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  1. In this episode Jay and I continue our house series with house Sanctum. https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-thats-how-i-got-to-sanctum/
  2. I know it's been a while but we're back on with our KeyForge house series. In this episode Jay and I dive into house Mars and talk about how you get the most out of your martians. https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-mars-attacks/
  3. I (Nick) went to the Vault Tour at Adepticon and in this episode I share my experience and we discuss our thoughts on the Vault Tour and lager tournaments in general https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-the-vault-in-our-stars
  4. In this episode Jay and I break down House Logos and go on a tangent about OTK decks. https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-one-turn-killaz/
  5. It's been a while, life got kind of crazy. In this episode we take a break from the house series to talk about the new set, rating sites and what we feel makes a good deck. https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-one-deck-two-decks-three-decks-more/
  6. In this episode of Crunch and Chaos we are continuing our house series by dissecting house Dis https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-miss-me-miss-me-now-you-got-to-dis-me
  7. I have a deck with Rogue Ogre and I like him a lot too. I totally agree with it feeling "anti-synergistic but at the same time it's cards like that me make me question my own/the common playstyle. Like maybe I'm missing something and trying to dump my hand every turn isn't the right way to do things.
  8. This week we start out our series talking about each individual house in KeyForge. We kick things off with my personal favorite, house Brobnar. In our house series we primarily discuss general strategy, common and uncommons but do touch on our favorite rares. As always thank you for listening https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-the-house-that-brobnar-built/
  9. I don't remember if we talked about Skirmish specifically and i know we didn't talk about Poison but we we were very clear the this threshold is merely a guideline and that there are many creatures that fit outside of it including Skirmish and Poison creatures. Additionally, this threshold is really two parts. One part if the Power of creature and the other part is the removal, specifically the removal that deals damage.
  10. https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-all-your-amber-belong-to-us/ In this episode we dive a bit deeper into the design of the Call of the Archons set. Specifically we talk about the idea of a power level threshold in which a creature can be defined as a board control creature (creature used for fighting) and a utility creature (creature that is primarily there for it's effect and to reap). We would love to hear and thoughts you have on the topic below and thank you for listening. ~Nick
  11. Thank you for listening and subscribing! We really appreciate it.
  12. Episodes for the foreseeable future will be KeyForge. We really appreciate you listening and I hope you keep enjoying the case .
  13. I see your point. In my head the episode is the start of the discussion but in the future I will give a brief overview of what each episode is about.
  14. Two weeks in a row 😮. Get your Crunch and Chaos fix right meow. https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-get-off-your-high-horses/
  15. I know it's been a while and we apologize for that. But we are back with a new episode of Crunch and Chaos! https://crunchandchaos.podbean.com/e/crunch-chaos-wild-wormhole/
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