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  1. I like idea of a small side board with 6-8 squares where movement is restricted or unpredictable. I was thinking of a fly palace or castle that is represented by a game piece on the board and moves like the reaper (but restricted to the outer region). If you land in the space with palace you can enter on your next turn. When you leave the palace perhaps unwillingly you will end up in the space where the palace is currently positioned.
  2. Magus is great character with the City expansion. Spell draw generates gold, gold generates wins.
  3. Tavern Maid hands down. Her irritating character abilities and the idea that a tavern wench can become the ruler of the world make her supremely fun to play.
  4. RevengeRobot


    I agree super powerful. Your group limited his power to 2 gold per magic item. He is also the target much ire such as when Warlock is played.
  5. I agree Luna + Lucky is very awesome, but what makes these cards plus such cards like the flail and the spell book are how easily they can be acquired. In a game of seemingly randomness, spell books, flails, and awesome pets aways make an appearance in my games. The scribe in the hands of character with a spell book will can cause inifinate loops, such lightning bolt or time spell locks.
  6. Even if they made the last corner I would still want more areas to explore. The Highlands becomes a volcano, the city a necropolis , and dungeon a another dimension. Let the players choose which to use and which to leave out.
  7. I causal stroll through the forum revealed the some people prefer to ban or restrict certain cards. My fellow players and I haven't banned any cards but we have restricted a few. We have decided two followers Luna and the Scribe from the city expansion should be restricted to three uses after which they discard. What top five cards that ban/restricts in your games if any?
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