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  1. Imperial faction gets K-2SO crew before he was reprogrammed. It's only fair since Rebels get our Tie fighter
  2. Has the Firespray been removed from the Imperial faction? Will I need to buy more than one conversion kit to be able to field my collection of 8 tie fighters?
  3. These stats are insane. 6 out of the top 8 lists are scum, and there are 8 Jumpmasters in the top 8. Also, 5 out of the top 6 scum lists have at least one Jumpmaster. My beloved Empire barely even had a showing at the top tables T_T Have we had a worlds as lopsided as this before?
  4. Vessery (35) - VI, Flechette Cannon, TIE/D; 38 Ryad (34) - PTL, TIE MkII, TIE X7; 36 Pure Sabaac (22) - VI, LWF, Ailerons; 25 I don't really know why it works so well, if I'm being honest. Last tournament I didn't lose a ship all day. (Small local tourney, 16 people).
  5. I personally love the Flechette cannon, esp on Vessery. I won my last two tournaments with it: the utility from dealing a stress (and an extra damage) is not to be underestimated. One game in particular, against a Falcon, he only got to take one action the entire game. After that, he was stressed and I forced him into doing white maneuvers so he never got to clear it. Same thing happened against a double jumpmaster list. Just my two cents.
  6. Didn't mean to spark another Inquisitor/Thrusters debate. This is why we can't have nice things.
  7. Well, it's already pretty easy to get a Phantom into a Palpatine Aces build. You just can't have Soontir or Vader. OGP + Palpatine 29 pts Soontir + PTL Thrusters 32 pts Whisper + VI ACD FCS 39 pts Total = 100 pts
  8. Comparing the price point of loaded up Inquisitor (25 pt pilot, 3 pt PTL, 1 pt Title, 2 pt Autothruster = 31 TOTAL) to Soontir at 35 pts for thruster/stealth. I realize that leaves an empty missile slot for The Inquisitor, but I don't like a missile on him for two reasons; for one thing, that puts him either at soontir's cost, or one point above or below (depending on the missile), which makes the Inquisitor even harder to justify over soontir. The second reason is the ps8, which is too low for consistent prockets (if you aren't taking prockets, then why aren't you just using his primary?) Anybody see something I don't? If the inquisitor's ability cancelled Autothrusters, I'd be on board. But since it doesn't, I don't really see the point.
  9. I've been using the phantom in my tournament lists since it came out (including my store champs top 8 list), and my favorite build by far is Echo, Lone Wolf, Sensor Jammer, Rec Spec, ACD. Solid against TLTs, ps9-12, and everything below ps6. (lone wolf, rec spec, and sensor jammer make it extremely difficult to put damage on him.) Turrets don't negate Echo's ability, you use the angle decloak to control range and hit TLTs at R1, everything else R3.
  10. There is only one real Corran Horn. Push the Limit, R2-D2, Adv. Sensors, Engine Upgrade. 49 pts of nigh-unkillable monstrosity. He maneuvers like pre-nerf Echo; he can barrel roll and/or boost before revealing his move, adjusting his postion and angle before he reveals a green maneuver, clears stress, and regens a shield. He also enjoys taking two actions, them deliberately ramming an opponents ship so it can't fire at him that turn, and he can regen another shield. He loses a little bit of damage output by swapping adv sensors for fire control, but the tradeoff is well worth it. This Corran build is the most difficult thing to kill that I've ever played against, 9 times out of 10, I can only win by threatening Corran early game, making him flee and regen while I kill his support, and then win on time. Do yourself a favor; ignore the onvious synergy of fire conrol, and play the Corran who is weak to nothing but double stress.
  11. I speak from experience rather than math (I took Deathrain to store champs with Extra Munitions, Prox mines, Conner net, and Enhanced Scopes), but I actually really like the punisher; even if only because of its unique playstyle in an imperial list. At store champs,I managed to effectively (meaning they hit something) drop all four bombs in every game but one, where I only dropped 3 of them. Deathrain was the mvp, with decent damage output from the prox mines, blocking capability from the barrel rolls, and setting up high agility targets for kills with prox mines. The trick is to get deathrain at roughly range three of your target, take a couple hits for the team, and fly in to drop a bomb the next round. In the current meta, which at least in my area is dominated by 2-3 ship builds and TLT's, the Punisher lasts a surprisingly long time with high hp and low agility. It's a nice balance alongside my Soontir and Carnor.
  12. Rexler Brath: Tie/D Ion Cannon Predator =43 pt Col. Vessery Tie/D Ion Cannon VI =39 pt Mauler Mithel VI =18pt Total: 100 pt Tried this bad boy out last night against my nemesis; Corran Horn. First game killed him in one round, second game ioned him and killed him in two rounds. Defenders and I are bros now.
  13. Dash/corran and Brobots are weak against the same kind of lists - stress and high PS arc dodgers. Throw your list out and try something new. Try this: • Poe Dameron T-70 X-Wing The day I resort to flying rebel scum is the day I quit this game forever. *Spits in the dirt* - R5-P9 - Veteran Instincts - Autothrusters • Jake Farrell A-Wing - A-Wing Test Pilot - Proton Rockets - Veteran Instincts - Autothrusters - Push the Limit Gold Squadron Pilot Y-Wing - BTL-A4 Y-Wing - R3-A2 - Bomb Loadout - Extra Munitions - Twin Laser Turret - Ion Bombs Really strong all around vs dash/corran and dual IG's. Not really weak against anything in particular. Also very fun to fly. Fight that meta! The day I resort to flying Rebel scum is the day I quit this game forever. *Spits in the dirt*
  14. In the Aggressor Scenario, IG-88B is my first target, and my Dark Curse is the Brobot player's last target. In theory, I can take out B before we get down to Dark Curse. I'm intruiged by the Mauler idea, but It'll take some practice on my part; Mauler hasn't hit my table in almost 2 years.
  15. At least where I play, the metagame is almost entirely Dash/Corran and Brobots. WIth my Echo/Miniswarm list, I almost always lose by the match going to time. I'm just playing with an idea to be able to bring my miniswarm list back, because I was forced to retire it when I stopped winning any matches. I thought Dark Curse might help me to keep >50 points on the table without sacrificing too much in the way of firepower. It has the added bonus of bumping up the tie's pilot skill to 3+, so I can shoot before TLT Y wings.
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