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  1. Well a fully automatic ak-47 is the closest equivalent to a 40k laz gun we have and those go for 15000$ an average. So we can assume an 200 usd to 1 throne exchange rate. but on the other hand you can buy a cup of tea for 5 thrones so... we're just say FFG can't into economics.
  2. The only mention of this is in the novel Mechanicum, from an unreliable narrator. Vis-a-vis it might have happened, but it probably didn't since there was no possible way for the Emperor to seal the void dragon on mars when Earth was still in technology infancy and no one had achieved the capability of leaving it's atmosphere during the time of Saint George. =P As far as Necron's blowing up stars, now that is apples and oranges. Please leave technological examples at the door in this petty arguement of psychic magic and doodads. =P Death Watch page.194 The Gate of Infinity. Coincidentally this gives me an opportunity to measure his psy rating which would be five 5 million to pull that off.
  3. I know it's hyperbole I manly just did the numbers for ***** and giggles.
  4. 5,811,100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 laz gun shots averaging out at 8 damage would translate to a will power bones of 4,648,880,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 so in other words a metric **** ton!
  5. It's mentioned the blast was "as thin as a pencil" implying it was focused and controlled, rather than a straight up supernova explosion. As for sources on the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath, it's mentioned in the 5th Edition The point was it's irrelevant. No one is accredited in the canon as having manifested a warp storm or causing a super nova. =P “[The Emperor] gathers every particle of his power, focuses it into a mighty bolt of pure force, more coherent than a laser, more destructive than an exploding sun.” (White Dwarf #131, in reference to his battle with Horus). Other fun quotes from that same battle: "Desperately, the Emperor summons his power and lashes out. Lightning flickers between the combatants. The stench of ozone fills the air. The Emperor leaps forward, sword raised. Weapons clash as battle is joined on every level: physical, spiritual and psychic. Bolts of force flicker as mortal gods clash, balancing the fate of the galaxy on every blow. Runesword and lightening claw ring against each other with a sound like thunder. Energies potent enough to level planets are unleashed." (White Dwarf #131). Emphasis my own. On the note of the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath, while I've struggled to find a direct citation there are numerous second-hand sources (notably Lexicanum) that state that it is widely believed by the Imperium that the Storm was created by the Emperor himself. There's also the fact that the Emperor singlehandedly defeated the Void Dragon and imprisoned it in Mars. And given the Void Dragon was the most powerful of the Ctan which... you know. Were beings that ate stars, I don't think it's necessarily hyperbole that he could accomplish these feats of such significant power. Hell, as of their 5th Edition Codex, Necrons can blow up Stars themselves. And heck they have the Tachyon Arrow-- an infantry weapon that can punch through a mountain (or so the 5th Edition Codex says). As for the "the supernova would kill the caster" it's noted that the Emperor kept the blast focused and controlled. It was not a raging explosion, it was a controlled and focused beam of power. And given that there have been later sources that suggest Horus was literally being possessed by all four Gods of Chaos at that time, empowering him? I can believe the Emperor was that powerful. I certainly can't see anything less than that being able to drive back the combined might of all four Chaos Gods. ---- And yes, as Lynata said, perhaps this is colored by our own preference to how we like to see 40k. In my case? I like to see it in this light. A realm in which mortals are less than ants-- playthings of powers they can barely comprehend, and would die in an instant, should such beings so much as turn a glance in their direction. A sci-fi verse that is so grimdark, and committed to this, that it is straight up over the top. Well if that's true i can take the 10 octillion megatons of tnt from a super nova, convert it into watts then divided it by the estimated wattage of a laz gun(20 megawatts). Then take that number multiple it by the damage stats of a Dark heresy laz gun. Next using the Bio-lightning ability keep adding willpower bones till i get a similar figure. sound good?
  6. the Emperor was noted as creating a blast as powerful as a supernova, and Magnus devastated a planet. Sorry to say, but I'd wager you'd want a pretty high Psy-rating as well as high-as-Warp willpower to pull off something like that. 'powerful as a supernova' is hyperbole in the Horus Heresy. You'll find similar descriptors in any number of psychic powers. And if your referencing the Fall of Prospero, it was Tzeentch that devestated the planet. I'm sorry to say, but the psy rating mechanic simply doesn't hold up with literary prose. In order to do so, you'd clearly get into dragon ball z meme times with, 'over 9000' quotes. Didn't the Emperor once summon a Warp Storm that raged across an entire sector? I actually don't think creating a supernova-level blast of power would have been beyond a psyker of his caliber, so I don't actually think that was hyperbole in that instance. He IS the God Emperor, who can fight equally with all four Chaos Gods at once. Major point being, you could have a WPB in Dark Heresy of 50, and you still probably wouldn't be able to do 1/10th of what guys like Magnus or the Emperor could do, if said individual only had a Psy Rating of 8. you're compering apples and oranges here a super nova is ten octillion megatons of tnt while we have no idea how much energy is required to manifest a warp storm.
  7. Realistically what psy rating would Malcador the Sigillite, Magnus the Red and the Emperor have if stated in dark heresy?
  8. so what i gathered so far is yes they could make a human Dreadnaught but odds are he's going to be doing something else besides murdering Heretics, xenos and demons all day long which is something the chassis doesn't support?
  9. well when everything that makes an Astartes an Astartes is burned/cute/shot/eaten off how are they any better then mortals? they would make the same dread i think? The Astarte in question would still have centuries of battle experience as one of the most effective killing machines that exists in the Milky Way Galaxy, having served in Tactical, Assault, and Devastator roles during his career and fighting on hundreds if not thousands of different worlds against potentially hundreds of different types of foe. Few things can claim the same, mostly Temple Assassins, and it would make zero sense to inter a puissant master of stealth kills into a massive, clunky destructionbot. Also, infrastructure. The Chapter cares in a particular way about each one of its Astartes. Virtually all other institutions hold their fighting men and women as very replaceable. isn't cipher cain like 400 or somthing?
  10. well when everything that makes an Astartes an Astartes is burned/cute/shot/eaten off how are they any better then mortals? they would make the same dread i think?
  11. Do they exist? if so who and how does someone become a dreadnought
  12. Editting out the parts of this thread I wish would go away, the book says that the Navigator gene is recessive so that if a Navigator has a child with someone who's not a Navigator, they definitely won't have a Warp Eye. Not sure if their child would be psychic. I would assume so, but it's never been made clear I think. i over simplified it for the sake of conversation.
  13. so basically what i'm getting from this is Navigators can't be psykers for the same reason asians can't also be africans there mutually exclusive. Um, no, you can have a person who is both African and Asian. tiger woods is both African and Asian but he looks African. Navigators and psykers can have babies but there be one or the other.
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