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  1. thanks everybody for yours answers. I just wanted to know your opinion.
  2. Leaving aside all the mechanics of the game, and focusing only on the setting and narrative. How do you justify the use of the OL deck?. That is, the skills of heroes and monsters are held because the figure in question is there, but not so with the OL, who works in the shadows, who knows where. So how do you explain the effect as happened? Cards like Dash or Frenzy, You can say that the monster brings a potion and drink it makes the effect. An effect like "Critical Blow" you explain the magic weapon that has the monster (effect of 1 single use), because this cards that act directly on them. But in a card that affect the field or directly heroes, how they would explain? Tnks and sorry for the bad english...
  3. 1.- Descent JITD [basic] (obviously) 2.- Dices (in my group we play with 3 sets, 1 for every 2 heroes and 1 for OL) 3.- Splig Lieutenant miniature 3.- Belthir Lieutenant miniature 3.- Zacharet Lieutenant miniature 3.- Alric Farrow Lieutenant miniature 3.- Merrick Farrow Lieutenant miniature 3.- Eliza Farrow Lieutenant miniature (all in any order, to complement the base game) 4.- Forgotten Souls [Coop] 4.- Nature´s Ire [Coop] (either of 2, or both. For solo play and have more adventures with the same tiles) 5.- Heirs of Blood [book] (another full campaign. only requires the base game) 6.- Lair of the Wyrm [small box] (mini campaign and rumors for large campaigns) 6.- Valyndra Lieutenant miniature 7.- Dark Elements [Coop] (Like the others coop, but need lair of the wyrm´s tiles) 8.- Small box [Trollfens or Manor of Ravens] (Either, or both in any order, for more mini campaign and rumors for large campaigns) 8.- Lieutenant Miniature according the expansion 9.- Small box [Trollfens of Manor of Ravens] (the other small box expansion) 9.- Lieutenant Miniature according the expansion 10.- Big box [shadows of Nerekhall or Labyrinth of Ruin] (Either, or both in any order, to gain more tiles and a new full campaign) 10.- All 4 Lieutenant miniatures according the expansion 11.- Big box [shadows of Nerekhall or Labyrinth of Ruin] (the other big box expansion) 11.- All 4 Lieutenant miniatures according the expansion 12.- Oath of outcast [H&M collections] 12.- Crown of Destiny [H&M collections] 12.- Crusade of the Forgotten [H&M collections] 12.- Guardians of Deephall [H&M collections] 12.- Visions of Dawn [H&M collections] 12.- Bonds of the Wild [H&M collections] (in any order, to gain more heroes, monsters and rumors for large campaigns)
  4. crohum

    Conversion kit?

    I do not think that has a conversion kit, since they are the same heroes, is more possible conversion of the new Descent´s heroes
  5. What is the best quest vault adventure to start a new group? I want to start a campaign of Descent 2nd at the store where I go, but I not want burn an campaign adventure in the demostration, so I want to use a quest vault adventure as an example of play. tnks for your coments
  6. My recommendation is download and read the FAQ, as I think you will clarify many things, as like line of sight and movement in walls (black borders), and erratas on cards & rulebook. in both examples the heroes cannot cross to the X, the path is blocked. FAQ v.1.3
  7. 2 monster packs (one with 3 and one with 4), and 16 heroes unaccounted Heroes Expansion Hero & Monster Collection Monsters Expansion Hero & Monster Collection
  8. I have given the task of making a cover for quest vault adventures that I liked and I printed, to have them presented better I am not good at design, but I hope you like it, also if anyone wants to contribute their own designs. (sorry for mi bad english)
  9. sorry, I meant "we" mi english is bad XD the text of the adventures are reviewed by my wife
  10. dungeonquest revised is no more on terrinoth setting?. i look the box and can't see the runebound logo. In the ffg product page no appears with descent, runeage o runewars
  11. We are currently uploading the 1st edition adventures converted to second edition in the quest vault. I leave the link of the first adventure http://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/descent/home/12377/ Edit: correct grammar
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