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  1. So you think he's following Luke's path from Dark Empire. Following the Dark path to destroy it from within.... his costume really screams Luke's Dark Empire one too actually. But he's super pissed at Fin calling him traitor so does seem very much indoctrinated to the First Order.
  2. It's an Imperial ship with a turret on the roof
  3. Kinda interesting how little we saw of ships they had designed up in the concept art leeks from months ago. Like the Quadhopper which was clearly originally Rey's ship this one looked very cool too which looks like it has a pair of T-65 engines on it. also this big fighter I really liked the First Order landing craft, I've seen what could be close to x-wing scale version from Hot Wheels that comes bundled with a T-70 though there's also a Titanium series version, looks like it has a turret on the roof, not sure if it's a quad or a double barrel like a Y-wing.
  4. ...And where might one find said resin model? >3> https://starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index.cfm/category/40/star-wars---full-kits.html
  5. Bought the 1/48 AT-ST it's brilliant, I can't afford it right now but I want them all.
  6. Have you seen the original trilogy? how effective were stormtroopers in general? the one time they are super effective is when Vader is behind them at the start. Or sheer numbers when they assault Hoth. They are recruited and indoctinated to be loyal not effective. I think it captures that pulpy adventure feeling very well.
  7. good initial advice is try several thin coats till you get the coverage you want rather than one thick one that will details
  8. That is part of the crashed Aquila shuttle from the Warhammer 40,000 starter set a few versions ago. Great bit of thematic terrain. Here's the whole thing painted http://robjedi.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/crashed-aquila-shuttle-bit-of-airbrush.html
  9. Also that thread can spell Rogue
  10. It may actually be a gunner's pod. http://www.imperialshipyards.net/SMF/index.php?topic=5110.0 scroll down till you see the B-wing with the concept B-wing, the Rebels one looks like a combination of the two. If you go down further you'll find the concept AT-ATs as well.
  11. I'm still waiting to see the Ghost and Gozanti carrier from Rebels. I'd be happy to see new inverse TIEs and T-70s. I think FFG deliberately gave us the version of the Z-95 that they did so it would be different to the T-70 down the pipeline.
  12. No one mentioning it didn't just crash, it went down upside down. Or possibly rolled a few times.
  13. Interesting that the Corvettes seem to be scaled like the ones in X-wing rather than the much bigger size from the movies. They seem to be up gunned a bit too
  14. CyCo click the hyperlink to Armored YT-1300 in my sig
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