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  1. So my gaming group is looking for something fun and different to try while we take a break from our usual games (Pathfinder and Star Wars Saga Edition) and I suggested I would run a 40k game as I love the universe. The group more or less decided to do Only War mainly because they all like the idea of playing guardsmen. However, I imagine Only War lends itself mostly to combat oriented games and while thats fun sometimes, I was also curious about possible roleplay involved. Anyways, I am wanting to run a one shot adventures for my group (most likely 4 players besides the GM) but I am unsure what kind of adventure to run, as me and my group included have never played any of the 40k RPGs. I was thinking about a mission where the squad has been left behind on a war torn planet and have to fight to survive and escape, I am not sure what enemies are appropriate for low level heroes, but I was thinking traitor guard and I even had the idea of slipping in the option for the heroes to turn traitor themselves for an easy way to escape. Other ideas I had are that the planet is scheduled to be glassed and if they were to go traitor, a warp portal might be their only way off world. IDK, I am looking for any ideas, as I really want to introduce this setting to my group and have them enjoy it. A one shot is ideal because this will most likely not be a long running game inless the group really enjoys it. But I am more or less looking for recommendations assuming none of us have ever touched one of the 40k core rulebooks, because honestly, we pretty much havn't. TL;DR Whats a good one shot adventure idea? Is there any way the players should build their group to not hinder themselves? Good ways to balance combat and roleplay. Are there any rules I should deffinately know about before trying to run a game (besides character creation haha) Any thing else you think might be useful to a new group and GM.
  2. Thanks a lot for all the great advice, I will have to consult with my group more it seems before I make any decisions. When I say I am inexperienced, its mostly because ive only ran probably 10 sessions worth of games so far, and I have used premade material almost exclusively, however I have come to realise, regardless of the system, good improv is always better than having everything set in stone, which improv is probably my weakest skill. I understand coming up with a skeleton of a story and having my players go at it, but I feel like I wouldn't be able to keep up with them, or even properly lead them to a suitable end point, especially when it comes to a mystery plot, I feel like any clue I would leave them would wind up being way to obvious or something.
  3. So I am a fairly inexperienced GM. I have ran a handfull of sessions for DnD 4th ed, Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga Edition, and dabbled in various other systems. All in all, I have much more experience READING about these games than I do actually playing them due to a lack of other players to game with. At this point I more or less have a group to play with online which has driven me to get back into RPGs and Warhammer 40k just happens to be my favorite fictional universe so I really want to try running a game in this setting. So here is the dilemma, rather than something like DnD or Pathfinder where I can more or less just say go kill goblins and call it a day, 40k is a much more defined universe and I am not very confident in my ability to accurately convey the world and its people to my players whether it be roleplaying an inquisitor, or telling them what a hive city is like. Another issue, arguably the bigger problem, is I have no idea what system to run (DH, RT, DW, BC, or OW). I think I can safely count out Black Crusade, but all the other systems have things I can see my players enjoying. In my group I have one person who enjoys Roleplay over combat and likes mysteries, another who prefers a balance and is somewhat of a power player (always tries to be as overpowered as possible), and the other 2 I am just unsure what they like, but I have found it is a lot harder to force your group to roleplay and investigate then just have them shoot stuff. If I had it my way personally, I would probably pick Dark Heresy, as it offers a lot of roleplay potential and freedom to make your character unique. I do know however a lot of my group likes the idea of being in the Imperial Guard so Only War would be good, I just worry that Only War would be combat, combat, and more combat, 9/10 times. Deathwatch is cool soley because its the only system your characters arent liable to die from a stray flashlight shot. and while Rogue Trader sounds cool, I get the feeling a sandbox style game is not a good idea for my group, but maybe I am just overthinking it. TL;DR - I am a noob at GMing but I really wanna run 40k. I don't know how each system works in gameplay so I am worried I will pick a system not suitable for my group. Specifically, how much oppurtunity to roleplay is there in a game like Deathwatch or Only War. Which systems would you say are easier to run, basically looking for general advice on GMing in general, in the 40k universe, and a run down of what each system offers in terms of gameplay and style. (RP vs Combat) Sorry for the wall of text haha
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