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  1. awesome. looks like it would be extremely fun
  2. I'll keep it brief. I love everything about Genesys and Star Wars rpg's from FFG. The mechanics are smooth, the narrative dice are great and they seem to be the best mechanics i have used in a long time. Long live FFG!!!
  3. With force upgrades,do you need to generate enough force points to activate each upgrade? Example: if you have a force power with 3 purchased strength upgrades,are you to generate 4 force points? One for the basic power and one for each upgrade. The F&D book is unclear on this.
  4. In my opinion,i feel FFG star wars games capture the true feel to the setting/universe. Mainly in part to the unique dice mechanics that offer that feel.I have GM'd the star wars rpg from west end games,wotc and so on. In the end,i find FFG to be the more immersive of all iterations.Don't get me wrong,the others offered just as much for their time,and so i'm not saying anything bad towards those games.I just feel that FFG is best on many accounts.It really is star wars.
  5. I also like the 5 xp per hour. Makes it reasonable in the long run. Also i have added a house rule on spending xp on force powers. I have it set that the player's can only purchase one force upgrade per power at a time. This allows a slower advancement in those powers. After all, without teachers and such, and keeping under the empire's radar,,it should take longer to acquire. In the end,it works fine and without problems. ( But every group is different )
  6. Q3 would fall between july-sept. can't wait for this book but i don't want to rush the cold months again-lol
  7. In my opinion,owning both rulebooks and the Force and Destiny that releases this summer would give the complete feel of star wars.Sure the core rules are reprinted,but that makes it easier at the table for the player's who need to look things up. When deciding on the rulebooks,ask the one question that helps."What aspects of star wars do you like?" After all,each of the rulebooks will have their own product line that can easily cross between the other books. Above all,that question,when answered,will point you to what book(s) you may want for star wars gaming. FFG has made an awesome rpg for star wars and so far i have not been disappointed. Game on!!!
  8. No matter how daunting the dice may appear to be or how many are on the table, the easiest way to view it is knowing that among the dice,there are only 6 symbols which you need to learn. Success,Failure,/Advantage,Threat,/Triumph,Despair. The last die (the Force die has specific use ),and has only two uses so far. To determine the number of destiny tokens and to use force powers.
  9. The force powers all work together,so you can decide to add them all to your game without issues. Again,it's all up to the ga/player's. I use them all as a whole.
  10. Sounds like your game went well,congrats. One advantage to having one Gm and one player is that the player can learn the rules,and when you get new player's, he can assist those new to the system.It also allows for deeper story/character development in the end. But once you have a full group,the adventure really takes off. Good luck and enjoy the system.In my opinion,it's the best star wars rpg to date. Rock on FFG.
  11. Note:(I write this on speculation only since i have not seen any material from any product of the age of rebellion.) Emperor's Edge: (summary) Just use the stats for the star destroyer, increase it's shields by 2 or 3 and since it's super weapon can slice through such ships with ease,give the super weapon a base damage of 20 with a critical of 5 and a range of long or extreme and the slow firing quality. I would be able to better design something if i had seen material from the age of rebellion. Sorry if this info seems a bit inaccurate.
  12. What about having the characters meet with the rebellion to discuss the situation.While this takes place,the rebellion intercepts a coded transmission.Once cracked,it's learned that the empire is sending a small unit of imperial officers,one commander and a unit of stormtroopers to geonosis to secure the work site and remove all traces of prior activities.The characters decide to book passage to geonosis where they plan to ambush and capture the imperial officers and commander.By doing so,the characters can interrogate them,steal their uniforms,aquire some codes and have them held captive.This allows the characters to steal an imperial shuttle and prepare to meet up with and board the emperor's edge.Also,the characters plant some high explosives aboard the shuttle in case of an emergency.Now,this offers the option of destroying it from the inside,or at least destroying it's shields to give the rebellion some advantage. For any escape,there most likely be additional shuttles or such available that can be used.Now the rebellion prepares to make a direct attack against the emperor's edge once they learn of the characters success and the internal damage done. (This can go in any direction from here.) Just one idea. Your adventure sounds great. Hope to know how it ends.
  13. This contradicts the answer given by the line developer. Each hit can cause a Critical Hit with sufficient Advantages/Triumphs, and additional activations beyond the number of hits provide +10 to one of the critical hits (presumably the last one rolled would be chosen for greatest effect), I apologize,my wording to this was jumbled. Yes,each hit would cause a critical roll providing you have enough advantages/triumphs. Beyond the normal hit(s) that were successful,any additional advantages/triumphs beyond those for the hit(s) could grant a +10/per critical activated. Again,i do apologize.
  14. Just curious what people though of a really nasty weapon, the Vibrosword? After looking over the mods which can be added,it can almost become an auto crit weapon. Example: Vibrosword: damage+2/crit.2/encumbrance3/pierce2/vicious1/defensive1. Now add the following mods. Superior weapon quality and Monomolecular edge. Results: Vibrosword: dam+3/crit.1/encumbrance2/pierce2/vicious1/defensive1. The superior weapon quality grants an automatic advantage. So which means that as long as the hit is successful,it becomes an automatic critical due to the advantage gained from superior weapon quality.So if someone rolled a successful hit and generated 4 advantages+1 automatic advantage(5 total),a critical hit can be activated by one advantage and the remaining 4 advantages would grant a +40 to the critical roll.Now since the vibrosword has vicious1,that adds another +10 to the critical roll for a total of +50. This also means that if someone rolled a 91 or higher on the percentile roll for this critical,it would basically mean certain death. So,what do you think of this nasty weapon? Just cruel to say the least.
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