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  1. Interesting. Is it that there are just too many ways to go about it and too many of them counter each other?
  2. well it's only supposition on my part, but i would think that if you roll well initially to cause a problem or wound while dropping dice, you could more steadily get the job done on the following turn vs that opponent, and you'd be in air stance to better your defense. Sure if you could just 1 shot them in the first attack that'd be best, obv.
  3. One or the other would be free, yes. Though with cranked skill/ring dice, wouldn't air be pretty good? Assuming you wouldn't just use an obviously better kata.
  4. hmm. in the end, since i think they should be a bushi and the deathdealer style is good for dueling with it's ability mashed with the starting shuji (unless i'm mistaken, they seem to compliment each other if you play well) i might be sticking with that actually. Though on the other hand, the courtier thing does seem very good and i understand you can scheme in a duel as well...hmmmmmmmm. So i guess my question goes to what you were saying about reserve dice, i assume it had to do with striking as air. Do you think Striking as Fire is Superior?
  5. well hearing balanced rings are good is a relief. that's how i preferred to play 4E and it was nice but other people would go full Air Forever and create huge problems for...well...everyone but themselves (even the GM lol).
  6. hmm. Well, it seems to be a starting level game, no bonus points. And we can't do heritage rolls until we're about to start it would seem so there could be anything that comes along after the basic build is done. So i guess my next question is how should a starting character like this look? It seems like i'll end up kinda 1, 1, 3, 3, 2 or something and have the composure of a starving kitten. >.>
  7. Yeah, though theme is important too. While you never want to be the one who loses their cool in a duel, i do have to think about things like people doing the Predict action, so focusing on 1 ring seems overly dangerous. but you're right. Shuji and Kata are utmost importance. Maybe Infiltrator is the way to go, though I wouldn't be able to start with a Kata i don't think. hmm.
  8. Hey, have a game maybe coming up in a few weeks and i've been looking through 5E since that seems to be what we'll be using. I like it so far, but I want to play a concept i was originally going to do for 4E. It used some advantages and stat combos to be a great performer, artisan and even be pretty sharp (like basic kakita level) at iaijutsu. Though probably even less of a fighter than most Crane. It was for scorpion, and as i'm looking through 5E i'm seeing Shosuro (ninja) and the two Bayushi Styles (courtier and deathdealer), and i like them all, so it doesn't really press on me which one is better for the job. Just looking for some character building input on this, really.
  9. It sounds like you're making it too easy all on your own. at close range an autopistol can down a stormtrooper. Nothing in thus game is invincible to small arms unless its behind heavy armor, not even a space marine. Also, if the players are attacking, they'll have to deal with fortified positions. Nothing puts a cramp in a guardsman's day quite like a burst from a heavy stubber. Nothing ruins a charge quite like suppressive fire from an auto canon. These enemies would have cover, can fire from way beyond grenade range and can throw such a mass of ruins down range that your players will have to think beyond, "chuck grenade, charge, mop up."
  10. Hitting isn't the important part of suppressive fire. However.,. If there are differences in targets like range, size or warp stuff, it's possible to calculate the bonuses and penalties for each individualy off the same roll. Hitting some and missing others. The question is, do you want to bother?
  11. Our Weapon Specialist was drugged up pretty hard, in the infirmary. A fire broke out and it had to be evacuated, so being a lagger, he was smacked by the MP's (127th Gundrite Rifles), he was pretty bent over it, so he went and found some stimm and managed to pound it before being found again. This ended in him climbing a tower in his medic swaddles and manning a heavy stubber when we realized the fire was caused by an insurgent attack. The gundrites didn't care, told him to get down, even though he was cutting down badguys pretty good. They climbed up there, shock mauled the crap out of him and he was like, "Wait, bro...i'm owning..." Kicks the MP off the tower and keeps killing bads. Eventually they dragged him away. He got sentanced to execution. I was his Sgt, so i went and talked to the commissar and got his punishment paired down to being transfered into a penal legion (we happened to BE a penal legion, and the only one on planet) and the next day he was released back to my care, but with an explosive collar. The rest of us had a good laugh at him. Apparently, he managed to lie about what regiment he was in (trying not to sully the honor of Landunder! what a good lad) so the commissar, who didn't really care either way, sent him back. It was all pretty amusing.
  12. Intentionally overheating a las pack to cook your corpse starch MRE. Using the sacred chains that bind your black templar's holy weapons as a means to not lose small, important objects (yes, at one point, to my dismay, i was used as a key chain) Using a campaign badge as a coaster/paperweight Using krak grenades to cut down trees (because, well, my chainsword is my best friend) As a Space Woof, using detcord to etch insulting messages onto the side car of the Dark Angel's attack bike. Writing reports with your scout knife and whatever fluid you happen to have "on hand" Using spent Assault Cannon casings as sippy cups Discharging said Assault Cannon just to get a cup... Using the unconscious Brother Atresal (of the Imperial Fists) as a battering ram (his armor had locked up, he was totally rigid) "Throwing down the gauntlet" with your chain fist. Using a refractor field as a night light Using a rejected requisition form as toiletries, especially in front of the offending munitorum staff Using a Commissar's hat as toiletries (and etc, you get the point)
  13. Game designers are especially loose with their own rules.
  14. A pebble won't trigger a pinning test though...it's a pebble (well, maybe if a psyker hurls it at Warp Speed). Who cares about RAW when it's abused like that? And about the original shooting at eldar at -60, then switching to a -20. Usually those penalties are stacked. It isn't completely random fire, you're using it to make them dance and duck, so they can't effectively fight back (IE: pinning). It requires a bit of accuracy to land a hit in that situation as you broom the room, so to speak. It isn't easier, it's more difficult.
  15. My forum hop came to a screeching halt when I looked and saw three of my favorite words in the same post title. Stabby. Shooty. Assassin. I'm probably the biggest fan of stabbity death you'll find. If you want to shoot the crap out of stuff while you hack people to bits...GOOD FOR YOU, SON! Brings a tear to my eye to see people so dedicated to bringing death to the Emperor's enemies in such a stylish way. Though the others have more or less given you the business, this game isn't really about optimal builds. You can be a death cult alley shanker and still work on social skills. It just ain't cheap, or you need to know what alternatives to use. I think there are other paths available that grant social bonuses...some malfean thing, being rich you'd fit right in. Lastly, kill from far away as a practice. But be scary as all get-out if someone actually makes it to you. Also, smoke grenades are your best friend.
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