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  1. I'd hope so, Warhammer 40K is experiencing a bit of a resurgence this year. Maybe they could adopt the Edge of the Empire system, it's certainly fun to play.
  2. At the speed of plot. Preparations take a while. Charging the warp engine, raising the protective Gellar field, preparing the crew and sealing breaches and whatnot. The thing is, time is abstracted away, even in BFG: Armada. That said, those emergency blinks and short-ranged warp relocations shouldn't be too common. At the very least it should have a chance to fail, scatter, or destroy the ship due to the nature of the Warp. Also, you don't need a Navigator to enter the Warp, only to steer you once you're in it.
  3. I'd think something like an Inquisitor or Rogue Trader game would work best. You can showcase literally all the layers of the 40K setting with either. It can even be two shows with each acting as the other's antagonist.
  4. Here's a deleted scene regarding Luke's second lightsaber: Apparently he reads Obi-Wan's journal that describes of a way to create a crystal synthetically. It was easy enough that Luke was able to make it, along with the saber. I'd say it's just a green Ilum crystal, perhaps with an upgrade already.
  5. Luke starts out as a Explorer / Fringer. His mind was always somewhere else, craving adventure. Also, he wouldn't care about paying for the Force Emergent spec because blowing up the Death Star probably gave him infinity experience anyway, his GM is only slowing down his progression by limiting how much he can train per session. Then it's an even-bet as to whether he focuses his XP into buffing up his Force Powers or if he buys Starfighter Ace at all. Since he has to learn to wield a lightsaber too and focus a lot on Athletics and Discipline. Could be that since he's already a good pilot with good Agility and Brawn he decides to fill out his Emergent spec tree and Force Powers first. It's only after ESB that he goes back and specs into a Guardian specialization, maybe. Now, is that correct according to FFG's system? Is Luke forever an Explorer at heart? I think so. The need for adventure probably leaves him later on, but I think that's at the core of Luke's character. It even fits with Episode 7's story.
  6. Rebels uses a lot of McQuarrie's art and concepts. One of the criminals is based off one of the early drafts for Jabba. Zeb is based off Chewie, there was even a joke about him being a hairless Wookiee. Even Darth Vader's helmet is shaped to be closer to McQuarrie's drafts. It's taking a while to get its stride. Clone Wars dealt with some heavy stuff early on and the target audience for Rebels is much younger than that. This season seems a bit disjointed, especially after the excellent mid-season movie/premier "Siege of Lothal". Art-wise and sound-wise it's very Star Wars. The story too is the classic coming of age story and the latest episode had a lot in common with ANH's Death Star scenes.
  7. There's an insert called "Moving and Duration" that suggests committing a Force Die to maintain the power. Larger items (silhouette 2 or more) can inflict strain too. I was looking at this earlier and I thought I'd tie Force Rating into that silhouette suggestion, causing the Move-r to suffer strain equal to the difference between the target's silhouette and the player's Force Rating for every turn. Seems fair.
  8. The reason why clones were so successful was that they could adapt to any situation unlike droids. They could think on their feet and came up with inventive solutions all the time. At the very least they had Intellect and Cunning 2. I'd agree with Presence 1 as those kinds of skills weren't emphasized, and of course to boost Brawn to 3 due to their tougher conditioning and health. Then I'd say they get Athletics 1 and Discipline 1 due to their upbringing. So essentially baseline humans with 100 xp and the skills pre-chosen. I'd give them a boost die to either Cool, Vigilance, or Perception for some flavour.
  9. Everyone's given some reasonable answers already. So let me go in the other direction. To a Mandalorian, armour is a very personal thing. It is both practical and vain, to gird yourself in the finest protection so you can keep fighting is the perfect blend of Mandalorian sensibilities of personal honour and pragmatism. To start off with, in the Old Republic the Mandalorians have a bad rep. I'd give bonuses to any Coercion checks for sure. And also penalties for anything remotely "pleasant" or "diplomatic". I also wouldn't restrict myself to existing qualities, though there are already many decent options. Consider overpowered stuff like "Always counts as Aiming" due to enhanced targeting systems in the helmet.
