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  1. I guess, unlike the First Order and Resistance ships, ARCs had nowhere to "go" if they'd been taken out of the Rebel forces, invalidating purchases previous customers made. So they got grandfathered into the Rebels because the Republic faction was still under wraps. It's quirky, but when it comes to it I can accept a quirk over making a 1E ship literally unplayable until the 3rd wave. People are (understandably) upset about losing the Firespray from the Imperials and lore-wise I do think it'd have been cool to keep Rebel Nym. But the dropping of the ARCs would be even more egregious than those losses.
  2. Yeah, even piloted by Hera Syndulla who is neck-and-neck with Poe as Best Pilot Ever the Ghost has consistently struggled against Defenders.
  3. I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was a Z-95 variant/later model but I can't recall the source for that, I'm afraid. It might have just been speculation
  4. Gosh everything about this makes me so darned happy
  5. The quick build cards are going to be a godsend to me. I don't have many X-Wing playing friends in the area, so the idea of trying to train people in list building is daunting, especially when I've limited experience in it myself. So it'd be nice just to have some quick and interesting lists ready to go
  6. Given there are factions like the Centrists as well, I wouldn't be surprised if some systems straight up surrendered to the First Order right away, especially ones that might have former ties to the Empire and aren't too fussy about Operation Cinder.
  7. I kind of like the exaggerated complacency/cowardice of the New Republic because I feel like it's a good critique of that attitude that if you just beat the baddies once that's it. The Republic was so scared of using hard power that it ended up lacking the vigilance to notice a rising thread. This kind of fits in with the whole idea of the Empire being analagous to the Nazis while the FO are analogous to Neo-Nazis. The Republic deluded itself into thinking the Empire was over and so was terrible at actually dealing with the rise of a new fascist faction. We see a similar thing in the real world where a common refrain is that the Nazis were beat in WW2 so we don't need to worry about that ideology existing. Before I get to political with that comparison though, it also has a link to the events of TLJ. Just as TLJ shows Luke's battle with his impulsive nature didn't end on the second Death Star, neither did the battle against the Empire end at Jakku. The battle to be a good Jedi never really ends, and the battle to promote fairness and democracy never really ends either. Now, I feel like the extent to Republic complacency is a little too much. I'm also still sceptical about Operation Cinder, although I like the idea of Palpatine being that petty. I like the general theme though. I think the invasion of the FO is best reasoned as the bulk of the New Republic fleet being at Hosnian so there are still holdouts scattered through the systems but they simply don't have the clout to hold off the FO. I realise this perhaps potentially clashes with some lines of dialogue, however.
  8. If Scum can include characters like Emon Azzameen and Nym then it can definitely include Han and Lando (and I guess Chewie). Obi-Wan seeks out someone like Han in Mos Eisley, which is where the "Scum and villainy" line comes from. Most people's preferred version of the Greedo/Solo enounter seems to me to be the one where Han shoots first. Scum includes general rogues, mercenaries and scoundrels (Ketsu, Nym, Emon, Hondo, Vizago) as well as outright depraved criminals (Jabba the Hut, Xizor, etc). It took quite a lot of time to bring scum up to the same level as Rebels and Imperials, and they only came out in Wave 6. Trying to add another new faction which, so far, has a very small number of characters and would also heavily overlap with Scum is probably not worthwhile at this time. The Scum faction is a wide umbrella.
  9. It was that day they found, for all his talk, Zeb was actually a massive lightweight
  10. He is something of a victim of his own success. Whenever I hear him as an extra it does pull me out of a scene now, which is a shame, because he's a very good voice actor. DC Douglas is similar, not because he's ubiquitous but because his voice as Legion is so distinctive it just sticks in my head.
  11. He's also got one of the funniest announcers in SCII "Awww, did you think you could warp in there?"
  12. He got name-checked in the Finale and we heard his voice too
  13. Dash is definitely a character who could return without rubbing up too much against other characters. There's almost certainly space for Xizor as well. Maybe they'd appear in the live action show we're getting via the streaming service. I'd love to see Kyle Katarn recanonized but Alex from Star Wars made a very good point that Kanan kind of covered a lot of the ground Katarn covered. Just, you know, with less Chuck Norris-esque jokes. I like that Pellaeon has been recononized because I think if we have a show or ongoing series based around Thrawn, which we might get, having Pellaeon to be the Watson to Thrawn's Holmes will be very helpful
  14. I'm going to level folks I just want Alarak but in Star Wars If you love De Lancie as Q and Discord and you like strategy games I can highly recommend at least watching through an LP of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void because his character in that, Alarak, is quite honestly an inspiration.
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