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  1. How many Core boxes should one get? 1? 2? 3? similar situation to other LCGs?
  2. does he get his innate +2 damage when using his indiscriminate fire ability?
  3. Thank you, good info. May I ask how recent this quote was please? All I can say is it was recent. Can't remember exactly when, and I don't have the message on my Facebook anymore. I spent probably around if not more than $1000 cdn to get my collection, haven't had a chance to play a single game yet. Though I am still happy I picked up everything I could. I hope beyond all hopes that FFG can make the rest available. Asap
  4. Joruus C'baoth could be Jedi, he was Lightside in Outbound flight wasn't he? or at least the original C'baoth
  5. Star Wars, Lord of the rings, Android Netrunner, Warhammer 40k Conquest (considering dropping), A Game of Thrones 2.0, Call of Cthulhu.
  6. "They will definitely happen, not sure when." post I got from FFG from Facebook recently. It is going to happen, they just don't know when. I just spent a ton to get my collection too, tried to get summons from deep from the BGG marketplace, but no luck. just gotta wait it out and hope it happens sooner than later.
  7. Queue scene: Scrooge McDuck jumping headfirst into his money bin!
  8. this debris suggestion was actually used in some casual games of X-wing at my LGS. it was pretty fun. just swap the ship with the debris field
  9. With the Interdictors gravity wells; how would it come into play in Armada? I'd love to see the ship, just curious what it's effects would be.
  10. Hope it does get released and though I know it won't be to scale. I don't care, possible size being about the size maybe a little bigger than the epic corvette in xwing.
  11. IG 88, bossk, nym, boba fett, jan ors, dengar, outrider, falcon
  12. 2nd core is essential in my opinion. But I will require multiple expansions for a 300/ship builds. Just for fun it would be cool to field vics. Then there is the upgrade cards as well. Insane to do but I've been working on X-wing, might as well follow suit in this. Reasoning for 2 cores in my case is, the extra dice and rulers will be necessary as some of my friends aren't buying into the game.
  13. Likely going with battle foam eventually. Haven't really decided yet.
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