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  1. I received from the wife: 1 - Y-wing 1 - TIE Interceptor 1 - HWK-290 And from my brother (we draw names and each buy gifts for one person we draw): 1 - B-wing 1 - Lamda Shuttle I was quite happy.
  2. Knew about the aces. Haven't seen anything about the capital ships
  3. Lol people... I wasn't going to order anything. Was just pointing out to everyone so the guessing could be over.
  4. Oh okay. I was trying to find another thread on here about it but did not see it. Doesn't matter if they are to scale or not. As long as they are bigger than the medium ships I am okay with it.
  5. Was going through amazon for my christmas list when there I saw them. ... FFG is coming out with the CR90 Corvette and the rebel transport from Hoth. The transport even comes with a x-wing in a different color scheme! Man I am pumped!
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