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  1. Oh, duh, I didn't think about that. Yeah, I'll update that when I get a chance soon!
  2. A while back, some of my players said they wanted to be spellcasters. So, I reorganized the magic tables and descriptions to give to my players so they don't have to parse through everything. I really like the magic system that Genesys gives us, but I think it's really hard to easily read what spells you have cast from your skill. In response, I just screen capped them from my core rulebook pdf and made PDFs based on the types of spells each different skill (Arcane, Primal, and Divine) can cast in their own contained "Spellbook." I shared this on the Genesys subreddit a few days ago but I found the official forums the other day and both communities have been really helpful and integral in me learning the system and building a better world and campaign so I'd like to throw something back to help anyone else out Here's a link to where you can download each Spellbook, as well as the individual pages: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eb3zl7vw1b2u96p/AAAVVcHRU_-yBYkWPmcSQP2qa?dl=0
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