  10. Instead of clans there should be multiple Knight "cells". There is the main Jedi Order itself, and each Master of the Council is actually the head of their own order or a senior member of a larger one. The smaller orders/cells would be based on Master/Apprentice relationships. Almost like a family tree, or a clan. Attaining Mastery in the Jedi ranks means you take a senior position of that cell/clan and a seat in the Council. Or you can start your own. The idea's based on romanticized warrior societies where a teacher would establish a school on, say, swordsmanship, and gather students and train up masters of their art. Schools of philosophy, different monasteries, they all followed this teacher-student dynamic and grew that way. I think it's how the Old Republic Jedi used to run things, in the comics at least.
  11. Kale's pretty close to how I am building my own Pathfinder. I'm debating whether it's more useful to start with more Force Powers (Misdirect and Sense both seem very useful) versus going deep into Talents.
  12. I'm curious about something: Apart from the Stimpack stuff, I think all the other Talents for Medics are fine for Droids too. There's even an "Oil Bath" for Bacta Tanks. With a decent Int score the Medic should be fine even without having Mechanics as a skill, right? Was there something more that I'm not seeing? This seems quite fair.
  13. Well, that's balanced by the fact that Droids can be targeted by computer viruses and so on. Organic meatbags don't have to worry about that kinda thing (unless they're neuro linked into a computer somehow and it fries them). Saying that as a GM though. I mean, sure a droid doesn't need to breathe but what happens if the ship's stuck in an ion storm? Need to make repairs else the meatbags all suffocate or something equally horrific. The droids have strengths but the GM should still poke at said strengths, right? Anyway, has anyone ever tried out a droid with two 4s in their Characteristics? It means taking a +5 XP Obligation and no talents or extra skills to start with. But it seems appropriately powerful.
  14. I always held the Jedi as wandering errant knights, hermit warriors, following the call of the Force to faraway places. I'd hold to the giant Jedi Temple on Coruscant, but I'd keep it rather empty except for the younglings who need a more stable place to grow up. It's not the only Jedi Temple, but it is the main one, at least in the people's eye. After all, it's on the capital planet right? I'd also take the Force as kind of a religion. People say "May the Force be with you" like they would "Vaya con Dios" without actually ever meaning it. There would be a few Jedi mediators (by "few" I mean a few thousand) kept on Coruscant to handle diplomatic situations as the Republic still has conflict. They're also not exclusively ambassadors but a significant number of them are part of those cadres. Very similar to canon. Except they don't wear robes worn by moisture farmers from Tattooine. They dress modestly, but the only way to identify a Jedi is by the lightsaber nonchalantly hanging off their belt or strapped to their thighs. But I wouldn't make them generals. At least, not by decree. The Jedi Master Council is made up of all the Jedi Masters in the galaxy. It too is a democracy. And the Clone Wars and the Separatists are reflected here as well. The CIS complained about corruption in the Republic, which was very true, and several Jedi would see that as well. Some would take the Chancellor's very cunning offer to lead military forces. I mean what are they to do when all the answers seem right? The Separatists have a point, the Militarists want to make sure the Clones are treated well and limit the damage, and those who want to mediate and keep the peace are correct as well. I'd focus the prequels on a Han Solo-esque Anakin Skywalker, the straightman Obi-Wan Kenobi who has to flee Naboo with its new Queen. Along the way, some droids are picked up, some new friends made, a giant ship blows up and someone kisses the Queen. It ends with Anakin agreeing to become Obi-Wan's apprentice. We can even have Anakin call Obi-Wan "Ben" as a nickname to get him through some checkpoint, and the name'll stick to the straight-laced Jedi.
  15. Heh, got a little too busy with life. Not enough time to catalogue the travails of the Strom Dynasty, though we did end our second run on a high note and may revisit it again later this year. But everyone in my group's so busy that realistically I don't think there'll be a third campaign any time soon. I may be able to write down the entire campaign as I did take notes.
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