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  1. Eventually someone will start splitting sets and selling parts on ebay or such. there's also usually ppl who just want the models and sell everything else. Those are probably your best bet.
  2. And of course the continued absence of the Emperor...
  3. how about hyperspace assault? I was thinking of dropping a '30 and green squad awing behind a primary target with a squad dial so the green bomber can hit it and enable Sato for everyone. then shoot it up with the '30s APTs. I like most wanted and solar corona as they give me all the decisions and advantage, but there isn't a clear choice (as said above) for the other.
  4. I'm quite liking the idea of an MC30 scout with APT and ordExp with Sato. can add spinal armaments too for 2 long range re-rolling black dice out of every arc (especially to add later in CC).
  5. I've been playing around with 2 ISD2 and 2 raiders using ozzel and the reroll cards: ISD2 ozzel ecm gunners leading shots relentless needa ISD2 ecm gunners leading shots def liason 2x raider 1 ord experts Can't fit XI7s or tractors though and would much rather have the nav officer than liason. It should move well, shoot well and shred fighters though.
  6. I have 4 core sets but 2 are unopened so not counted below. 4 VSD 3 GSD 3 AF2 4 Neb B 6 CR90 2 of each fighter pack and a few extra a-wings. Preordered: 4 ISD 2 MC80 4 RCC 3 MC30 1 Scum.
  7. I've ordered 4 isd, 4 raiders, 2 mc80, 3 mc30 and 1 rogues. Cos i found them very cheap. If anyone in the uk is still looking, board game extras has isd for £26 now which is the cheapest i've seen them yet.
  8. Got a picture of your core box? I'll see what I can do. I don't have a clever storage system or anything, it's just the cardboard components and bases separated into the zip bags they came in and the ships and fighter stands layed on top. Where did you preorder from? http://the-outpost.co.uk/our-products/miniatures/star-wars-armada The ISDs were £25 when I ordered, they're £32 now though. The other wave 2 stuff was all about 40% off too at the time.
  9. I've got: 4 VSD 3 GSD 2 AF 4 Neb-B 6 CR90 Fighters from 2 core sets 2 of each fighter pack and 4 extra A-Wings For Wave 2 I've preordered: 4 ISD (they were very cheap...) 2 MC60 3 MC30 4 RCC 1 R&V What I have so far still fits in a single core box. I'll expand into the second box (with padding) when wave 2 arrives.
  10. Why? Does he interfere with Yavaris somehow? Edit: I think I've found what you mean. It's so you can move and attack with him from the first ship squad command and then attack twice from Yav activation all during the first turn of squadron encounters. whereas if he's on Yavaris you would attack twice when it activates and once in the squadron phase? I was originally thinking of activating Dutch and Wedge from Yavaris so they could nail two squads. It may therefore be better to have Adar on Haven and Raymus on Yavaris.
  11. In my version of this list I put XI7 turbolasers and intel agents (or raymus if prefered) on paragon and salvation to prevent the target mitigating the damage. Also I have a CR90a with Leia and jaina's light for dodonna to be on. It can hide on the other side on the AF2 and modify it's dials as needed, and also snipe from long range with it's non-obstructable red dice (I also put enh arms on it with spare points). For squads I just ended up with a screen of 4 a-wings. I think if you're trying to get the ships to do most of the shooty you can't divert points for much more withour losing effectiveness. On the other hand you could make it a screen of b-wings to tear up anything trying to get close... For objectives, adv gunnery or opening salvo; Fleet ambush to prevent them flanking so much; dangerous territory for safety and the cr90 can run off and collect them.
  12. They missed a golden opportunity. There was still plenty of room to fit "Everything is proceeding as I have forseen..." in. I'll just have to say it whenever I use his ability then.
  13. I've got 2 cores and am waiting on 1 vsd, 2 af2, 3 gsd, 1 neb, 2 cr90 and 2 of each fighter pack. For wave 2 I think I'll be getting 2 (or more) isd, 1 home one and only 1 fighter pack. Then 3-4 of the frigates depending on how many points they are. I think that'll do about all the lists I could really do. Pretty much the same in x-wing. I've got generally enough of the small ships for 100pts of each (4ish) and 2 of each large ship.
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