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  1. Just my two cents here, but a sliding scale is almost necessary in games like X-Wing and Armada. Large capital ships are simply to big to build to scale compared to snub fighters and light freighters. Build them to scale in Armada and you'd have a SD 3 feet long and Tie's that are less than 1/2 inch and in X-Wing it would be redonkulous. That much disparity in size and you would loose a lot of the quality the smaller minis have had so far. Allow for a sliding scale and you can have your just right size fighters and falcons in X-Wing as well as your impressively large ships like the Tantive while maintaining detail and quality. Adjust the rules that apply to capital ships and they fit snugly into the rest of the game (x-wing). So why not have a SD or a Calmari Crusier that is only slightly larger than the Tantive? It'll still have a great amount of detail and once you apply to correct rules to how it's used in the game then job done. Plus, we all get to go buy the really badass ISDs or Mon-Cal Cruisers to put on our book cases.
  2. Ok. So characters in EOTE can take extra Obligation during creation to get more starting XP or money. Paying back a monetary OB is easy. Take on 10 OB for 1000 credits and then either pay it back or fulfill some other requirement to have the OB forgiven. But OB for bonus XP seems a little different. Is a character required to sacrifice an amount of earned XP equal to that he got by taking added OB at creation? Or do you put a monetary value on that added OB? How does it work?
  3. I got my first starter set at target back in the fall of last year. It was shelved with the board games then. Saw it a month before Christmas at the same target, in the Puzzle section rather than with the Star Wars toys or the board games. I was surprised by that. I don't have a FLGS closer than 90 miles away so when I spotted it at Target I was stoked and kept going back hoping to find some of the expansions but they never showed up. Then to find it hanging out with a bunch of Mickey Mouse puzzles (ironic I know) was disappointing.
  4. Went back to my local target to see about picking up a couple more sets at the $12 price before they were sold out or donated. They had one set left on a shelf in front of the electronics register. Yep. 5 bucks. I asked a manager if they would carry the game again anytime soon and he said "not likely". It took them 2 years to sell the original stock they were given and that it didn't really start selling till it went on clearance. Oh well. No after Christmas bargains for me next year.
  5. Be that as it may. 12 bucks for the starter set that is and has been going for 40 bucks both online and at my flgs is a steal.
  6. To anyone looking to start playing the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game or just looking to expand your collection of star fighters, look no further than your local Target store. I just picked up the starter set for $12 bucks. They had 9 sets on the clearance rack in the toy section. After Christmas overstock. They lady working the toy department said they had reduced the price on them 3 times now down to the current $12 asking price. She said if they don't start selling soon, they'll end up in a $5 bin. HOOK IT UP..
  7. It worked fine for me this morning on my work computer. And again this afternoon at my home. Took less than 2 or 3 minutes each time.
  8. OggDude. I love this character generator. I have version that I got by clicking a like in this thread. Is this the most recent version? Will there be expansions to incorporate more *stuff*? Will you make this generator compatible with Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny when they release by expanding it to include data from those games? Thanks for putting this together. It has been a great tool as me and my RPG group have switched from 2E AD&D to Star Wars EotE.
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