well. With 15 minutes between rounds and a decent lunch break that is four rounds in a day. Maybe three rounds of swiss followed by a top two finish faceoff. I have also noticed that team games move even faster. Even at 400 points per side. I am eagerly looking forward to the epic Imperial release to give some much needed boost to epic. Also only slightly less excited to see what they release for Scum and Villainy.
  5. That would appear to be the case. lol That is kind of my thought on the matter. My experience with local venues is that they don't want to host epic because they don't think there will be enough interest. Then when I talk to players they tell me that since there are no events for epic they are that interested in it. It seems to be a circular problem...
  6. I'm pretty sure the tournament rules limit game time to 2.5-3 hours. You could likely play 3 games in a day, which does not seem unreasonable. As far as rounds go, my group usually has about 20 minute rounds when everyone is focused on the game. Which is precisely what we should expect to see in a tournament.
  7. Hey everyone, I have been waiting and waiting but am just not seeing anything for Epic Scale tournaments. FF makes this lovely PDF with rules and formats and nothing comes of it. Now I understand a big part of this has been the one sided nature of huge ships, but with that fixing to change let's show Epic some love! I would love to see some more epic play, particularly for tournaments. Which also had me thinking, all the lovely alternate art promos they could make. The Tantive IV with movie stills. So beautiful. So is my area just lacking in this or have you all seen/participated in some competitive epic play? Let me know your thoughts, along with what some brainstorming for what some cool promotional goodies could be.
  8. I think that the squadron rules are a good way to go. But I would limit it to however many of a ship you can fit in 100 points. So 8 Ties, 4 X-wings, 3 E-Wings, etc. Stands to reason the more expensive the ship, the less there are of them in a squadron. This is also very manageable from a collection perspective. From a sellers standpoint that is a good goal, as you don't discourage people since they could theoretically use all the ships for that in a normal game, and you encourage people to expand their existing collections. The squadron effects would be free. For X-Wings I could see something like this: "When firing ordnance, do not discard your target lock token if another friendly ship in your squadron has a target lock token on the same target." Thematic to coordinated fire, offers some great options to combat huge ships and give those torpedoes a nice boosts in efficiency as you can save the target lock for the actual attack. Don't know if this would happen, but I think that this could be a great way to go.
  9. There are are a few things in regards to helping the bomber out that I think would go a long way. First, let's get another worthwhile bomb! Proximity mines have helped a great deal after the errata to them, but as little as bombs are seen, these are basically it. I would love to see a bomb that deals stress/ion tokens. Even better if it is like a proximity mine in that it stays in play. Second, let's get a pilot (or even better a title) that allows the bombs to be deployed alternative ways. Something like Emon Azzameen's ability, or maybe you could drop bombs with a stress token (but still not perform other actions). This would allow them to drop their bomb after doing a K-Turn, which would greatly increase their threat range. Don't know if any of these will happen, but I think it could be pretty cool. My hope beyond hope is that we will see a Bomber Ace pack. It would be packed with so many goodies...
  10. I like all the feedback folks. I have been considering some off the cuff builds to deal with some of these prominent threats. My first store championship will be next weekend, so I will tell you all how it goes. For some of these more popular builds/lists does anyone have some lists? Would be helpful to playtest against if I know the most popular build/list.
  11. It is somewhat disappointing that there are not googly eyes on this ship. Other than that though well done.
  12. Hello Community, I, like many of you at this point, am preparing for a volley of store championships. The list is decided, the dates are saved, and the game face is ready and waiting. What I would like to hear is what the current state of the meta is looking like. What have you all seen getting some play lately and what are the lists/ships to look out for. I am sure the decimator/outrider will see plenty of action, along with the ever present phantom. But beyond those what's happening? I am sure I can't be the only one wondering, so let's get this thread going with what your eyes have seen across the table and what has worked to deal with them. While your at it, drop any tips/tricks for general tournament play that people might find useful.
  13. I've got extra scimitar squadron pilots that I am looking to trade for Black Squadron Pilots. Message me to let me know if you are interested.
  14. My pleasure. I am considering photo documenting my next tournament. Would expedite many of these write ups if nothing else.
  15. Love this! Absolutely stunning. Just one thing with the cards though: Isn't it a tad out of place to grant a PS1 Outer Rim Smuggler an EPT? (In fact, it's already a bit strange that a PS5 pilot would get an EPT. But since it's Ace, I guess that works too! :]) Instead, wouldn't it make more sense to just remove the EPT and reduce the cost? A PS1 Outer Rim Smuggler for the YT1300 stands at 27pts. I would imagine a PS1 Outer Rim Smuggler for the YT2000 with less hull, less shields, one less crew option, and only one more attack dice should be slightly cheaper. Should also keep in mind the relative cost of the PS1 pilot to a PS2 Blue Squadron (B Wing pilot) at 22pts that has the same amount of hit points, attack dice, agility dice. For 23 pts, a PS2 Blue Squadron pilot will have the exact same stats with the additional Crew, System Upgrade, and Cannon option. So to make this PS1 YT2000 pilot viable, perhaps you can remove the EPT and reduce the cost to 25-26pts? Am eagerly looking forward to the changes so I can print the model and the cards and have a go at it! Thanks for all the handwork! I think that making it 25 points enter dangerous territory. This would allow you to have 4 firepower 3 turrets in a list. Even without a single upgrade that is very potent and arguably overpowered. There is a reason there are no ships below 12 point and no turrets below 26 points...
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