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  1. Too many changes/additions to the player ships are a good way for this Hunters of the AC to falter. I'd keep it to the ships RAK has already designed it for (INT/Adv/LN/Bomber). I'd disregard the TIE FO and give a Tech slot to the LN; similar to how the HWK recieved an illicit.
  2. Sounds good. Would you like some help putting missions together into handouts like this?
  3. Actually they had that on the AI at first, but then one person tested the Xwings out and found it was too good, since they were nuts with both a TL and a Focus with 3 dice. The Ywing and A-wing werent as bad, but the Xwing and Bwing are pretty nsty with that much modification. A happy middle ground might then be that the Two-Attack ships like Z-95, Y-Wing, and A-Wings get the free target locks. They'll be the ones who need it most for that low primary weapon attack, as well as them most likely carrying missiles or torpedoes.
  4. Here's a link to the old TIE FIGHTER dos game walkthrough. You may be able to pull some mission inspiration from reading through those old ones. http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/199007-star-wars-tie-fighter-collectors-cd-rom/faqs/24165 I would like to add regarding the Rebel AI, giving some of them Free Target Locks prior to their Perform Action Step (Like the HOTAC TIE Bombers) would help to slightly mitigate some of the high evade dice and crazy combos some of the Imperial Ships can perform. Since the Rebel ships won't be flying around in wolfpacks like the Imperial AI does in HOTAC, having more reliable attacks for the rebels might equal out.
  5. I think it requires a scroll-wheel or trackpad. I don't see any scroll-bars, but if I hover my cursor above the ship lists the two-finger swipe cycles through available ships and tokens.
  6. I would be happy to host a playtest campaign on Vassal, mission design, elite rebel pilots, or assist with polish, whatever you need.
  7. Glad you like the blog, we're all just enjoying Josh's creation! I think its Right-Click> Set Stats > Large and Small Tags or Shift-N and Shift-P respectively.
  8. I'd also like to know the answer to the seismic charge question. The rulebook states you gain XP only in the combat phase—bombs and 'charges occur in a prior phase. We've been allowing 1XP if the charge hits any enemies (Although maybe I should change that to none if the explosion hits any allies too), and 1 additional XP for doing any damage in the combat phase. Sounds like we need a Bomber Medal that grants 1XP per mission if you use a bomb to damage an enemy Edit: Muahaha!
  9. I really like your approach to tweaking aspects of the campaign which fell a little short. The medals emphasize the RP aspect. I could see a good variety of medals being introduced to add more flare and develop characters. Thanks! Our group is enjoying the campaign a lot so far, and the backstory and roleplaying area are some of our favorites. Lots of ideas for Medals rolling around
  10. Glad to have you following Grim Squadron! It's a fun campaign and we appreciate your effort put into it. Let us know if you need help testing anything!
  11. We have a group of four players playing Heros of the Aturi Cluster on Vassal--and have started to maintain a blog with battle reports at http://grimsquadron.weebly.com. So far so good! We've included some optional medals cards in order to facilitate and encourage the adoption of roles, or to introduce some of the optional rules (large ships, unbalanced ships) while still providing some level of fairness. Here's a Link to the medals explanation page: http://grimsquadron.weebly.com/aturi-campaign-system.html
  12. Recently moved down. Looking for an X-Wing group in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
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