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  1. Why didn't you answer this question?
  2. Aaaannnd ... we're now being told that we won't get a kit. Please remove July 8 Kryptonite from the list. That will now be a Q2 Tournament instead.
  3. Just scheduled ... Kryptonite Kollectibes in Janesville, WI on July 8 edit: We're now being told a kit will not be sent. This will be a Q2 Tournament instead.
  4. Come join us every Friday evening from 6-9pm at Kryptonite Kollectibles in Janesville, WI; we're just across the border. We have a variety of games from regular, to HotAC, to Epic, to you name it.
  5. Bump with the day fast approaching. Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Presidents Day like an afternoon of X-Wing.
  6. Where: Kryptonite Kollectibles in Janesville WI When: Saturday February 18 Start Time: Noon Entry Fee: $5 Squad Build : 100pts Format: 4 Swiss rounds See you there!
  7. Disney just announced that Matt Damon will be making a special announcement about this during his appearance on the Jimmie Kimmel show tonight.
  8. KRYPTONITE KOLLECTIBLES X-WING 2016 SUMMER KIT TOURNAMENT LOCATION: 1441 Plainfield Ave Janesville, WI 53545 (608) 758-2100 DATE: Saturday, September 17th, 2016 TIME: 12:30pm for registration, 1:00pm first round starts ENTRY FEE: $5 While thee is no need to pre-register, letting us know you are coming is appreciated. E-mail gamer@maxqast.com to give us the heads up or if you have any questions. Please bring your completed squad sheet with you. https://images-cdn.f...deck-sheet2.pdf FORMAT: Depends on head count, but we anticipate THREE or FOUR 75 minute “Swiss style” pairing rounds, with 10 minutes between rounds. PRIZES: Participation: alternate art Predator upgrade card Top 8: acrylic stress tokens + above Top 2: alternate art Corran Horn pilot card + above Champion: solid metal TIE Fighter challenge coin + above [edit] updated time by half hour to match what was posted in the store
  9. Me, too! In fact, I've got a tournament in four hours and I haven't thought about what I'll play yet. Maybe I should do that instead of read this forum. Nah.
  10. Interesting idea. But, no, I wouldn't want to see that. NFL, NHRA, cub scout pinewood derby, ATP, NCAA hockey, etc all use brackets for a reason ... the #1 seed plays the lowest seed, etc so that the better teams are more likely to advance and face each other. Yeah, sometimes they have a bad matchup using that system. Every year, the NFL has a higher ranked team play a lesser one that they'd rather not face. But that adds interest. If you want to be the champ, you have to be able to win all games. Cherry picking to get there diminishes that accomplishment. Tournaments would go longer and they are long enough now. Yeah, it's only two minutes per pick. But it's multiple picks over multiple rounds. And it puts more emphasis on the meta and the luck of which squad you brought that day and less on the players' skill.
  11. That is awesome. I hope I get to play you sometime.
  12. Never rode western WI? Well, then, you're missing the good stuff. www.slimeycrudrun.com has your answer
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